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  1. Sorry not interested in neither of those. Thanks though!
  2. poderoso

    delete please

    no longer available for sale. thanks!
  3. Oops. I was bumping my post. Accidentally made a new post. Delete pls.
  4. poderoso


    Bump for pics
  5. back in the market bump.
  6. the same as that one but with a rosewood fret board. I'll post pics when I get off work. The link is in the original post. Originally Posted by Lonnie99 Is it this one? http://www.rondomusic.com/furrianmnfatvwh.html
  7. Will $75 shipped work for you? Originally Posted by Lonnie99 How much to Indiana?
  8. P.S. I'm looking for a quick sale so I guess you can send me offers?
  9. Hey guys, I just ordered an SX Furrian off of Rondo today and I'm already thinking about modding it. Does anyone have any cheap dimarzio tele pickups they wanna get rid of for a good deal? I would prefer a tone zone tele sized hum but I'll take any bridge pickup. If you have any pots and switches that would be an upgrade to what the SX has then I'll take those as well. Also looking for better tuners. I'm not sure which ones would fit but I think the holes on the Furrian is 10mm. I don't know for sure yet coz I just ordered it today. Thanks!
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