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Sound Quality

This unit sounds very full and warm in all settings. The Low mid setting on the 4 position model has a particularly wide and useful wah range...simultaneously vocal and extreme. No other wah sounds as good


Generally good, but you need to be careful of the 4 (or newer 6) range selector on the side. Mine took a fall (from the top of a stack) and suddenly went from a 4 range to a 10 range .....oops. It still worked though. I had it fixed and bought a backup just in case...I had to use a loaner vox847...and it had a slightly more vintage sound, but overall it didn't compete. Other than this mishap, I've had the pedal for over 2 years and have had no other problems.

General Comments

I would, and have, bought it again. The only thing that I wish it had is a "true bypass", but other than that, it's THE wah to own.

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