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  1. I have a Parker Fly I'm considering selling. It's got some dings, but nothing detrimental to the playability or sound. I'll post pics. The serial is 116205BP. Does that mean it's from 1995? Any help would be great. Also, a general estimate on value based on that info, and pics, would be great too. Thanks!
  2. I've got a Parker that my friend put all out of wack, tremolo-wise. He's said he'd take it to a shop for... oh, a year now. I'm considering just selling it since I've basicly forgotten how nice it is. It was always my dream guitar, right next to the more practical LP Classic. Which would you go for? Or if not, something else in the price range or a bit cheaper, for your "look, I have one of these," high end 'main' guitars (though, my Rick is my real main).
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