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  1. Spitfire schools itself in achieving organ sound in imaginations with SYMPHONIC library latest LONDON, UK: Spitfire Audio is proud to announce availability of SYMPHONIC ORGAN — achieving the hitherto unachievable sound of the organ in imaginations to access those powerful cinematic sonics popularised by blockbuster film scores such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar, and Tron, courtesy of an immensely powerful, cathedral-sized organ built into Rugby School Chapel, creating an epic but immediate sound like no other, professionally captured and creatively presented as a definitive library like no other, comprising carefully curated, ready-to-play presets perfect for fitting well with the sound-specialising British music technology company’s other SYMPHONIC range releases already available for Native Instruments’ KONTAKT sample playback engine — as of August 22... As a highly versatile instrument, now widely used beyond its original church or horror film score setting, the pipe organ is perfectly positioned for adding beauty, depth, and power to orchestral scores and compositions. Celebrated symphonic works such as French composer, conductor, organist, and pianist Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns’ 1886-completed Symphony No. 3 in C minor, Op. 78 — better known as the Organ Symphony — clearly make much use of an instrument that also provides the foundation for countless film scores spanning various genres, including 1958’s Vertigo (Bernard Herrmann), 1968’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (from Richard Strauss’ 1896 work Also sprach Zarathustra), 1982’s Koyaanisqatsi (Philip Glass), 1982’s Tron (Wendy Carlos), and 2014’s Interstellar (Hans Zimmer), to name a notable few. For no other orchestral instrument can go lower in pitch, providing thunderous sub-bass-like depth that is felt rather than heard. It is little wonder, then, that as soon as Spitfire Audio co-founder and composer Paul Thomson heard (and felt) the Rugby School Chapel organ — housed in one of the oldest independent schools in Britain’s polychromatic chapel designed in 1875 by well-known Victorian Gothic revival architect William Butterfield, he knew he had to sample it. In fact, Spitfire Audio had to sample it! Heard in the opening sequence to American animator, artist, director, filmmaker, and writer Tim Burton’s 2007 Academy Award-winning mystery thriller, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, the contrast of this monstrous, cathedral-sized organ — featuring four manuals (keyboards) with 55 speaking stops (controls) and a total of 3,721 gilded pipes — with its intimate chapel setting creates an epic sound with a unique intensity and immediacy unlike any other. Obviously capturing the unique power and beauty of this impressive instrument built by Bray’s Kenneth Jones & Associates in 2001 with a 33-feet-high new oak case substantially in front of the existing organ chamber at the north side of the chancel to enable the organ itself to speak directly into the chapel was far from easily achievable. As such, Spitfire Audio’s crack team of engineers and developers collaborated closely with world-renowned composer, producer, and organ expert Andy Richards — whose decisive discography spans working on fashionable films scores, such as the aforesaid Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (music engineer, score mixer, organ, and additional music) and the Danny Boyle-directed, 2008 Academy Award-winning British drama Slumdog Millionaire (score mixer), as well as performing, programming, and producing an array of records by iconic artists like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones, George Michael, Pet Shop Boys, Rush, and much more besides — to record every pitch of the Rugby School Chapel organ with multiple microphone positions to achieve authenticity as well as capturing the natural sound of the room with which it interacts architecturally. Also working with celebrated organist James Williams, who regularly plays the organ in question as the Head of Academic Music at Rugby School, Spitfire Audio was able to conduct detailed exploration and experimentation to ensure that it got the very best out of the impressive instrument and its stunning surroundings. Since the Rugby School Chapel organ has an (almost) endless combination of stops and pedals, it can clearly be overwhelming for anyone not familiar with its intricacies. Fortunately for its users, Spitfire Audio’s SYMPHONIC ORGAN library leans heavily towards instant playability, putting a comprehensive range of readymade stop combinations created by Andy Richards and James Williams into anyone’s hands. Having the hard-won outcome of such specialist curation readily at hand saves a huge amount of time and energy, enabling anyone to get the very best out of the impressive instrument and