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Female Singers and their bad attitudes - pls comment


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    Well, I'll contend that keyboard players get slagged with owning and dragging great piles of equipment because they're expected to cover so many bases. At the very least they deserve danger pay.
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      I think it's a bad idea to start divvying up money based on how many instruments one plays.

      It's worked well for about 35 years, in my case. When I audition someone to work with, I'm always up-front as to what is expected, so there'll be no misunderstandings/hurt feelings. If this is not what they want to do, there are other musical situations they may explore.
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        I agree that Singers who can't play any useful musical instrument should be paid less. I dont mean playing percussion either. We spend so much time practising the chords, licks, melody and etc....and all the singers has to do is sing. What's so hard about singing?


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          I'd rather get a good Singer who also plays things like Violin, GUitar, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet,Saxophone etc.


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            I'd rather get a good Singer who also plays things like Violin, GUitar, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet,Saxophone etc.

            Around here a gal singer who can play bass, sax or fiddle can write her own ticket...my daughter, who is an excellent singer/hand percussionist/fiddler, has recently (5 months ago) taken up the bass, and between my trio gigs (about 4/month) and fill-ins with other bands, she can work as often as she wants to.

            There she is, behind the congas
            God(s) bless the rest of the world(s), too


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                Proud Daddy!! YOu are a lucky man, Sir!


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                  There are LOTS of good female singers who would LOVE to be in a band ...


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                    There are LOTS of good female singers who would LOVE to be in a band ...

                    Ok...so what's your story about female singers with bad attitude?


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                      Proud Daddy!! YOu are a lucky man, Sir!

                      I've long thought so...
                      God(s) bless the rest of the world(s), too


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                        I know there are female singers who give problems to the Band. There was this girl who was a sexy and pretty...age 20+. Her singing was average...nothing great...but not lousy either.

                        Being the only girl in the band with 4 other guys....she gets all the attention and praises from the customers, naturally.

                        She was humble at 1st when she started...but after only 6 months or so...she started to be arrogant to the band leader and became lazy to learn new songs. She gave the 'Hey...you need me cos without me your band is worth nothing' attitude to the band members.

                        She was holding the Band ransom with her bad attitude. The band had to swallow their pride and kept her in the Band for another 3 months before they finally kicked her out.

                        Every lead singer (except 1) I've known has either issues with depression or big head. In your case obviously you have tainted musicanship and she has 0 for musicianship with her display of attitude at the current time. I don't think it's a gender bias trait, I think it's a "lead singer" trait based off my personal experiences. Either nip it in the butt with an intervention or say goodbye, cause eventually she will be gone or you will be. Take your pick.


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                          I don't have a problem with lead vocalist (male or female) who does not play an instrument in a band, as long as he/she is going to do the majority of the singing and is a good front person.

                          However, one time I was playing with some guys (Lead vocalist, bass and vocals, me on guitar and vocals, keys and vocals and drums) where the singer was only singing lead on 1/4 - 1/3 of the singing. He didn't play anything else and would sing many backing vocals so there was a lot of "dead" time with him. He refused to do certain songs or play certain places, was adamant that no blue or off color banter/lyrics was permitted, because if children heard it would affect his image. He then wanted to bring in another guitarist which would have put us at 6 piece. ... I only stayed with them for 2 weeks. I have since formed another band with the bassist (and now the drummer) and have been playing out for about a year and 1/2, while he is still trying to find a band. He is a very good singer.


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                            I also played in a band that had two lead singers the male sang and played sax on some songs and percussion on some and the female singer played some keyboards and some percussion also. It worked out well.

                            In a duo situation I would the other singer to play something to help fill out the sound. However, I would do a duo with my wife if I could talk her into it. She is an amzing singer (she can harmonize with a fart!!) and we have a good musical connection and seem to know where the other is going to go.


