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  1. How many people did it take to get those QW-1's on top of the DTH subs?!?! I can only imagine. LOL I do have to keep that kind of thing in mind. I just turned 52, and last year started lifting weights just to be able to manhandle what I do have around.
  2. Awesome. I have no idea why I didn't think about this! For some reason, I keep seeing it in the speaker cabinet. The issue is - they have crossovers in them, but I don't know if they are stock crossovers - because the switch on the back for bi-amping is gone. I am the third owner, and the second owner was a local music school called "Rock School" that teaches kids to play in a rock band. If it doesn't have the original crossovers in them, then I am going to build a set of them, and leave the switchable biamp option out. I like the cabinets, they do what I need them to do. I was not going to run the subs inline with them. The only thing that I intended to hit the subs, was the kick drum, to maximize their impact. Are those DTH subs? How do you like those? I always wondered how the "push-pull" speaker layout worked.
  3. I'm going to be buying speaker cables soon. I'm considering rewiring a pair of Carvin #1588 cabinets that I have with an 8-pin Neutrik socket. so, the 2x15" speakers would be on one channel, the 2x8"+1.4" Horn will be on the next channel, and the 3rd and 4th channels will be passed through to a pair of NL4 jacks, one to be used as a pass through to the 18" Subs, and the other as a pass through for the Monitors on each side of the stage. I'm going to be buying all of my cables from Audiopile. I LOVE Audiopile. I decided that since I was literally building this system from the ground up, I took all my old mic cables and patch cables, and called some of my musician friends and gave almost all of them away. They though I was nuts, but the weakest link in my pa was mixed cables - so I kept anything that was EWI/Audiopile as backup cables, and I am now left with removing ratfur from the Carvin cabinets, applying Duratech paint, and installing new input panels on the back on the cabinets as I rewire the entire rig . I've been buying my cables according to uses. Every so often I would I buy, as an example all my TRS-TRS patch cables and channel insert cables... I have a custom rack mounted y-split/patch-bay, and next up is speaker cables and panel jacks to install in the speaker cabinets and build a patch panel for the amp rack.
  4. I had this monstrosity. I recorded at least half the Metal and Punk Demo's recorded in Jacksonville, FL between 1988 and 1992 on this thing. live to a Yamaha MT44 4-track, then live to a Fostex A-4 8-track reel to reel (had 4 input channels, that switched from tracks 1-4 to 5-8. That was how Fostex saved money on it.) I installed in/out insert jacks in it.(talk about a PITA. I had this board disassembled for about 6 months and came home from my day job and worked on it all winter.) I used to drag this crap out to people's band rooms and record their demo's in their practice rooms. I also had a rack with cheapo outboard gear. What is funny, is one of my friends had gone into a bunch of real studios to record his band and when I recorded his band, he went -"This is the sound I wanted and never could get." Which I thought was hilarious, but it was just a crappy punk rock sound, but the funny thing is that his band had 1,000 cassettes made, and they sold them for $5 each and actually sold them all in a few weeks, and I became somewhat of a punk rock legend locally. Tons of kids came to me wanting demo's, so I tripled my price and they didn't bat an eye.
  5. I have totally moved over to triggering the kick. You can get a ddrum4 unit that lets you create whatever kind of kick sound you want, and deliver the same kick sound mp mater what the drummer has. I purchased 3 of them @ $400 each used. so I have backups. Better than any kick mic out there to me.
  6. I have a question, and I didn't want to unearth up a Zombie thread to ask in. How do I go about learning MIDI? I mean, literally for somebody who doesn't know anything at all about MIDI. I am a drummer. I've had, and toyed with electric drums going back to the mid-80's, but I always used the internal sounds in the modules. I have all sorts of MIDI gear now (3 ddrum4 modules, a brand new MOTU 8x8 MIDI Interface, about 4 "midiK.I.T.I." Trigger to MIDI interfaces, and a brand new PC with Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 software which has lots of sounds.) as well as about 20 HART Mesh head electric drum pads, and a ddrum 4 drumkit. I kept buying all this gear and it is so new to me (I'm 51) and I know nothing about MIDI and it is like I am terrifiedto hook it up and dive into it because I don't have a clue what I am doing or where to begin. I bought The MIDI Manual : A Practical Guide to MIDI in the Project Studio (Audio Engineering Society Presents) 3rd Edition by David Miles Huber. I read it, it made me feel like a complete idiot. (Remember, you are dealing with a drummer, use small words. LOL) I need this stuff really dumbed-down so that I can get a grasp on what I am doing. I have a friend who is considered by almost everyone locally to be "THE" local Keyboard master - we're talking the guy everyone calls first when they need a keys player for a gig or recording. Guess what? He doesn't know anything about MIDI. He said he looked into it about 25 or 30 years ago, but decided it is of very little use to him, because he does everything live. No sequencing at all. He said he is like John Lord from Deep Purple, David Stone from Rainbow, and Don Airey from Rainbow, Purple, and Ozzy Osbourne era. not Trent Reznor.... he said he is really more like an old school "Rock Organ" player than a keyboard player, although he is a classically trained pianist. For me, as a drummer. That is essentially how I use the drum modules, BUT I want to be able to use MIDI for recording drums - I mean, everyone does track/sound replacement on the drums, so I thought - why even bother recording actual drums, when I can just record the MIDI sequence, and stack as many sounds as I want on there without wasting processor speed, RAM, etc on actual audio tracks for the drums. Thanks!
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