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  1. I played around with it, it starts as soon as it is turned on, but it is louder on the non-reverb channel. It doesn't get louder with the volume or tone controls, or reverb, turned up, down, or off. It gets louder with a cable plugged in, but not much. I don't have a guitar I trust; I was trying to rewire my only guitar here, so this is not the best way to check it with an amp I don't know much about. I thought maybe it was a bad tube (no spares to swap) or bad outlets, as this house has ungrounded outlets and the amp is still two prong.
  2. I just got the amp from Craigslist. With all the knobs down except the bass and treble controls on channel one, if I turn it on, it makes slowly increasing noise. If I unplug the cable and turn it off, it stops, but when I plug the cable in, guitar or not, it slowly comes back. Reverb issue? Though channel one doesn't use reverb.
  3. I have two projects I am working on that have parts left over. Plus shipping. Other parts - Unknown strat neck, very nice, no tuners, licensed by Fender, edges rounded just slightly to fit tele. $70 - Fender Japan 62 strat body, sunburst and a bit relic, reallty cool, Kahler bridge, $150 for both - Suzuki M neck with tuners, fits strat, $30 - Pearloid Tele pickguard, humbucker route, metal humbucker ring, $15
  4. Everything works well, very cool guitar. Neck from a Danelectro, Fender pickups, gold hardware, ash body, GFS bridge. The bridge is mostly for show, if moved the spring doesn't hold the weight so it stays to whatever key you bend it to, a heavier spring would fix that.
  5. Yes, the decal is just a sticker, no trades unless I can easily sell it quicker
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