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Do DAWs Look...Ugly??

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    I think that would look weird and I would be uncomfortable with it, more so than with a typical DAW. And, just how much of a crescent are you thinking of? Unless it's darn near a semicircle, you really won't be adding much to the length of travel. And then you have something that takes up space in another direction. And I like long faders because sometimes they don't all line up in a straight line. Maybe I don't get what you're describing. Draw something up on the back of an envelope and post a picture of it here (or send your patent number for "A DAW User Interface" so we can look it up).

    On a conventional console, a knob or fader is both the control and the indicator. On a computer, the mouse is (always) the control and the line or dot on the knob or the graphic of the fader is the indicator. And since we've come to expect to know the EQ frequency to two decimal places rather than "about 2 o'clock" you don't really need an indicator - click on the knob and you get a numerical display of the setting.

    "Today's production equipment is IT-based and cannot be operated without a passing knowledge of computing, although it seems that it can be operated without a passing knowledge of audio." - John Watkinson, Resolution Magazine, October 2006
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      The more I work with Ableton Live, the more I like the way it is constructed. I`ve been using Digital Performer now for 17 years and honestly, I`m only still using it because I collaborate with other musicians who use it. However, I can definitely see myself dumping DP at some point and just working with Ableton Live and Reason, two programs that understand workflow.

      I do think that most DAWs have too many buttons on the screen and too many mini-menus. The single most impressive feature in Ableton Live for me is that everything is pretty much hidden until you click on the track you want to work on. I think this is the way to go... who needs to see every channel and every insert at all time ala DP`s mixer window?

      I`m working on one track at a time so let me click on that and let the window expand to show me whats there... that`s the beauty and simplicity of Live. I`m not sure how many other DAWs function like this but it simplifies things for me.