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What Mic do you own and use on stage?


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  • What Mic do you own and use on stage?

    I know there are as almost many brands of Mics as there as cars. I use Sennheiser E835 a lot. Never like the Sm58. Never will.

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    E835, though I don't mind the SM58. I think the 835 has a bit of a bump in the 2k-6k range, which makes it sound brighter and "better" to people. I just like it cause its a good workhorse, sounds good, decent rejection, etc.
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      Shures: 2 SM58's, 2 PE 50's (much better than the 58's), 5 SM 57's, beta 52A, and an SM 10 headset mic...
      AKG: WMS wireless headset system, with a C520 headset mic
      Sennheiser: e-935

      the Sennheiser is my main mic, i use the akg when needed and carry one of the PE 50's for a backup...
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        Shure Beta 58 or a Beta 87a. Both are great mics.
        Also have an EV N/D 767 is very good.


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          Shure beta 87a. I'm a big fan of small diaphragm condensers for live use. This one goes for $250 or so. The sm86 is a little cheaper ($180) but also really nice. Dynamic mics are fine for heavy rock, hip-hop or screaming, but for the kind of music normally done solo or in duos (why we're all here ) I think the condensers are a lot better and well worth the extra $$$.
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            My partner and I use EV N/D767A microphones for vocals, and I use an AT Pro 37 for my acoustic and resonator guitars.


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              Heil PR35 for my lead vocals. I used to use an EV 767a (and before that an SM58). Now the EV gets used either for acoustic guitar or for a little lift for the finger work of one of our percussionists. One of my back-up singers uses my old SM58. The other two use Apex 381's (not very well-known, but it's a terrific, inexpensive little vocal mic). Heil PR22 on accordion and an Apex 115 condenser for clarinet. I have an SM57 for whatever else needs a mic from time to time.






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                I'm a big fan of small diaphragm condensers for live use..

                Really? Why (as opposed to large diaphragm mics)?
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                  EV ND767/A I love these mics!


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                    rode nt 5


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                      SM58. Had the same one for 22 years. Bulletproof and sounds good to me. I'm looking at a Sennheiser, though.
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                        Sennheiser e835s for my vocals. I gave the SM58 a try, but liked the sound of my voice through the Sennheiser better. I do use a Shure windscreen, though, to make sure I stay an inch or two off the mic. Without the windscreen, I tend to be right up on the grill of the mic which results in too much bass effect.
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                          I have switched from using the SM58 all my life (bought my first one in 1975) to the Sennheiser e835 and like it a lot. It's funny, though, in some places I play where there's lots of glass and hard surfaces, I've found the 58 to sound better; in rooms where there is more sound deadening the Sennheiser cuts through better.

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                        I use a Sure Beta 87C and LOVE IT. I chose it over the 87A, but that was just my preference.

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                          I use a SM58. I also have the Sennheiser E-835, but don't care for it as much.

                          I get up on it pretty close. I used to use a windscreen, but realized that it cost huge amounts of volume and clarity.

                          I have a Beta 57 as well that I use for my percussionist's kit when he plays with me.


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                            Used them all, currently diging the line 6 wireless a lot! Best stage I have used period. If you wanna be heard with detail and tone, try one...you will become a believer.