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                              In the 80s, my band went through several female lead vocalists...but they were not technically 'fronting the band'. None were 'just singing'; I agree with TAH that in a small ensemble (4 piece in this case) it is not unreasonable for everyone to contribute to the overall sound so they all had to either play keys, or rhythm guitar, at a minimum. In that band the bassist also played guitar, I covered guitar, keyboards, harmonica and bass, and the drummer could play keyboards, as well as harmonica while he drummed.
                              The ladies were there to give us breadth...to let us do more material than what most other cover bands were doing....and when it worked, it worked well. We all sang lead on more than one song per set; sadly every one of the ladies decided they should be the focus, should be running things, should have total control over the material (even what they didn't sing), etc. because for some odd reason, being the only female on stage, 90% of the 'audience attention' at breaks went to them...go figure...which obviously led to them thinking they were more important than the rest of the band.
                              However, that said, I have worked with male lead singers who also felt they should be in total control...I always told them (male or female): when you bring in the charts, and do the arranging for all the instruments, and have the skill to produce the sound of this band, you can be in total control. Until then, bite me.
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                                LOL As others have posted, I've had that experience with BOTH genders, and I have had positive experiences with female lead singers, but yeah I can relate and have some interesting stories involving female singers...

                                I remember being in a band once that somehow one of the members met this SMOKING hot chick that wanted to sing for us (the bassist was singing and did a good job) but they were all convinced that having this gorgeous woman fronting us would increase our bookings and we'd all make more money even though we'd be splitting the pay 4 ways instead of 3. I wasn't so convinced, but I figured what the hell, why not.

                                So our first practice with her, she doesn't show up. She texts one of the guys saying she's having "female problems". We reschedule, and she shows up over and hour late, saying she was fighting with her boyfriend. She didn't know ANY of the songs even though she'd been given the set list weeks prior, she had printed out the lyrics, and just kinda half assed tried to sing while reading them...it was a ****************ing joke. I could tell right away that dealing with her at all was gonna be a complete waste of time but the other guys were conivinced that she just "needed a little more time". Next practice she did do a little better and actually knew SOME of the songs, so I thought, OK, maybe I was wrong, maybe this chick just needs more time. Then next practice she doesn't show up, then texts one of the guys saying she has serious stage fright and anxiety and just can't perfrom. WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

                                Another time I got roped into playing with a band that had a female singer but their guitarist had moved so they needed a new one, and my buddy said I'd be a perfect fit...I called her, got the set list, leanred it, showed up to the first practice, and it was rediculous, the drummer obviousdly had a HUGE crush on her, and was clearly threatened by any other male precenese...the thing is the singer wasxn't interested in him AT ALL, but she wasn't interested in me at all either!!! But this clown wouldn't look me in the eye, would make smart alec comments under his breath without looking at me whenever I said something, would say things about my playing to the singer or bassist without looking at me or acknowledging me, it was just ****************ed up. After about an hour of this I just said "dude, you've got a serious ****************ing problem, you're obviously in love with this woman and it's not reciprocated, but I don't know what the **************** your problem with me is, she isn't interested in me either, so what the **************** is up?" He then threw a temper tantrum and got up and left...the bassist ran after him and the singer told me that he was "really sensitive". Yeah, I'm really gonna stick around to deal witht hat bull**************** LOL. I told her sorry but it wasn't gonna happen and loaded up and took off...I told my buddy who recommeded me thegig what had happened and he was surprised, he said he had no idea about any of it...maybe it was just me for some reason the guy thought that I was somehow gonna hook up with the chick, even though like I said she just wasn't interested in me at all...go figure...

                                I also remember being at a show that a band I was in was playing at where the other band had a female lead singer, and while they played great together and evrythng seemed great watching them she was constantly giving shoutouts to her bandmembers and telling the audience how great they were and all that, then afterwards I overheard her talking to some people at the bar, talking all kinds of **************** about her bandmembers and how being in such a lame band was killing her and all that...unreal...
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