its stunning surroundings into DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) worldwide, with inspired compositions (hopefully) flowing forth for all to hear. Helpfully, SYMPHONIC ORGAN users can choose from 16 Manual (stop) combinations, 13 Pedal combinations for achieving that sub-bass-like sound, and eight Ensembles that span the whole organ. On top of that, the carefully captured natural room sound spans the (default) curated mix through to mix-and- matching six professionally-placed microphone positions for further control. Choices range from mics inside the organ itself for an amazing, full-tilt sound to ambient mics for a wider, more resonant tone. The layout is presented in dynamic order — from quietest to loudest, created by stop presets, and it is possible to choose any or all of the stop combinations, as well as 50 mind-bending, warped presets presented in Spitfire Audio’s acclaimed eDNA engine! “SYMPHONIC ORGAN is the sound of the organ in your imagination that you’ve never been able to achieve; we’ve done all of the hard work, so you can just open and play — everything from beautifully soft lyricism to ear-shattering power,” proudly proclaims impressed instigator Paul Thomson. SYMPHONIC ORGAN can be purchased and digitally downloaded for a time-limited introductory promo price of £149.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$179.00 USD/ €179.00 EUR (inc. VAT) until September 12, 2019 — rising thereafter to an RRP of £199.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$249.00 USD/€249.00 EUR (inc. VAT) — from here: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/symphonic-organ/ SYMPHONIC ORGAN needs Native Instruments’ KONTAKT PLAYER (5.6.8 or higher) — a free version of the KONTAKT sample playback engine (included in the purchase) — to run as a fully NKS (NATIVE KONTROL STANDARD®) supporting plug-in instrument for Mac (OS X 10.10 or later) or Windows (7, 8, or 10 — latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit), while Spitfire Audio’s free Download Manager application allows anyone to buy now and download anytime. For more in-depth information, including superb-sounding audio demos, please visit the dedicated SYMPHONIC ORGAN webpage here: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/symphonic-organ/ Watch Spitfire Audio co-founder Paul Thomson’s ‘traditional’ video walkthrough of SYMPHONIC ORGAN here: https://youtu.be/9qjEHuLRp0o About Spitfire Audio (www.spitfireaudio.com) Spitfire Audio is a British music technology company that specialises in sounds — sample libraries, virtual instruments, and other useful software devices. It collaborates with the best composers, artists, and engineers in the world to build musical tools that sound great and are exciting to use. © 2019 Spitfire Audio Holdings Limited
  2. Guitar Center Partners with Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and Carlos Santana on New 2019 Crossroads Guitar Collection Featuring Five Limited-Edition Signature and Replica Guitars Exclusive Guitar Collection Developed in Partnership with Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Carlos Santana, Fender, Gibson, Martin and PRS Guitars to Benefit Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre Antigua Limited Quantities of the Crossroads Guitar Collection On-Sale in North America Exclusively at Guitar Center Starting August 20 Westlake Village, CA (August 21, 2019) – Guitar Center, the world’s largest musical instrument retailer, in partnership with Eric Clapton, proudly announces the launch of the 2019 Crossroads Guitar Collection. This collection includes five limited-edition meticulously crafted recreations and signature guitars – three from Eric Clapton’s legendary career and one apiece from fellow guitarists John Mayer and Carlos Santana. These guitars will be sold in North America exclusively at Guitar Center locations and online via GuitarCenter.com beginning August 20. The collection launch coincides with the 2019 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas, TX, taking place Friday, September 20, and Saturday, September 21. Guitar Center is a key sponsor of the event and will have a strong presence on-site, including a Guitar Center Village where the limited-edition guitars will be displayed. All guitars in the one-of-a-kind collection were developed by Guitar Center in partnership with Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Carlos Santana, Fender, Gibson, Martin and PRS Guitars, drawing inspiration from the guitars used by Clapton, Mayer and Santana at pivotal points throughout their iconic careers. The collection includes the following models: Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blind Faith Telecaster built by Master Builder Todd Krause; Gibson Custom Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird 1; Martin 000-42EC Crossroads Ziricote; Martin 00-42SC John Mayer Crossroads; and PRS Private