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  1. Interesting, looks like there was a specific need in mind.
  2. 40 STEREO inputs? Has something changed in pro audio that I am unaware of?
  3. How many physical inputs and outputs on the console?
  4. Read my previous posts, your question has been answered.
  5. ... and for the rest of the story, it fell out of favor with the Dead too. Just not worth the hassle (with a few notable exception). (+1 for resurrecting a necrothread from almost 10 years ago)
  6. Well, did you learn anything from the previous posts? There is not enough value in this product to justify a proper (ie qualified) service technician's time. The cost of repair far exceeds the mixer's value. I have repaired these 20 years ago, they were tricky and not worth the time or the hassle. It requires a thorough understanding of how the cue/mute/display circuits work because you will be analyzing as you go. What's your experience level?
  7. I still have my day job designing bass & acoustic gear for Mesa Boogie. I also have a few interesting irons in the fire that include several old friends from the touring products world.
  8. Going to be a very underwhelming box for bass, nothing in the design is optimized for even barely acceptable performance IMO.
  9. Looks like I will be winding down what's left of the sound company after 42 years, all my summer gigs are effectively canceled and it''s stopped being fun. I still have my design and fabrication work, that may evolve to more than what it is currently if the world ever comes back to normal.
  10. Better tools for the job beat trying to use a crescent wrench as a hammer IMO.
  11. I see that they have in fact returned. There was a lot of value in this section for those of us who used it to research what players liked and didn't like about one manufacturer's approach versus another's. It also helped players gain some "second hand" experience with products that may not be available locally, and especially for those that have been discontinued. Thank you, I can now add this back to my R&D list. Who owns HC now? I haven't been able to determine this from my research.
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