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  1. thanks for the review, d. sounds pretty cool.. and reasonable price, to boot. (kickback, kickback, lol.)(although, upon second look, link above sends me to g1 head, not 360 head, oops...)anyway, i didn't see mention of coating? i prefer a coated reverse dot, so this doesn't seem too far (unless no coating.) i like the idea of it seating better, just sounds natural. especially for a lower tuning. i would love to hear a lower tone, instead of a "splat." that said, i'm psyched to hear the review of the 360 kick head, as if similar, it's be most appropriate, especially seeing how most go fo
  2. it took me far too long to actually invest in a good throne. played about 17 years before getting a roc-n-soc. just could never justify spending that kind of change on a seat. what a difference it makes, man. i can play longer, better mobility, etc. totally under appreciated part of the kit.
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