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  1. Guess you can guess your career in mathematics goodbye....simple calculation errors as well as errors in your theory show your stupidity. Simplified, You = dumbass If you took the time to read the rest of the thread, you would be able to put the peices together a little easier. I guess you can kiss your career in reading comprehension goodbye.
  2. im sorry but .999 x 10 does not equal 9.999:cop: learn to basic math perhaps? .999_=.999(repeating). Thats what i meant when i said that.
  3. .999... Has been proven countless amounts of times to equal 1. Endless amounts of mathematicians have gone to prove this. The bit about the 1=2 and so on was just copypasta from wikipedia that i found really cool but never really thought through. I was simply of testing the theories of invalid proof and such, and I wanted to hear what you guys had to say about the subject. Thats all.
  4. How is 3/2 anything other than 1.5? It makes no sense to me
  5. So I'll give you 1 dollar and you can give me a thousand and we'll call it even. Too bad my thousand dollars also equals -2000 dollars, so you would then owe me two thousand.
  6. This whole thread is screwed. I'm gunna go play guitar.
  7. 'nother classic version of the "2=1" with division by zero a = 2 a^2 = 2a a^2 - 4 = 2a-4 (a-2)(a+2) = 2(a-2) (divide both side with (a-2) ) a+2 = 2 2+2 = 2 4=2 2=1 Thank you dreamspace.
  8. Well you just disproved your own little formula, 0/0 simplified would be 0 not one, thus the equation would end up 0=0 which is true Then again, it can be said that 0/0 = 1, because anything divided by itself is one. Aside from the point; I have found myself in a mathematical quandry, a hole which I am having a hard time digging myself out of. Before I make myself look like anymore of a dumb ass, I just want to let you guys know that if you are not an open minded person to alternative ways of thinking, than you are free to ignore all that I say. I am simply making observations.
  9. Multiplying by zero is a no no in logic Quoted for fail.
  10. You can't divide by 0 0/0 = 0 Let me break this down for you. If you distribute 0 objects to 0 people, than you are distributing 0 objects, so no objects are being distributed ('objects', representing the numerator) Therefore, 0/0 = 0 The same cannot be said when you divide a number >1 or
  11. This is how .999_ = 1 x = .999_ 10x = 9.999_ 10x - x = (9.999_ - .999_) 9x = 9 x = 1 .999_ = 1 To further prove this, look at 3/3. .333_ = 1/3, and 3/3 = 1. Therefore, .999 = 1. Now, it can be argued that 1=2. 0 x 1 = 0 0 x 2 = 0 So than this must be true: 0 x 1 = 0 x 2 Similarly: 0/0 x 1 = 0/0 x 2 Simplified, 1 = 2
  12. revert back to my first post. free only. my bill is high enough Just get some tuning forks
  13. mother {censored} that is 3.99 its worth it
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