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  1. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers/crate no, but one can dream. So basically they still make the same amps since 2006. My god.....
  2. I haven't seen new Crate amp in a guitar store for years and was just wondering if they are still in business. I know they are owned by Loud Technologies who also owns Ampeg and Blackheart. Anyone know what happened?
  3. Well after receiving a lemon from Jet City, I am proud to say I love my JCA22H! The old 22H had issues. First one preamp tube failed, and then a power tube failed. I bitched and complanied, but I kept the amp. Then the input jack failed, so I returned the amp. I should of known something was going to happen to the amp due to the box. So I got a new one last week and so far no problems at all. It sounds really good! I think I am going to end up changing the tubes though, because I do hear a weird high pitch noise coming from the amp, its very slight. It sounds like that high pitch noise that a tv has when it turns on. It's not bad, but I'm going to change the tubes out soon just to be safe.
  4. I've always adjusted my action on floyd rose equipped guitars by doing a dive bomb (to release tension) and turn the pivot posts to adjust the action. The pivot post are easier to turn and adjust action then just turning them while the guitar is under full tension. I've also found that if you turn the post while the guitar is under tension that it could wear out the knife edges, especially if you have a crappy trem to start with. But I've also heard that the time you should adjust the action is all the strings are off of the guitar (like a string change for example) and then you won't strip or ruin any post. What is the correct way of adjusting the action?
  5. Woah Zombie thread!!!! I really liked the tone on Still of The Night by Whitesnake. John Sykes has thicker oozing tone then my ball juice. CC Deville on the Flesh & Blood album has this rockin semi clean mid rangy type tone that I always tried to get, but can't.
  6. I would like to trade my Jet City JCA20H for a Blackstar Ht-5. I just want the ability to get more overdrive from the head. I am not one who likes to use a overdrive pedal to get more gain. The head is about 1 1/2 old. I put a new set of tubes in about 3 months ago and they have about 30 hours of play. Pictures are available upon request. Thanks
  7. Ok guys, I have a Boss Super Chorus, and for the most part it sounds very good. However, I want it to get the thicker big tone (think Van Halen Balance era sound, Bullet Boys etc...) What is a good pedal? I tried the Boss PS-6 Harmonist, and for the most part it sounded great, but I feel like that it would be a waste for me, since I would not use the harmoizer in the pedal, only the detune. Any good recommendations guys?
  8. I like my evh phase90 in front of the amp. I put my tubescreamer after the evh also. My boss chorus in the loop causes volume drop. Im envious that you can run yours the right way so to speak. Yeah I used to run my Chorus in front of the amp, but it was just so noisy...harmonics would die off and sustain would cut.
  9. Billy, Lol thanks for pointing that out.
  10. Im trying to get a cleaner tone for my lead sound through my Marshall. I have a MXR phase 90 that I use as a solo boost, but I am wondering should I leave the phaser in front of the amp or should I put it through the effects loop? I have a Boss Super Chorus and a DD-3 delay in the effects loop and it sounds good. Im just wondering if it would dirty up my sound any. I've tried it and it sounded too prosessed to my ear. Maybe Im losing it lol.
  11. Well now im thinking maybe should I exchange the chorus ensemble for a pedal that I would actually need. I really need a delay pedal, and to me these pedals sound very similar that I don't think you can tell much of a difference....
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