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  1. Interested in a Vox Night Train?
  2. This is a v1 Handwired Eternity Burst from 2005. As you can tell by the photos, this is a true point-to-point handwired pedal. This one was 100% hand crafted by Mr. Sean Michael. $275 Shipped, Insured and PayPaled. No trades, thanks.
  3. Sorry folks. I should have been a little more specific in that I prefer original black labels over any black label reissue or any silver stickers when it comes to the 9 Series pedals. Thanks in advance.
  4. Only looking for non-reissue black labels for the TS9, SD9 and the AD9 - eariler the better - '81s would be amazing. I care not about the cosmetic condition as long as the pedal works. The TS-808 or TS808 can be and original (depending on the price) or a Reissue. As above, I do not care what cosmetic condition the pedal is in as long as it works great. Let me know what you have. Must be willing to provide photos of the circut board and ship to Canada via USPS. Thanks.
  5. Let me know what model(s) you have and what you are asking for the pedal(s) including USPS shipping to Canada. For the most part, I am looking for Tube Screamers, a Sonic Distortion SD9, AD9 Delay and a CS9 Chorus. Prefer the first years of the pedals (80-81) with the black label and grey batter clips. The TS808 can be an original or a Reissue. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the lead...
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