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  1. Which one is the easiest to use? Nova or Timefactor?
  2. i invite you to join the gilmour forum http://davidgilmour.pq.pl
  3. so if it turns out the the ss-2 is another ts, distortion + or rat clone with bullet proof wiring, would people still pay $1200 for one? I don't know what it is, but it sure is expensive. I paid $700 for my SS3
  4. Barney -- can I came over to YOUR house to play? :eek: Nice collection there! So -- being a Cornish owner, do you feel they are worth the $$$??? I think they are. They are built like tanks, and I can't imagine any other distortion/muff sounding better than the G2/P2/P1. I'm huge fan of Gilmour's tone, and these pedals are it. Too bad I can't record any clips or videos because I away from home right now. I really don't know what else to say, you just have to try them. They are inspirational. And if you're thinking about buying, right now is the time. When the man retires prices are going to be insanely high.
  5. Ok heres my short review of the PC pedals that I own. P2: Sovtek Big Muff clone with a little more gain but still smooth. P1: (#7 out of 10 limited edition batch) David Gilmour's main distortion unit. Triangle Big Muff clone. Just listen to the Remember That Night DVD. G2: Kind of like a sunface and a big muff combined. This pedal is the one that inspires me the most. SS3: Smooth overdrive, think smooth soft bluesy tones, "Another Brick In The Wall Solo" The P1 is not shown in this pic.
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