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  1. Sometimes really bad things can happen to good people and you're forced to make sacrifices. But, most of the time people buy things with money they don't have and then find themselves giving back there 'better than they are' equipment so they can fill up the rusted out {censored}-box!
  2. Best episodes are when the boys are being boys with a little hint of over the top. Think they get caught up in the 'we can do an episode in 3 days, so heres what was on the news last night!' too often. Far as Family Guy knowing what humor is.....uh, are we watching the same Family Guy?
  3. All that gear, all that money and still just sounds like 80s met-lulz tone....
  4. Whoa, they are all pretty bad and deserve some sort of award.
  5. The threesome wasn't going to happen because you even entertained the thought in your head. Because you did that, you should've expected the complete opposite would eventually happen. The times I 'thought' I was gonna be in a threesome, it always ended bad. But, when it does happen all you think is "Holy {censored}!!!! How did THIS happen!" lol
  6. There will be no win for the city of Naw-lens. George Bush doesn't like black people and Peyton doesn't like to lose.
  7. Two different ones. In the 2nd coming of SNL (Sandler, Carvey, Myers) there was a skit where they worked at an Italian restaurant. Thinking Kirstie Alley was the guest host. Basically every waitor was WAAAY over the top sexual. By the end of the skit they have a chick in the backgroud getting nailed while her husband is just sitting there chowing down pasta. The 2nd was around the start of the 3rd coming of SNL (Ferrell and gang), it was a series of clips focusing on the 25th anniversary of Star Wars. Kevin Spacey did an amazing Christopher Walken trying out for Han Solo and then Walter Mathow (spelling is wrong...I know) trying out for Ben Kenobi and walking out on the tryout when he finds what the movie is about. Then they did a split Star Wars/Smokey and the Bandit with Yoda behind a big rig.
  8. The real question is how did you come across this...and have you done that yet?
  9. OT. For a guy that 'demands to be forgotten' about being kicked out of Tehtallica, he sure talks about them alot and wants his credit for it. Also, think I would stay as far away from an Explorer as I could if I was him...but, I'm not...and hes rich.
  10. hahaha its sooo cheese I will choke myself and masturbate in honor of this movie. Wish me luck!
  11. She has half the talent her sister has and her sister is fat. Bout sums it up.
  12. Not gonna lie. The first time I heard someone say 'Black Metal', I thought the same thing. Funny thing, it was about 2 years after my band played a show with Ancient and other smaller black metal bands.....hey, I was 15 at the time, gimme a break!
  13. 6x12 huh....so thats only 4 more speakers than you need for most gigs right?
  14. Venture Bros, Robot Chicken, Metalocalypse, old Sealab and old ATHF. Harvey Birdman is my all time fav. Ha Ha...Dangly parts!
  15. What an idiot. He could of stole em, sold em and bought more crack.
  16. Life. So far my degree is paying off better than most of the people I know who went to 'further their education'.
  17. You could deaden it faily cheaply, but its still going to be loud for others in the house. Dense materials = a good start. Carpet will help a little, adding 'absorbers' (couch, chair, things without a hard reflective surface), bass trapping the corners,....all will help a little. Only problem with sound is even if you add a wall that faces the rest of the house, its still going to go right around that wall like it wasn't even there. Treating a room is expensive, Soundproofing is REAL expensive.
  18. You should get a job on the news. At no time did he say he is quitting. He isn't interested in being part of a time changed Tonight Show (which may or may not happen), he is just telling his feelings about the matter. READ THESE TWO LINES! I cannot express in words how much I enjoy hosting this program and what an enormous personal disappointment it is for me to consider losing it. My hope is that NBC and I can resolve this quickly so that my staff, crew, and I can do a show we can be proud of, for a company that values our work. So...when did he say he quit? Exactly!
  19. How bout the Hoffman brothers of Deicide fame....they did get busted trying to bring AAS across the border.
  20. LOL at best acting or selling out I've ever seen. Bravo!
  21. Did they really need the music in the background?
  22. omg. i'm watching this now. how in the {censored} did he scam his way into that one. Retarded Republicans ACTUALLY thought he was Republican. Just shows that YES you get to choke people from across the room and shoot electricity from your fingers but, you loose your sense of 'spotting BS'.
  23. Do they really need to make 15 different 'limited edition' color schemed Dimebag guitars a year? For {censored} sake....hes dead already, get over it. Yes, maybe have the 3-4 paint jobs that he was known the best for and keep it at that. Just making money off the memory....{censored}ing waste.
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