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Anyone using wireless trasmitters/receivers on their acoustic guitar?

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  • Anyone using wireless trasmitters/receivers on their acoustic guitar?

    Hey peeps,

    Anyone usign a wireless system on their acoustic? Care to coment, recomend a system?




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    I have an old Shure unit I have used on and off for over a decade with the band. I have worked with it a few times in practice, but have yet to try it live with the acoustic rig, as the only solo work I have done so far always has me backed into a small corner. In one sense, it is just one more thing to worry about, carry extra batteries for, etc; on the other hand, in the right situation, it could really open up a show...the downside to me is needing to be wireless both on guitar and vocal.

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      With hand held mics, I've had good success with the Line 6 digital products. I can't speak to how physically robust the Line 6 guitar products would be, but I have no doubt that their transmission and sound quality would be very good. Especially for your application.

      dBoomer one of the forumites here, really helped me navigate the ins/outs of their mic products. He works for Line 6 - but I don't

      And whatever wireless system you get, bring extra batteries!!! And spare cables in case an elephant steps on your unit. Wait, that didn't sound right...


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        No, but I could. I have an AT 2000 lav system and bought the adapter to use with guitar. This can also be used for a wireless speaker setup. Too bad it can only be used for one thing at a time. lol

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        • moogerfooger
          moogerfooger commented
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          Bob Dey wrote:

          No, but I could. I have an AT 2000 lav system and bought the adapter to use with guitar. This can also be used for a wireless speaker setup. Too bad it can only be used for one thing at a time. lol

          most people don't think about that but it sure can come in handy.  

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        Really happy with the Relay G-90.  It sits in a dedicated wireless acoustic rack and replaced a Sennheiser EW Series wireless.  It really was a night and day difference and one of those "I didn't realize what was missing" moments when I did it.  The acoustic became much easier to place in a mix.  Any description I give would be subjective, but I think it really improved the sound.  It doesn't get used for coffee house/wine bar gigs where ten foot cable would do the same job, but it does get used on larger stages for acoustic duo and full band situations.

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        • rodclement
          rodclement commented
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          Thanks for the replies everyone! I am very familiar with wireless microphones and all of it's quirks, etc. I am also a fan of the Line 6 line and that is what I am leaning towards.

          I have messaged Don as well, he has helped me in the past with his microphone systems, I am waiting for his reply.

          So other that the usual issues with wireless systems like battery, etc. no reservations using any system during gigs?



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        rodclement wrote:

        Hey peeps,

        Anyone usign a wireless system on their acoustic? Care to coment, recomend a system?




        Might depend on what you mean by "acoustic guitar" 

        I have a Sennheiser wireless system, with both headmic and guitar cable.  The latter would be an EW 172 G3 if you were to look it up.  I''ve used it with my Ovation Legend 7-something-or-other 12-string, sounds fine, no distortion, no drop-outs, etc.

        Lots of tweaks are possible on the system through the settings menus, etc. but I haven't had to do anything but select the frequencies I wanted to use.






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        • Voltan
          Voltan commented
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          i tried several systems and wasnt fond of them... then i tried a line 6 relay 30 and was very impressed by the sound and ease of use... i've been using it for about 2 years and so far it's held up well...    i tend to use mine even in the smallest of venues as i have been running a wireless headset mic and wireless acoustic guitar. less cords to trip over, no mic stand between me and the audience...  cleaner overall appearance on stage... 

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        I use a Line 6 Relay G30 - it's fantastic. Sounds better than any wireless I've ever used, it's super compact, uses a normal 1/4" guitar cable between guitar and receiver, and doesn't eat batteries (and they're AAs which are way cheaper and I can use rechargeables).

        HIGHLY recommend...

        Brian V.

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          AKG Digital for Variax Acoustic 700 guitar and DPA d:Fine headset. Very nice!