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  1. Better tools for the job beat trying to use a crescent wrench as a hammer IMO.
  2. I see that they have in fact returned. There was a lot of value in this section for those of us who used it to research what players liked and didn't like about one manufacturer's approach versus another's. It also helped players gain some "second hand" experience with products that may not be available locally, and especially for those that have been discontinued. Thank you, I can now add this back to my R&D list. Who owns HC now? I haven't been able to determine this from my research.
  3. Same for me Craig. Since I have become much more involved with the Bass industry then ever before (post Genz Benz and now Mesa Boogie), TalkBass just works better with more interaction and way more traffic.
  4. Considering the last post was 11 years ago, it's not going to matter much. For most applications of 25', 14 gauge speaker cables are PLENTY fine.
  5. Yes, but the features were VERY limited for their size, creating operational challenges as systems got more comprehensive.
  6. It is sad. I had written a message to the forum's ownership group about 6 or 7 years ago during the software disaster and they said they were working on it. Clearly, they screwed the proverbial pooch. It was one of the best forums around, good activity and good members. These days it's a ghost town. Craig is a good dude, gave it a solid try all along. The user reviews haven't been maintained, and most were lost during the change over to the new software. That section also had value, but not when it's 7 or 8 years out of data. What a freekin' waste, i am surprised that they (current owners, whoever that might be) even bother.
  7. In theory, possibly. In practice, not worth even considering. It would cost more than you could buy an entire system for. Both series operate in exclusive frequencies in the VHF band, no common frequencies either.
  8. I would be surprised if the cause was the diode. The FET in the impedance translator circuit is a much more likely cause, and I have seen them fail. There is also the possibility of contamination on the PCB in the very high impedance area of the circuit, small leakage can create a lot of noise that will typically increase with humidity and temperature.
  9. Yes, feedback can occur in a filter if there is a problem within the filter's electrical feedback loops. There is a fine line between a filet and an oscillator, the higher the Q of the filter, the closer to an oscillator it can become. Sometimes an intermittent in the sweep pot can cause this, way more likely than a defective cap.
  10. They are all worth about zero unfortunately. Same for most analog consoles of the era including some $10k+ consoles that I have taking up shop space.
  11. Peak power is defined as twice the RMS rated power. It's different math describing exactly the same thing, like 12 eggs or 1 dozen eggs. Depending on the AC power source, there may be enough sag in the power supply that it clips a little earlier resulting in ~1400 watts peak.
  12. In bridge mode, the sleeve MUST be isolated/floated through the patch bay and ALL associated wiring. What you have encountered is a common situation with installations not designed/installed by pros who understand the details underlying WHY things are done. The bummer for you is that your amps are going to need fairly costly repairs.
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