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Sound Quality

I've played around six of these amps so far.. No I haven't purchased one yet but I plan to. I don't think for a moment that they'll replace my old Tube amps however... I've stacked this amp against a few of the old classics and It pull off a fairly good representation and vibe of most of the old stuff. YOU HAVE TO TWEEK IT AND TURN THE VOLUME UP A BIT TO GET THE BEST RESULTS! Just like most amps the speaker and circuit start to behave normally at normal volumes. I've seen quite a few people try to have these amps sound authentic at store/showroom volume..it doesn't. Turn it up a bit like a normal amp and it's personality starts to shine through. I've been able to replicate a really nice tweed tone from this amp. I've owned a tweed champ, Vibrolux, Pro and still have an old tweed Deluxe in my living room. By the way it's a kick to turn the small tweed up to big volumes.. very cool! Blackface.. well here's a bit doing but again it pull it off really nicely. I now own 4 different blackface amps.. two are Deluxe Reverbs.. do they sound the same.. NO! No two amps even of the same year sound exactly the same.. but they have the same basic characteristic.. and so does the Cyber Deluxe. You can dial in a very authentic Blackface tone.. now I do have one complaint.. the bass on the Twin setting is not as big and bold as the real thing.. go figure it's only a 1-12" speaker and doesn't have real tubes..Just turn the bass back a bit and realize that this is the real world babay!! If you need a full tilt Blackface Twin go get one.. this does it very convincingly but it's not a real one...get real!! What it does and for it's purpose it does great! Marshall, well it's not as harsh or as loud but It's pretty cool for classic style rock.. I'm older so I dig it.. you youngsters who need the megga metal/thrash/trash/ need to look elsewhere.. this wasn't designed for that.. Over all I like the sound of this amp. NOTE: I really don't like the pre-sets any better than anyone else and I do think that Fender needs to re-think the pre-sets some they are kinda out there and lame. Also another nit pic is the compressor.. WOW.. Whomph.. too much already!! Mostly cool, can't wait to see some refinements but hey It's close enough for rock n roll if your NOT TOO ANAL ABOUT IT!!




General Comments

I've been playing over 30 years and have owned too much gear to outline here, besides it's none of your business!


I like the fact that I can get a multitude of different tones without changing amps and can jam with one amp for different things.


In all fairness I haven't heard all the modeling amps.. I have tried quite a few and most seem sterile and lack vibe and authenticity.


I'd like to buy one used and cheap.. I know Fender will improve this amp down the road but for now I'd like to play around with one till something better comes along which by my calculations will be around four years out ..

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