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  1. It's all how you look at it. There is 40 stereo channels but they can't be switched to Mono for 80 mono inputs. The reverse is if you have lots of stereo keys boards or other stereo inputs then you don't use up 2 channels for every stereo input needed. Each channel also has an alternative channel input as well. To me I like the 16 stereo Buses available. ( the same as 32 mono if you needed 16 stereo outs for IEM ) The desk is truly loaded in its price range. If its the right desk only the person who is buying it will know. I like a desk with more local inputs so I can bring only a desk for small shows. I have a Midas M32R for this with 32 channels of stage boxes down Cat5e for a little more channels if needed. With the Wing your committed to going out all the time with stage boxes. The Wing is much different than most standard console. As long as it doesn't become an Edsel there should be a use for it. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Behringer+Wing+input+processing&&view=detail&mid=4609E6B576174BAD922C4609E6B576174BAD922C&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3DBehringer%2BWing%2Binput%2Bprocessing%26FORM%3DVDVVXX
  2. It's more of a control surface. 8 on board XLR inputs, 8 XLR outputs and 8 Aux in/outs on 1/4 balanced. 40 full featured Stereo inputs, 8 Aux inputs. The newest firmware added quite a bit but I see it as a desk still in the making. Loaded in a way for the price. It can use any X/M32 stage boxes as well as many of the current Midas Pro Series Stage boxes. More here. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/WING--behringer-wing-48-channel-digital-mixer
  3. New Wing firmware out. 16 DCA's , DAW control, 3 Fader speeds, etc.
  4. A person I know sent this to me awhile back. Never got the chance to watch it so it may be a waist of time or maybe not. If your board you may want to give it a watch. There is 5 videos in this series if you click on the YouTube link.
  5. Maybe not. Does the board have "Stereo" channels? You could try that with those panned to center. If that doesn't improve it then try only the channels with music play back pan to the center. Why I like to pan to the far Left or Right is different boards may have different "Pan Laws" as far as level when you pan from left to right. Of course do what works for you. What do you have for a break music player and how is it hooked up now? Doug
  6. Yes, The Behringer FBQ 3102 has both XLR/TRS in/outs. If your mixer has XLR outs I'd go out your mixers Left out ( Pan all outputs to the Left ) and go into 1 of the Eq channels and out to your subs/tops. Take the monitor out and go to the next channel on the Eq to your amp or speakers for your monitors. For your mains you could set the eq channel In/out meter set to what you want to monitor, Db set to 12 o'clock, Low cut set around 30 to 50hz depending on what you have for subs. High cut around 15 to 18 khz depending on what you have for tops. For the Monitor Meter In/Out to what you want to monitor, Db set to 12 0'clock to start, Low cut can be set higher to clean the monitors up if you don't have bass guitar or thundering keys going though them. Try around 110hz or so. High cut can be set lower to keep the cymbals and high hats from being picked up by the vocal microphones. Start as low as you can, maybe between 10khz and 15khz and go from there. In general its better to take out the sounds you don't like than it is to boost. Once you have the sound for the MAINS you want push the IN/OUT button and see if things get louder or softer. If the volume overall drops then go to the Input knob and turn it up some. The idea is to adjust the Input knob so when you push the IN/OUT button the sound changes without the overall volume getting louder. ( The IN/OUT button turns the eq adjustments on/off ) For the MONITOR channel most pull out the feedback and leave the input knob where it is at 12 o'clock. Doug
  7. Could you post what you have for a eq? You can go out of your board and go into the eq, out of the eq and to the sub, out of the sub and to the top. Some Eq's have XLR outputs and some have TRS (Tip, Ring , Sleeve balanced in/outs) and some are even unbalanced. ( Unbalanced you'd want to insert ) What do you have for an eq? Yes it can be inserted but it can be as mention as some find it easier. Doug
  8. One more thing. I like to drive my amps with true Balanced connectors. If you use a 1/4 inch cable to go from channel A's through out to channel B's input be sure to use a TRS cable. Depending on what Peavey used for a circuit those out jacks may be only "quais balanced" Some say just a regular 1/4 inch unbalanced cable is fine for a short run. Does it really make a difference? In a short runs like that I'd lean on the No side but again it certainly doesn't hurt. The 2nd advantage of a Y cable at the amp is you know you have true balanced inputs going to your 2 channels. Doug
  9. There have been several different runs of the IPR3000's. Some didn't even have a crossover in them. The ones I remember if you selected Channel A for the High Pass, the channel going to your SP2's , the out jack for Channel A was sending this same signal with the High Pass filter in it as well. So if you went into Channel B from channel A's out there would be no bass in it. I wasn't exactly sure so my advice was just put a Y cable at the amp feeding both channels. Makes it real easy. You could try as your dealer suggested but if you find you know longer have bass going to your subs then you'll know why and have to go back to the Y input. To me it keeps it simple just to put a Y at the input to the amp. 6 to 1 , half dozen to the other. Again what they suggested may work or not. Either way your going to need a patch cable of one form or the other. There is no difference if the first channel input always allows the full frequency out when its channel crossover is engaged. But when the crossover is engaged on a channel I've seen some of the Peavey amps output only what the crossover was set on so that is why I recommended the Y cable. Hope that helps. Doug
  10. Nice but this post is 5 years old.. Just saying.
  11. I see some basic information is out on the Midas Heritage-D Air.
  12. I agree. I just hope if after awhile they can't keep it going they let us know in advance so we can post are last post and ride off into the sunset. I have been on older chat groups that I went to one day are they were simply gone. I've been making a few post and answering a few questions for 18 or so years here. It would be nice to give the "Hey guys, best of luck!" post at the end.
  13. Looks like a nice rig but for $300 more you can pick up the 24R. All inputs in front and 12 mix outs. For that much more I would think it would be well worth it. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SL24R--presonus-studiolive-24r-24-channel-rackmount-digital-mixer?mrkgcl=28&mrkgadid=3251364601&rkg_id=0&utm_source=MSN&utm_medium=PPC&utm_campaign=aaShopping - Core - Live Sound & Lighting&utm_term=Brand=presonusId=&campaigntype=shopping&campaign=aaShopping - Core - Live Sound & Lighting&adgroup=Live Sound & Lighting - Live Sound Mixers&placement=bing&creative=77927926673874&device=c&matchtype=e&msclkid=4982a699360318eac8edf8ad848c8349&gclid=CPvQxdL5rucCFRXxswod2pwGxQ&gclsrc=ds Doug
  14. I know its sad. Every time I stop by here I wonder if the site will still be up. I've been on here when there was 50 to 100 members online here at a time. I first signed on here around 2002 so it is sad to see it falling off. I'm guessing the "facebook'" type sites have pretty much taken over for questions and fast replies. Too many User of brand X type sites to compete with a general site. After close to 18 years here again its sad to see the traffic now. Doug
  15. I remember those boxes. In general the woofer in the box will have a 4 ohm rating. Be sure to see what woofer is in the box before you chose a amp to drive it. Peavey used a woofer that had a wider frequency range for the bass cabinets but it should be fine in the 45hz to 100hz range you'd be running it in. As others have stated you'll get what you get out of it. A amp that gives 350 watts at 4 ohms or so ( if it is a 4 ohm woofer in the box ) with a 40 to 45hz low cut and 100hz high cut crossover built in should be fine. Post a picture of the cabinet so I can see it. I was using Peavey stuff for 30 years or so. Also look for the manual at Peavey's site.
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