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  1. I forgot to mention I kind of like this look it's a little different. How is low end in the cab now? still alot of low end with the v30 in it, but so much more clarity now. I didn't understand why the sound was so muffled compared to the original eminence, but I'm happy with it now
  2. Grim, did u do the grill yourself? I like that look too
  3. what about some white chickens? Hey Doug, that's what I ordered last night and some blue 12v leds for the head and the cab, since it's now an open front why not...can't wait
  4. thanks, wanted something a little different...now what knobs to buy is the ? and some pretty led lights
  5. not a fan. too feminine like black lace or goth doily. not a fan of your stupid name []|-=_?
  6. So basically an Open Front Cab?
  7. Is the cab open on both sides? No, the back attached
  8. The grill on the cab changes the whole sound. In the room I was getting alot of bottom end and was lacking the high's. I was cranking the treble and presence to compensate, sounded good in the room but not so well miked. I get plenty of the crisp sound I was lacking now ...btw I have a V30 in this cab u should be able to the expanded metal at Lowe's or Home Depot
  9. Here we go again new look #2 + matching cab which is now an open face front
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