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  1. If one was to write a begginner guitar book, what are the issues/costs regarding using riffs or songs that are copyrighted? eg smoke on the water
  2. yea its all good. I learn songs by ear with some tab. Like I said, I dont REALLY care. I was just making an observation that the beginners I started teaching intuitively kept thinking the big string was at the top of the page. If it was a standalone method it would be better(to me) if it was big string is at the top of the page. But whatever.. So relax, the system is safe. I wont overthrow it today
  3. so if the low notes should be at the bottom, then the guitar is upside down right I dunno, I dont reeally care and have never noticed it before and i can understand it in terms of making it similar to notation. BUT I did my first few lessons of teaching guitar to beginners and for people who are learning guitar with no intention of reading notation ever - it would be more intuitive to have the bass string at the top of the tab mirroring the guitar. The stuff you guys are saying about laying the guitar on your lap and visualize etc is less intuitive for a complete beginner than - the top string is at the top.. But I guess whoever invented tab made it similar to notation and thats the way it is, so yeah. Just an observation. Its easy enough to learn it upside down
  4. I think th tab should mirror the guitar as you face the page with the low E (thick string) at the top. seems more intuitive. But its written with the thick E on the bottom of the tab, which seems upside down I guess it comes from classically written music where the low notes are low on the page?
  5. Im going to give teaching guitar a go at a local music shop thats just opened. I have no experience teaching but have been gigging 10 years. Im 34 got patience , good communication. Im actually looking forward to trying it. The shop teaches from the Hal Leonard books but allows your own style aswell. Im going to go from the book but I think I might focus more on what the student/parent wants and what I think they need next in their guitar evolution. So whats some advice from you teachers? Heres some random questions- whats the very first thing you teach a beginner? Do you tell them about releasing any tension in the body and make them aware of it when playing? Do you guys use a footstep and have the guitar on the left leg or no step and guitar on right leg? um any advice welcome..
  6. But I don't believe there is any way to reverse the left to right built in shows. dam. that wouldve been a good feature for master/slave
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD1EgaE8gBE [YOUTUBE]AD1EgaE8gBE[/YOUTUBE]
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