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  1. Didn't know that about the Adamas style; don't think I've ever seen the back of one. Sounds good; you're way better than I am. (Says the drummer.) I'd like to think it's special -- compared to info available from the old 2007 catalog I found -- but I'd still have expected them to apply a serial number. I think. Still, I'm not complaining; it sounds good to me and suits the way I use it. -D44
  2. Seems like "an Ovation" isn't a single unique animal. Mine doesn't have that hole in the back and appears to be a bolt-on neck (as we discussed), whereas some apparently have a backdoor (so to speak) and some have a glued-on neck. Different tops and bowl shapes/depths, of course, but it hadn't been obvious (at least to me) that different models are constructed differently too. I didn't know any of this stuff when I found mine. I only knew it had been expensive when new and had a good rep for sound. It was pretty ratty on the used rack in the GC, but showed promise... so we discussed it some... and they eventually allowed as how they'd part with it for a sum I could manage. New strings, pretty good. Whenever I get around to following through on the set-up discussion, I'm hoping even easier to play. In the meantime, It's probably about the best sounding guitar that I've got (from among Ric, Gibson, PRS... but all apples to oranges comparisons). More recently I've come to suspect mine's been doctored a bit before I got it. No serial number on the neck, where it should be, makes me suspect the neck's been replaced somewhere along the line... Mine's also in a non-cataloged color (as far as I know), and I don't know what exactly to make of that... -D44
  3. FWIW, I just re-looked at pics from the the old catalog I have. One shows the "epaulets" are apparently not individual small holes, but rather a single separate piece (with small holes) that snaps into a (routed?) shape in the top.The "epaulets" are listed as separate pieces in the parts catalog. I didn't get a great feel for how big the larger single hole is, but it at least does look larger, and maybe affords better access than it would originally appear. There are (were?) also models with those "epaulets" on both upper and lower bouts -- looks like what Steinberger has -- so maybe that would make it even slightly easier to deal with internals somehow. -D44
  4. Too bad about the damage. Plus those extra issues be a lot to solve on an old piece... but I was just looking at that old parts catalog... The top isn't listed as a separable part... but there's a "top and bowl assembly". I wonder if Ovation could do an "off with the old, on with the new" top and at the same time deal with electronics and frets. If they even still do repair work of various sorts. Can't guess whether cost would be worth it.... but I'd guess if you like the sound and setup as is, a new top of the same material and (Adamas) design would maybe preserve that. First compare to the cost (including effort) of an exact replacement, I guess... -D44
  5. I found even the super shallow bowl on models I've tried to be a lot of work, chasing the sucker around while trying to play it. The one I have is mid-depth, kinda deep for my puny physique but at least the size is still bearable (with a strap). I get the feeling GC and Sam Ash and so forth don't really do any set-ups on any acoustic guitars; just show what's been delivered... take it or leave it. When I've asked GC guys about acoustic set-ups, the resulting discussions were nothing at all like the long talk I had with a local luthier (who happened to be a Kaman guy from way back) and then with Freeman afterwards (who took the trouble to 'splain all the stuff the local guy said). I just happened across an old pic, circa '67, with me on stage using a nondescript acoustic-electric 12-string; I must have started with 12s maybe 3-4 years before that. Big bowl, traditional shape... can't remember if it had a cut-out or not, and that side isn't visible in the pic. I do remember that sucker took iron fingers to play... but I was stronger then. -D44
  6. If it helps, I've got an Ovation LEGEND 12-string that sounds really good. It's in the queue for a setup, now that I've learned a bit more about how that works (thanks to Freeman)... but it plays pretty well off the shelf anyway. And it sounds really good (did I mention that?). Dunno what, if anything, Ovation makes now (got this one used several years ago) but the LEGEND line is a bolt-on neck, apparently unlike some of the other models with glued-on necks. Might be similar to the Elite models. Round soundhole, not the "buckshot" look. Old catalog suggests it was pretty expensive when new, in the $1800 range (MSRP) at the time, circa 2007 or so I think... I'm not a fan of the round back; can't play the thing, even sitting down, without a strap. Tried a guy's new Taylor 12-string recently. Don't know what model, but it was pretty grim... strings seemed to be about an inch and a half off the neck... so difficult to play I didn't even pay much attention to the sound. A bud tells me his Alvarez 12-string is good, but I didn't see it/try it at the time... we got distracted jamming on other stuff... I might mention that the Legend sounds really good. (I actually like the Legend sound better than what I get from my Ric 360/12... although that's an apples/oranges comparison.) -D44
