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  1. Sorry man, I did not see this until today, always best to PM to talk about deals. The pedal is sold.
  2. Holy crap....Im gonna see if I can scrape the fundage together and let you know. That price is retarded good lol. lol I was just about to send you this link. Dude get this. I used to have one and it's awesome.
  3. nothing wrong with a frontman at all. it's not made for loud playing-- and even he admits it sounds alright not screamin' loud, because it does, and it sounds very much like a fender, which it is. mostly-- he just needs a burlier amp- and if that's what y' mean with 'better'-- i'm inclined to agree. but i've run a frontman 25 with pedals AND used the onboard dirt. does a respectable job with both, really. key to that amp is basically turning the treble pretty doggone low. i think they give you extra outrageous treble on that thing because they also give it RCA jacks to be used as for a music player to go full range. the speaker'll do it.. but it's some seriously weird mojo to have that much top with a guitar. This is true. You can actually get some decent tones out of the Frontman 25 if you have the treble knob really low.
  4. TL5 SOLD!! Fish and Chips $20 shipped with paypal gift. Good condition. Hit me up.
  5. You should look into the Peavey Classic 50 if you need the amp's overdrive. The gain channel sounds better than the Fender, the cleans are great with more headroom and they're also cheaper if you buy it used.
  6. The main reason i can't stand my frontman is the gain channel. When playing at low volumes, it's fine, but when i'm playing at gig level and need to dial in some distortion, it sounds more like a a bunch of hoarse men being killed instead of anything remotely musical. I can never get enough bass on the drive channel either. Also, mine starts breaking up on the clean channel when i go past about 5 on the volume. Yeah, it's a fine starter/practice amp, but it just doesn't have the tone of a better quality amp, and they aren't built that well. It seems like my issue with the clean channel breaking up is fairly common, and there are plenty more known issues with them. I tried a friend's Blues DeVille 410 the other day and fell in love. And billy, I always thought that the Twin and Deluxe were just way up there, price-wise. Would I be looking at spending a significantly larger amount on an older, used Deluxe than on a Blues reissue from the same time period? Does the Deluxe Reverb reissue sound pretty similar to the original? The silverfaces are not too expensive, you can find a bunch of them for about 500-700. The Deluxe Reverb reissue sounds really good. It's impossible to say if it sounds like the original, because the originals today have years of wear in the speakers, transformers etc.. which changes the tone a bit, sometimes for the better. But they're great sounding amps nonetheless. I would suggest you stick with your amp for a bit longer and keep saving and looking for a good deal on one of these amps, that way you only have to upgrade ONCE and you will save money in the long run.
  7. What are your thoughts? I currently have a sucky Fender Frontman that i can't wait to drop out of a window, but unfortunately it's my only amp right now. I've been looking at all different types of Fender tube amps, and I've decided that I'm just going to prowl around on eBay and Craiglist until i see any of the following amps for a decent price: Hot Rod Deluxe iii, Hot Rod DeVille (212 or 410, doesn't matter), Blues Deluxe Reissue, or Blues DeVille reissue. Obviously, the blues reissues are going to be a better (and more expensive amp), but what do you guys prefer? What are they key differences between the amps? Anyone have experience with any of the four? Anything is appreciated, and I play mainly classic rocks, if that helps at all. thanks The Hot Rods are decent amp, but I don't like the overdrive channels. The cleans are really good though, especially after a speaker upgrade. However, there are better options out there. I would look into an older silverface Twin or Deluxe (depending how much power you need) or even a reissue Twin or Deluxe. These are much better options than the Hot Rod series. The Blues Deluxe series is cool, better than the Hot Rod IMHO, but I would still prefer the options above.
  8. I have 2 white Mighty Mite rail single-coil sized humbuckers, for middle and neck positions in a strat (see pic below). I tried them in the bridge position and it sounds great as well. You can easily and cheaply upgrade your strat to a HSH set up with these pickups. They're in great condition, plenty of wiring left to work with and sound great, very powerful for fast soloing and with a nice clean tone that's in between a HB and a single. $25 shipped for the pair.
  9. one more bump before the bay. Make an offer.
  10. interested in trading the DD-3 for a Digitech PDS1000 delay with a 1-spot power supply?
  11. BUMP...Bump...Bump.. bump...ump...mp...p..p (delayed bump )
  12. Not a problem. I've got some I could chop as well but at $6 a pop it's worth it NOT to spend all the time making them myself. yeah man, just go to GC and grab a bunch of them, last time I was there they were on sale for $3 each (memorial day sale lol) and I picked up 10 of them, they're so cheap it's not worth the trouble of making them. That's coming from a guy that makes all his main cables. But for little patch cables, it's just not worth the trouble.
  13. What color is it? Is this a quick connector or older unit?
  14. How many spaces does this thing take up? 2
  15. Originally Posted by NinjaRaf How many rack spaces is it? hey Raf... it is a 2sp
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