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  1. Plus Behringer now has moog modular modules cloned from the system 55, 15, and 10 series modulars in eurorack format which are fairly inexpensive. You can build a moog style modular for pennies on the dollar.
  2. I liked some of the first album and lost interest pretty quick after that. there were such better bands doing better stuff.
  3. What do you call a bass player with no girlfriend? homeless
  4. I always used the 1176. Had 2 of them. They’re re like magic sauce.
  5. cant you elaborate on what you mean by arpeggiator beat? what synth are you using and how are you creating beats with the arpeggiator. whats type of patch are you arpeggiating. or do you mean sequencer?
  6. I guess the issue would be how much sample ram the device has and the capability of the sequencer. I just read the sequencer has 4 tracks. If you’re just doing a piano arrangement- that should be sufficient.
  7. Why not just use the sequencer. The sampling has already been done in the Yamaha
  8. Thinking of going to one tonight
  9. I assume theses are Standard midi files. You can load then into the sequencer of your keyboard. They may have program changes embedded that will load the proper sounds for the tracks. Does you keyboard have a general midi sound set?
  10. I plug midi cable into the fatar midi out jack 2 plug other end into a keyboard or sound module MIDI in 3 set midi channel of fatar to 1 4 set global midi channel of module or keyboard to 1 -- 3 & 4 are prolly the default settings' 5 attach keyboard or module to an audio system. 6 select a sound in the keyboard or module and play. OR 1 connect the fatar to your computer with a USB device cable. follow the instructions for your DAW for creating a software instrument track assuming your DAW has software instruments/ OR RTFM. http://www.synthmanuals.com/manuals/fatar/studio_90_plus/user_guide/
  11. modern Keyboards have line level outputs. there is bound to be an impedance mismatch if you dont match the levels that said I used to run my Rhodes through a super reverb and my Lesley was powered by a Marshall 100w lead.
  12. I have a TS 12. also have a EPS 16+ -- anybody in the Pittsburgh PA area Is welcome to them. im paying 50 bucks apiece to get rid of them.
  13. A100s can be had for around a grand. sometimes even less. then you'd really have something. sometimes you can pick up a B2 or BV and add treck II modules to bring them up to B3 specs. they go real cheap around here. sometimes with the percussion already added.
  14. the series has rekindled my love for country music. Im a pre Nashville sound kinda guy.
  15. I played a show this past weekend with Miles Williams and The Clarks in Washington pa. what a great guy.
  16. it was joke actually. I want back to a couple pedals and tube amp. my guitar sound has never been better
  17. get a line 6 and be done with it
  18. aren't studio interns by definition cheap?
  19. I used VOX tone lab for years. some of the button etc went noodely so I retired it. I got two Mortatones. a tremlux 5E9-A clone and a black face super AB763 clone. Im using the moorgerverb live pretty exclusively these days with just a few pedals. I'll never got back to a modeler. I have a connection with my guitar sound that I never could get out of the modeler.
  20. I’m a huge hank Williams fan. I have all his recordings. I Was even going to do a hank Williams tribute show at one time. I play 5 or 6 of his tunes at every solo show. His songs are the real deal.
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