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  1. I think I haven't had cable TV my whole adult life (I'm 37). I watch plenty of Netflix and have several shows & movies on DVD, and I like rewatching things that I'm into. So I'm not a snooty "I don't watch TV" person, I just don't watch it until it's old enough to be on Netflix. But I have the cheapest Comcast cable internet (without TV), which I think they don't even offer anymore. It's $40. Sometimes I want to increase my internet speed, but they would charge me for TV as well.
  2. In my opinion one of the major issues underlying conflict of many kinds is an inability and/or unwillingness to look at an issue from the other side's perspective. Like what Ken said. I think it's more constructive overall to consider how things affect everyone than how they affect only yourself. Unfortunately thinking about others is in short supply. Ever had your day ruined by one rude person who was in your life for five seconds? And whose day did you ruin after that because you were pissed off about what happened to you? Another thing I think is important is to not have the attitude that there is only ONE way to do a thing, to live your life, etc. In that vein, even the phrase "how to think" is problematic. I don't think there's a single way to think. Tied to that is the way that sociological effects influence us. People from different backgrounds think differently, at the very foundation of HOW they think. It's important to realize that I think. And I don't just mean different cultures or nationalities; people from different economic groups within the same culture think differently. So do you think winning is the goal in an argument?
  3. I just recently put Windows 7 64 bit on Parallels on my 2015 Macbook Pro with El Capitan. At first the gui was pretty laggy but I adjusted some Windows resolution settings and it worked out. I haven't used it much yet. I had some issues getting the Mac-Windows sharing to work. I actually am not even sure what I did to get it working, but it is now. I've used Windows 7 (32 bit I think) on an older version of Parallels on my 2007 Macbook Pro with OS 10.6 a fair amount and it worked out well.
  4. Yeah that's somewhere down my list, but it's not really necessary for me right now.
  5. I run my synths through a mixer for monitoring purposes, but if I wasn't concerned with that I would see no reason NOT to connect directly to the ADC. Except for the fact that since switching to the Apollo Twin I have more synths than inputs now.
  6. I also haven't been on any music tour but I've been terrified for my life on a bus (in Egypt) like I never have on a plane.
  7. I'm posting this on 9.3 (13E233), although there is apparently some other 9.3 version available for me. I haven't had any problems with the version I'm on.
  8. I've been a Mac guy since 2001 when I got my first computer (I was a late bloomer in the computing sense). So when I got my first smartphone a year and a half ago (again, late bloomer), I naturally went with an iPhone. I haven't had any particular issues with it, but one thing I assumed would be pretty basic is actually pretty annoying. With my old (dumb) phone, with its crappy camera, I could take a picture and Bluetooth it to my laptop. With the iPhone (5 something) I couldn't. I either had to use iCloud (no thanks), use a 3rd party Bluetooth app (rather not), or plug the phone into the computer. The last option is what I've been doing and it annoys me because it means I have to use iPhoto, which annoys me. Why was it easier to use my old dumb phone this way than to use 2 Apple products together? But this is the Apple way, right? It hasn't made me jump ship yet. I have an iPod in my car also which I only use the Lightning connector on to connect it to my stereo. But if I wanted to listen to it on my awesome KRK headphones and had no headphone jack...
  9. I've been designing a line mixer to replace the little Soundcraft one I'm using now. Unfortunately I don't quite have the money to do it properly at the moment, finish it nicely, especially since it'll have some features that increase the cost a lot. Hopefully I can finish that soon. This project actually satisfies my electronic side as much ad my musical side. I've also got an idea for a synth design I'd like to work on after the mixer. I'm getting a series of synth modules from Synthesizers.com as a Christmas gift. That'll be cool! Although, honestly, I've barely worked on music in the last year, and not because I was busy with much else. Simply a lack of inspiration & motivation.
