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  1. Well, I am slowing disconnecting myself from this forum because despite the great intentions and good people on here. I feel the forum has become a dumpster for trolls and total lack of care in regards to security and bots. I reported an issue about security and the problem still persists. No SSL on connections. No Captcha like say RME. In 2018, this is unacceptable. You try to read anything and you are not sure if it's a real human posting or a Bot. The most important issue is improvement, this forum has not kept up with Mobile enhancements and it is difficult to use on Mobile device. All of the problems I have added has nothing to do with the Administrators/Moderators. The idea that Craig or Phil should be responsible for deleting bots at this rate is ridiculous. Maybe these guys or the person(s) responsible for this process really enjoys whack-a-mole. I want to send links to my friends and share post at work, only for HC to scare people off with the bots and possible cyber compromises. No one is going to cry when I leave, but what I can say with certainty is that I do not believe I am the only person who feels this way. I do feel this is a great community slowly fading away like a boat left untied at a dock. If the building looks bad (bots) no one is going to want to visit or hangout.
  2. Hans Zimmer, this guy is the GOAT! Also Clint Eastwood - Changling and Dustin O'Halloran - Transparent Theme.
  3. I was really hoping a player Like Focusrite or RME would acquired Cakewalk. I see a transformation coming but in a new direction.
  4. You make very interesting and compelling point: But from my side of the street, I think most of Cakewalk software user based are not people looking for drastic change, it's like a child who lives with his parents and never leaves home or the person who has never left his country. Unless BandLab is looking to entice new customers, the current customer base are too polarized when it comes to change. When Cakewalk/Sonar was initially disbanded, people freaked out as if the world was ending, the reaction appeared to me as if people were just informed they will no longer be allowed to make music. Assuming a person loves Cakewalk to death, I begun to asked myself, are people freaking out because they love Cakewalk or because they are too afraid to try other systems? Personally I wont be going back to Cakewalk unless the software is moved from the Project Musician methodology to the mainstream. 1 in every 10 musicians I have asked do not use Cakewalk/Sonar. Personally, I was really hoping a company like RME, Presonous or Focusrite would have acquired Cakewalk. Imagine what would happened if Sonar becomes integrated with RME or Focusrite. Until Cakewalk/Sonar abandoned the Project musician mentality it will always be like the great musician who has never made a hit song. I guarantee no one is going to miss me or care but I wont be going back. I stayed with Cakewalk because I was lazy, I did not want to leave my comfort zone, and I did not have the time to master other systems. The entire Gibson/Cakewalk saga was a blessing because it forced me to move on to other things, and while Sonar is great in it's own right, deep down I always felt it was not a serious progressive platforms, and most NOT ALL of it's users were highly emotionally charged with pubescent like reactionary behavior. I'll say Cakewalk is like Apple, Apple started in a Garage but moved out. Cakewalk Started as the same level but never really departed from the Stigma. Hopefully ,this is the turning point and greater things are yet to come.
  5. You really think a company exhibiting signs of financial trouble is for publicity? Bankruptcy is not ambiguous or vague. It simply is the result of one thing. Mismanagement and/or bad bad business decisions. Some companies can recovery other do not but it does not benefit any establishment to have financial troubles because it exposes problems within the company itself. I am not certain how this will benefit Gibson.
  6. I love your music. It connects with me like a pretty girl starring at me from across the room.
  7. No doubt, I think Michael's worse enemy was Michael himself. At some point, someone has to be responsible for their actions. And I get tired of people blaming others. I have also heard interviews were Quincy had nothing but praises and so I am baffled as to how he can make that blanket statement, especially when the guy has young children and he's dead. In my opinion Quincy and Michael are a product of one. Michael is the product and if you look at the back of the product, you see the active ingredients (Quincy). So given the relationship I cannot understand how one is accusing the other, when you are also responsible for developing the very product. In Michael's case, it was the allegations, and the eccentricities and the obliviousness but for Mr. Jones, it will be his own words, especially given today's climate. Speak your mind until your mind gets you in trouble. Life goes on.
  8. Craig, over the years you have always been well mannered, the voice of calm and the center of rational. However, I can see why you and or some musicians would not public criticize Quincy's behavior. Which is exactly my point. Because this is not something people should be doing, well not publicly. You would never say anything like this, even if they were true. For example: You recently asked that we review your music, if I felt any strong negativity about your work, I would send you a PM I do not think it would be beneficial to anyone to make accusations regarding your creative endeavors. I think Quincy's comments about Michael Jackson reflects an underline anger, the sadness of irrelevance and the loneliness of sitting in a room and asking yourself why am I no longer the center of attention; or I am 85 and I have nothing to lose, screw the world; or maybe something is wrong there, "Maybe the failure to make Tevin Cambel the next Michael Jackson?" You mention it's an opinion but given the current climate of conspiracy theories, accusing an artist of stealing can have lasting damage. So given my lack of knowledge of the music industry: I have added some GIF's of the good old days. I am just confused about why Quincy is so excited, knowing the album receiving the awards if filled with stolen material(s) from other people's works. I could Imagine Quincy saying: "This stuff is stolen and I want nothing to do with it. I do not want to be an accomplice." Michael's legal team is going to have a field day with his comment and use it as an appeal to throw out the recent legal victory, any lawyer will attempt to do so. AI
  9. Thanks for the question: It's a apparent we are not going to agree but I am not one to take an argument personal. I would disagree with you based on my own personal experiences. I still consider myself a young man but when I was young-er, I would get annoyed at people and had little patience but now that I am a bit older, I have become more sensitive to people and aware of other people's feelings. I have been insulted on this forum for no reason and I just move on as if it never happened, that would not have been the case 10 years ago. Now, back to the topic, no one on this forum in their right mind and without bias is going to read these interviews and say "he's speaking his mind and this is good." There are certain line you do not cross and certain things you do not say. I am not questioning his talent or his contributions, however his behavior is completely out of line and I can no longer tell my son to go read about Quincy Jones. This guy is simply ruining his reputation and it will not end good. Michael Jackson is dead, and I understand they had disagreement and he (Quincy) won some monetary litigation but you do not trash someone when they are no longer here to defend themself, it's disgusting. Based on interviews I have heard, Quincy hated Billie Jean, he complained about the intro, "It's too long and I can shave through it." I think Quincy has never gotten over the fact that Michael grew-up musically, and wanted to do other things with other people like Teddy Riley and Dark Child. He never got over this, hence the underline anger. People like to diminish Michael Jackson contribution but I do not see Bruce Swedien writing a book about Jennifer Lopez in the studio. Regardless of who did what, they all complimented each other and it was great, why can't Quincy just leave it there? You say it's a breath of fresh air, I say it's damaging to his legacy.
  10. It's unfortunate because this man has accomplished a lot. However, whatever respect I had is gone, especially given his recent interview trashing the Beatles and talking about Michael Jackson. This guy is just senile and should not be giving interviews. What a dud!
  11. Apart from the criticism, the interview is just in poor taste. Talking about girl friends as if he is still in high school. Looks like some screws are missing.
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