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  1. dump used motor oil all over it and set it on fire
  2. A100s can be had for around a grand. sometimes even less. then you'd really have something. sometimes you can pick up a B2 or BV and add treck II modules to bring them up to B3 specs. they go real cheap around here. sometimes with the percussion already added.
  3. the series has rekindled my love for country music. Im a pre Nashville sound kinda guy.
  4. I played a show this past weekend with Miles Williams and The Clarks in Washington pa. what a great guy.
  5. Just watched tonight’s episode. Fascinating
  6. it was joke actually. I want back to a couple pedals and tube amp. my guitar sound has never been better
  7. get a line 6 and be done with it
  8. aren't studio interns by definition cheap?
  9. I used VOX tone lab for years. some of the button etc went noodely so I retired it. I got two Mortatones. a tremlux 5E9-A clone and a black face super AB763 clone. Im using the moorgerverb live pretty exclusively these days with just a few pedals. I'll never got back to a modeler. I have a connection with my guitar sound that I never could get out of the modeler.
  10. I’m a huge hank Williams fan. I have all his recordings. I Was even going to do a hank Williams tribute show at one time. I play 5 or 6 of his tunes at every solo show. His songs are the real deal.
  11. just watched the one that covers Bill Monroe Hank Williams the Carter sisters and Chet. etc. its excellent as are all his films
  12. Engineers have so many choices in post theses days that they spend less time on the input side and employ the fix it in the mix method. Thinking you can make a silk purse out of a sows ear leads to more sows ears and less silk purses
  13. the technology to do something like Sargent pepper live didn't exist as they were recording it.
  14. gasoline alley every picture tells as story never a dull moment
  15. elton john Tumbleweeds connection Mad man across the water
  16. Kansas Song for america Masque Leftoverture Point of no return monolith
  17. greetings form asbury park the wild the innocent and the E street shuffle Born to run
  18. I'll get slammed for this one the doors strange days waiting for the sun
  19. Chicago transit authority chicago 2 chicago 3
  20. cant buy a thrill countdown to ecstacy pretzel logic actual the streak goes on with Katy lied Royal scam and Aja
  21. Midi is acontrol protocol. To record the sound of the keyboard you have to patch the audio out of the keyboard to an audio input on your audio interface. Typically you just record the midi data on a midi track while the key board out put is patched to your playback system. That way you can edi the midi data and correct any mistakes and remove ghost note and such before recording the sound to an audio track.
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