  7. I'm mostly an acoustic skins guy, but have played around on rubber and a few times on mesh. And I sometimes use a multi-pad with rubber strike areas. I've recently begun gravitating toward Yamaha's Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) heads as in their DTX-PADs, although I can't really afford to make that switch without first spinning off the current kit. The psychic trade-offs between acoustic and electronic makes my head hurt... so my mental debate between the virtues of rubber vs. mesh vs. TCS is only another minor metaphysical detail... -D44
  8. It's a bit of a trial-and-error issue, but one way to start might be to locate your "snare" pad between your knees (from right to left), look where your feet naturally rest... then stick a hi-hat pedal under one foot and a kick pedal under the other. Then try it, to see if that's comfortable. There a few inexpensive"drum lessons on a disk" DVDs out there.... and some of those are decent enough for just getting started. Maybe some stuff on youtube, too. Not the same as "live" lessons, but at least enough to help you set up your kit... -D44
  9. Yes, at least one does. Can't remember if both bouts come off... Seems to me I remember there's a purpose-made (-shaped) case for it all, too... Didn't seem fragile when I was noodling on one in a store... For OP, Fender used to make a small palm-sized battery-powered amp; I have one and it's surprisingly effective. Marshal made a similar tiny-stack. Dunno if either still makes either, though. -D44
  10. What features do you think makes for "travel"? Yamaha makes this: https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses/silent_guitar/slg200_series/index.html It plays decent... I didn't plug it in when I was trying one, though... -D44
  11. A bit more about navigation in full scores in an app like Mobilsheets Pro and similar... The more difficult method is to jump back and forth -- as with a two-pedal Air Turn (for example) set-up for forward and reverse -- to display the appropriate "next" portion of a given song. An easier method is to insert additional pages as necessary -- page 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 4, 1, 2, etc. -- and then only use a "forward" pedal. Seems like it can become more automatic, with slightly less chance of hose-up. Sometimes helps to also highlight starting points on those additional pages (as in the middle of a page) with additional markups for faster recognition. -D44
  12. We have a few Android tablets (10", 8", and 7"), and a 12" windows tablet/laptop. I use Songbook on the tablets, and keys uses Mobilsheets Pro (for full scores) on either the tablet/laptop or on the 10" tablet. The 12" and 10" screens are decent; smaller is OK for back-up but not optimal. Songbook is excellent, although I don't use many of its capabilities. Mobilsheets Pro is also excellent, hampered only by the process of jumping back and forth in full scores (a pedal helps), as does sequential page set-up). Songbook (or similar) is key for me (there's a pun there, wait for it...) because when I'm playing -- with whomever, wherever -- the vocalist usually chooses the key in which he/she can best sing a given song. Files in Chordpro format, slightly onerous to create if everything is already in Word or PDF or whatever, easily fixes that key change thing on the fly. Just last night I had to reset keys for 20 or so songs, easy and fast, no big deal... with Chordpro formatting in an app like Songbook or similar. -D44
  13. Several years ago, wifey got herself a Roland RD-700SX for our "studio"... after auditioning approximately every 88-key model on the planet (Yamaha, Korg, etc etc etc.). She said her choice was very much about the feel of the weighted keys, and she was comparing to her grand in the living room. After feel, I think all the various digital tones were only marginally important, given that they mostly all sounded comparably good, boatloads of choices, etc. I expect there are newer models available now. My takeaway was that the auditioning process was important; on-paper specs didn't matter as much. -D44
  14. Of the one's I've worked with, rubber are louder than mesh. And harder on my wrists. -D44
  15. You need to do the Chicken Dance song, too. Mandatory at Oktoberfest. -D44
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