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  1. this is my old amp! haha, funny that you're getting rid of this! I'm trading off the FJA 5150 you traded me for another rectifier. ironic, huh? haha
  2. kool98769

    FT: FJA 5150

    Will sell for $825+shipping!
  3. kool98769

    FT: FJA 5150

    Mesa Mark III Black Dot? PM'd!
  4. kool98769

    FT: FJA 5150

    Bump for pics, and confirmed what mods were done.
  5. kool98769

    FT: FJA 5150

    I have a FJA 5150 head up for trade. Has the bias mod, clarity mod, Mercury output transformer, Mercury choke, high speed rectifiers 9/10 cosmetically. It's lived all of it's life with me in an ATA roadcase. The only cosmetic flaw is the little plastic piece above the tubes has a small part missing, as showed in the pictures. I bought it from MetalHed on here, and have other references if need be. ebay name is adam.schwichtenberg. I'm just kinda looking to go after something a little different tone-wise, and kinda need a more versatile amp, because I've sold off all my band stuff to focus on recording...a 5150 is pretty easy for me to track down to borrow for a recording. $825 I'm willing to take +/- cash on top on an amp. Let me know what you have!
  6. Just send your {censored}, and don't be an asshole. Because when you don't, it's called theft. Then the police get involved, and you get charges pressed on you. Just because negotiation happens over the internet doesn't mean there isn't real life consequences.
  7. I'm extremely interested in the 2626. I'm working on selling some stuff, and will get back to you. Would you possibly be willing to put it on layaway for me if I make a downpayment? Thanks!
  8. Jesus christ. I am going to hate myself for not buying one of these.
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