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  1. The Peavey has a Peak spl of 119 db's. The RCF has a peak output of 131db's. Most people feel if a source is 10 db's louder it is twice as loud. That is quite a step up. 2 of the Peavey subs placed side by side will give you a total of 125db peak output. ( 3 db's for twice the surface area of the cones and 3 db's for twice the wattage ) 1 RCF will be louder than 2 of the peaveys all things being equal. The peavey's are good subs but the RCF's are quite a step up. 2 RCF's placed side by side will give you around 137 db's. If your using the peavey's the best output will be with them coupled/placed side by side. Either in the center of the stage or both on 1 side or the other.
  2. I have the IG2T's also. Both work well.
  3. Db Technologies IG4T's. For what they do a very light 40lbs. They will do what a 15 inch woofer with a 3 inch voice coil horn driver will do with subs. I like them. https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/510951-db-technologies-ig4t-2-way-active-column-array-speaker-900w?
  4. Looking forward to your review. I agree, where is Al? Should you try them as monitor wedges, even just for testing, let us know your thoughts? Around 20 pounds and 129 db output seems like a nice product. Went out with a bunch setup under a tent last week. First time in 1 1/2 years. The crowd stayed outside until later when the beer garden "effect" hit. Around 300 in attendance counting the beer garden. Town supplied the outside fills. Was a fun show. Everyone was just on DI's with a few peddles for this and that. Some on IEM's and 2 on floor wedges. Bass player was straight into a $20 DI pedal and he was happy with just listening to the front so I didn't even work on his IEM mix. Keep us posted on your new mains!
  5. There are many FM radio Apps for cell phones/android type devices. Just search FM radio app.
  6. Wow, been posting here for almost 20 years and I just noticed after all those post and helping people I'm a newbie? Gee thanks! Doug
  7. That is quite common with these. The foam does rot. The magnet in the upper right is designed for a 250 watt basket which if I remember right is not as deep as the 350 watt ones. Not sure if the basket voice coil you have on it will bottom out or not but something to think about. Also the larger hole will help vent more heat for the higher power handling so that should be considered as well. Any foam that is not too hard to blow though will work. You'll want foam that is not too tightly packed so you can't blow through it yet it's not so open cell that it won't stop dust. Cut the foam slightly larger than is needed around. Put glue around the sides but not where the air blows though. Try a few different glues to see how it reacts to a spare piece of the foam to make sure it doesn't just eat it and leave you with another mess down the road. As far as the one scraping. Sometimes the voice coil going though repeated heating and cooling will become slightly not round. Also the voice coil gap is not perfect either. If you want to try you can do this. Put the basket back on the correct magnet and bolt down. With a marker put a line on the basket and magnet to it's current location. Gently push the cone around the dust cap trying to push the speaker in at an even amount. See if you hear or feel scraping. If you do try pushing on just one area of the cone so it goes in slightly uneven. See if you get a different scraping sound in different locations. With this done take the bolts out and turn the magnet 1/3 of a turn and try again. See if it is better or worse. If still not better try the last spot. Sometimes just by turning the magnet like this you will find a location that will work. Last if not any of these locations work try loosing only 1 bolt slightly and see how it effects things. I had a very difficult one that I ended up only using 2 bolts and the last I heard it is still going strong today. Go figure. One last thing to look for is the spider itself. ( the sort of orange folded circle keeping the voice coil straight going up/down ) I've seen the spider come unglued where it is connected to the basket and make flapping / scraping sound itself. I used super glue "gel" kind of stuff. I picked up the unglued spider with tooth picks and put glue in that way before. Hope this helps. Doug
  8. Did have a little be of fun yesterday. A band is starting up. Electronic drum kit. ( the levels were not set for the kit, just first time firing it up ) Bass and guitar on quality modelers. Good players just the first time ever playing together. Here is a jam just to get things going that I recorded. My headphones must be thin on the bass side as it is a little bass heavy. Again the drums levels are not set yet so the tops and overall drum mix is what it is. Just stereo out on the drums although I noted there is 8 outs on the kit so I may go direct channel out later.
  9. Haven't seen a post in month's. Hows everyone doing? I have a few shows for the summer. Not sure after that. It sure is slow everywhere. Places are opening up so there is hope. How are things in your area. Doug
  10. With subs placed together side to side you gain 6 db's going from 1 to 2. Double the surface area 3 db increase, double the wattage another 3 db's. I've measured this many times with smaart. Add 1 more you'd gain roughly 3 db's more. To get the true 6 db increase as you said you'd go 1 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8 etc. until the size of the sub cluster is larger than the frequency being reproduced. ( in a perfect world ) This is all of course how the subs are clustered. In a line in front or in a square cluster etc. So going from 1 sub to 3 subs, properly coupled , you'd gain 9 db's in output. Most people feel 10 db's is twice as loud so very close to twice as loud. I can't comment on Yorkvilles thought on this setup but maybe they feel 3 subs is a good match for 2 of the tops? At this point I have only looked at this sub not the tops so I can't say either way for sure. Doug
  11. Really a wide open question. Will the amp handle 2 ohms per channel? Is it a Stereo amp? The brand of the amp may in a way may determine some of the long reliability of the amp for long term use. A amp that cost $2500 is often more robust than one that cost $125. Is it a Mono amp? What is each monitor rated at as far as impedance? Are all the monitors the same? How many do you want to put on each channel if it's a stereo amp. Are they Studio Monitor speakers or Floor monitors? How loud and for how long and at what frequencies are you trying to reproduce? As you can see with more information it may ( may ) be possible to give you an answer. Doug
  12. With no one around have the bass amp on. Have the Microphone cable plugged in and have the system up just enough so you can hear the hum/buzz in the pa. Move the microphone cable all around that is plugged into the bass amp. Does the hum/buzz get louder and softer as you move the microphone cable around? I'm wondering if there is some reason something is going microphonic. Set the cable on top of the bass amp, around power supplies/wall warts, move that mic cable all around. A microphone cable "should" kill noise like you describe but there may be something else wrong that is making the noise.
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