  10. I have one keyboard, two rack and one desktop hardware synths. For software that I intentionally got, five, of which I use four (I stopped using ABL2 after getting a x0xb0x.) I also have other soft synths that came with Digital Performer but I don't use them. I haven't bought any instruments in several years. As might be expected, I like the extensive feature set of software, but I prefer programming sounds with knobs instead of a mouse. I've had one keyboard in the past that I got rid of because it had nothing worth keeping after I got the new one. One of my rack modules I don't really use any more but I have no real reason to get rid of it. It's not taking up valuable space & it's not worth anything so I might as well hold on to it. There's a few interesting sounds in it I may find a use for again in the future.
  11. A couple years ago a forum for my local psytrance scene had dwindled to nothing & the site owner was talking about shutting it down. It was a really small scene & the regulars migrated to Facebook to talk to each other. Somehow the forum still exists, pretty much ghost town-like.
  12. On my <1 year old MBP El Capitan at first seemed like a mistake. I couldn't open Live or Digital Performer until I realized I had to update UAD software. Even after that it seemed hicuppy, but since then it seems to have smoothed out, although I haven't been using the music programs much lately. I have a network drive on which I house my iTunes library & backups. Initially the shortcut to it that was in the Finder windows disappeared. I had to figure out how to find devices on the network again to make a new shortcut. Not really a big deal but it was unexpected & at first I thought I wouldn't be able to find it. I almost rolled back to the disc image I made of the previous version, but now it seems to be going ok. Still, every once in a while something happens that makes me almost want to again.
  13. I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to use softsynths the same way within DP. What can't you do? What do you mean by 'routing'?
  14. That's less than 1% deviance. Pretty damned good for a potentiometer!
  15. For 50 Cent it's also because he was ordered to pay $5 million to a woman for releasing a sex tape of the two of them.
  16. Seems to me this economist is replying to something that wasn't even said. Swift's letter addressed the matter of Apple not paying royalties during a free trial period, which is different from any issue with the general "freemium" business model isn't it?
  17. Thanks for the replies. I'm told there's a company here that does reconing, so I'll suggest that.
  18. One of four speakers in a 4x12 cabinet isn't working at all, which then takes the other one that is in series with it out of commission. I tested all the speakers and connections individually and I'm left with the conclusion that the wires going from that speaker's binding posts to the coil have broken. The solder points on the binding posts are fine so it must be inside where they connect to the coil. Is it at all possible to get inside a speaker and re-solder these without wrecking the whole thing? I looked at a (completely unrelated) speaker I pulled out of an old TV and decided that one was nigh impossible to get into, but I don't know how a guitar cab speaker might differ in construction.
  19. I have the KRK 8400 mentioned in this thread, and I love them. As far as mixing goes I only use them as a reference, not a primary, but I love their sound. I have a pair of Adam A7's, and I love them too. But the two rarely agree. I don't know what to think of this.
  20. Sure. I was playing around on my guitar once and thought I had come up with something nice sounding and that I was awesome. Then I realized it was 'Glycerine' by Bush and that I was an idiot.
  21. [quote=Chummy;n31337949Also, I saw this vid. This guy multitracked the MS-20 in a DAW as MIDI track with quantizing and not just recording audio signal. Is it... doable on a keyboard? bypassing VSTs and such and recording the "analog" sound of the synth itself as MIDI notes with quantize ability? How do I do that? Which port should I use? Is the MIDI in for a mic or a guitar to control the synth and the USB for the computer? can you please tell me if I'm right and if so how to connect say a mic or anything else to the MS. THANK YOU!!! I didn't watch the video but what you're describing sounds like he recorded the MIDI, and the computer transmitted the MIDI back out to trigger the synth. This is what I do, takes up much less space on the computer than recording each track as audio.
  22. Not counting albums I only bought because of the H.R. Giger cover art: Best: Malevolent Creation - Eternal. I recognized the name whilst browsing the metal section, texted a friend asking if they were good, and on his suggestion I bought it. Thumbs up! Worst: Flogging Molly - Float. I love the first 3 albums, thought it was a no-brainer. It was very bland and disappointing.
  23. My problem with optical media is that it's just on the way out. I think recordable optical technology will only last as long, or less, as commercial optical formats, which have hardly shown themselves to be stayers.
  24. Sorry, I just have to correct this: RAID 1 is mirroring, RAID 0 is striped for improved speed, no data duplication.
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