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  1. $200 for 2open jammers . I did it w a drummer for yrs for 150 til TVs replaced us
  2. Men dont usually sleep with the married drummer
  3. Forget you have a left hand ! really for funk if you play like classically trained MUSO I know you will be steppin all over the Bass & rhythm guits . Its all about being a contributor and finding your sonic / rhythmic space. Oh yeh, & listen to lots of Billy Preston and Bernie Worell
  4. Except that it was built in the U.S. Most were built in Hawthorne, NJ IIRC. Could I have the brand confused ?? I could sware it had A union jack flag on the back I thought it was precurser to A&H gear
  5. The Kelsey I used was British and was reliable as a Jaguar all the ground screws loosend up from transport ah but when it worked
  6. Yeah, right. I can tell by the way you write that you're probably not capable of recording a backing track. Just 'being real', dude! OK you're right, I'm wrong I give Now I have to go learn how to get that BIAB thing to play the Ocarina solo on Wild Thing
  7. I played Saturday nite for a couple hundred folks with my 3 piece band using backing tracks for the first time where I played all the instruments (mostly keyboards and a few background vocals), recorded, produced and mastered on my own and the crowd absolutely ate it up. My sound guys thought it was cool as hell. There were a few musicians in the crowd who also thought it was neat. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think backing tracks are fine as long as they are YOURS and not some 'cut and paste' of other peoples music. Times are a changing folks. Tracks/Effects/Stomp Boxes/ etc. are all just TOOLS to help put on a better show. I would LOVE to find and hire and good keyboard guy/gal who could also sing backup harmony vocals but until I do, I'll do whatever I have to do to keep an audience. Hey, if it's 'OK' for major national touring acts to use 'em, I guess they are 'OK' for me too! You Sir,win the self quote abuse award Just keep saying it enough and it will all come true.... NOT! It may be kareoke performance but NO Tracks weather your own hard work or others will ever qualify as a Live Band & I'll say it loud & proud ( "This opinion was sequencer , backing track & looper free) LIVe keys rule dude!
  8. There is a band around North Central NJ for years called The Nerds who were this exact model and I think the Spazmatics stole the idea, The were really good and worked all the high end functions and best clubs. Novelty Idea that seems to have caught on. Whatever works! Yup, Steve Tarkanish's brainchild ( STARS Productions). I once heard on any given nite you could see the Nerds at several NJ area gigs...........At the same time
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