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  1. Originally posted by agedhorse The PC in the serial number designates the "pro club" series, there were several models in that series, I'll bet that yours was a "pro-club +3" but it should have a reverb and a post fader output and no switches between them. If you plug into the reverb sent, it disconnects the internal reverb. It has led meters on the outputs with some meter assign switches, and an internal power supply, the entire console was a bit "wedge shaped". Here is what there is on the panel in the order from top to bottom, left to right Channels 1-8: (1)Clip LED Gain Knob High Mid Low Rev Effects Mon Pan Fader To the right of the channels: Top Right: Two analog volume meters Blue V.U. button below that Left/Right Channel two band EQ Monitor Send Volume Knob Tape In/ Program Switch Bottom Right: Reverb Return Reverb Return Pan Effects Return Effects Return Pan Main Left Fader Main Right Fader That is it! Nothing more. Pretty much nothing you described
  2. My two effects are "switchable". I dont have a mute/solo button either. The contact cleaner helped alot actually. What do you recommend i use to clean them next time i open it? Its not exactly the strongest anymore; they banned that stuff (wow was that stuff good). I used QD Contact Cleaner. I wish i had a digital camera so i could take a pic of the mixer so you could see it. Its not the Pro club series for sure. Heres the serial number: PC9069163049 Thanks
  3. i really doubt that mine is a better/newer one than yours... it doesn't have inserts, no groups, nothing. Just gain, 1 reverb send and 1 efx send and 1 monitor send, three band eq and pan. Two band eq for the main channels and thats about it. I'm not sure about the balanced outputs thought (i haven't really studied the thing, i just use it!) I still love it and it fits perfectly with my setup. Like i said, i own mostly vintage equipment for sound and i love it all. Especially my amp... 200 PURE watts, not those new fangled fake things. Turned the thing on to test if it worked on an old spare 35watt speaker, making sure i had the gain way down so i didn't blow it...well, i pushed the huge power button and it blew the speaker!!! This thing kicks butt!! (its a heathkit AA-1640) anyways... i got off the subject. My kelsey pretty much sucks monkey balls. It needs some work on the knobs. They all are soo scratchy, even after i cleaned them with the strongest cleaner out there. This things really old! lol
  4. #1 I'm broke #2 I need a car (i'm 16 without a car) #3 Some of my equipment is vintage so it all fits very well and i love the warm sound of it all. (the kelsey mixer, AA-1640 heathkit, etc etc) #4 i need a car!
  5. Hey all... i "inherited" a VERY old kelsey 8 channel mixer about a year ago and i've been using it for my keyboard setup for a while now. The only problem with it is that the left channel's fader is dead. I know for a fact that is the fader because i've taken it apart and examined it and all that. I switched the broken fader for channel 1's fader so i could have left and right channels and just be without the first channel. Finally, my question is: Does anyone know where i could find replacement parts for it. I think its considered vintage so i know for a fact that the parts aren't made anymore. Any ideas?!?! Kelsey 8 Channel Mixer (the ones that were a box and you take the cover off and its a mixer)
  6. yamaha135

    yamaha Motif 7

    Definitely holds a place in my heart!!! The ONLY thing i dont really care for is the small screen... which korg tritons beat with their large touch screens. I LOVE THIS KEYBOARD!! i recommend it for anyone whos looking for something different than the Triton... which i dont exactly like.
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