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  1. A lot depends on your playing environment. Pattern is a factor. If you are outdoors in the middle of a football field pattern rejection is a big factor. But if you are playing in a club with a 10’ ceiling and a 20’ wide stage it may make almost no difference. That’s because at that point it is easy to get more reflections off the back wall than sound leakage from outside the pattern
  2. With the exception of a very few mics (as in ones you’ve never seen) drop off exactly the same. It’s called inverse square law!
  3. All that and you can leave your sticks on the dashboard and park in handicapped zones!
  4. I know you know this Mike, but for those that don’t ... That 3dB might help or hurt just depending. Most powered speakers don’t need much drive and most users don’t have correct gain structure anyway. Do in that case lowering the drive is a help.
  5. Yes you can leave the output unconnected, power amp or no. You do not need to pan to one side either.
  6. In most cases I’d like it too but it will add to the price. Typically it would add a huge premium to the price (2x-3x or more)
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