Stock Carlos Santana Crossroads. The 2019 Crossroads Collection is the result of a unique and significant history between Guitar Center and famed guitarist Eric Clapton, and continues in the spirit of the first Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar, originally offered in 2005. Guitar Center has co-sponsored each of Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festivals since 2004, and has been a strong supporter of the Crossroads Centre Antigua Foundation, having purchased several of Clapton’s most famous guitars, including his “BLACKIE” Stratocaster and the CREAM Gibson 335 at the Crossroads Guitar Auction in 2004. Giving Back Through the 2019 Crossroads Collection Not only is the construction of and history behind the 2019 Crossroads Collection of guitars notable, but also a significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of each of the guitars in the collection will be donated to benefit Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre Antigua. The Crossroads Centre was created to provide treatment and education to chemically dependent persons. Treatment is provided through residential care, family and aftercare programs. The pathway to recovery is founded on the movement toward a change in lifestyle. “On the occasion of the 2019 Crossroads Guitar Festival, Guitar Center is proud to once again show our support for Eric Clapton, the festival and his Crossroads Centre Antigua,” noted Michael Doyle, Guitar Center Vice President of Guitar Merchandising. “We are honored to be invited by Eric to collaborate with him and the world’s finest guitar manufacturers to create these special instruments.” The complete 2019 Crossroads Guitar Collection will be on display at the Guitar Center Village during the Crossroads Festival September 20 and 21 from 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. CT. Ticketed attendees can see each of the instruments in this collection, along with memorabilia associated with each guitar. Additionally, on display will be the Gibson ES-335 guitar used by Eric Clapton on numerous landmark recordings, including the enduring Cream hit and festival namesake “Crossroads.” For more information on the 2019 Crossroads Guitar Collection, please visit https://www.guitarcenter.com/Crossroads.gc. About the 2019 Crossroads Guitar Collection: Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blind Faith Telecaster by Todd Krause In February 5 and 6, 1968, Clapton appeared with Cream in the Danish movie “Det var en lørdag aften” performing with a Fender Telecaster, a 1964 Fender Telecaster Custom (bound) in 3 Tone Sunburst, but fitted with a Stratocaster neck with rosewood fingerboard. This guitar, with modifications, would go on to be associated with his tenure in Blind Faith. Observant guitar aficionados have noticed something peculiar about this guitar during the Blind Faith era – its neck had changed to the very same maple fingerboard Stratocaster neck as Clapton’s classic “Brownie” 1956 Fender Stratocaster, played by Eric a few years later during the Derek & The Dominos era. On June 7, 1969, Blind Faith had their debut concert in front of more than 100,000 people at Hyde Park in London. Eric was seen playing what to most people was a completely unknown guitar – a sunburst Telecaster with a maple Stratocaster neck. This, of course, was the same guitar he was seen wielding on a few rare occasions with Cream, although the old rosewood neck was now gone. This neck was grafted on to the Telecaster by either Clapton himself or a guitar technician; either way, it suited Clapton’s playing style well and is among his most iconic instruments. For the first-time ever, the Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blind Faith Telecaster by Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Todd Krause offers a Tele body with a “Brownie” style Strat neck – a historic first that marks this guitar as a true rarity. This Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blind Faith Telecaster guitar will come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Clapton himself and a replica of the strap he used in 1969. The Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blind Faith Telecaster by Todd Krause will retail for $11,999 MSRP. To watch a video on the re-creation of the Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blind Faith Telecaster by Todd Krause click here: Gibson Custom Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I A legendary instrument associated with both Cream and Blind Faith is Clapton’s 1964 Gibson single-pickup Firebird I with reverse headstock. Clapton purchased this instrument in 1968 in Philadelphia. This guitar subsequently appeared on the Cream farewell tour in late 1968 and served as a direct replacement of Clapton’s Gibson SG “The Fool” – which by that time lost a good amount of its custom paint job due to extensive use. The reverse-headstock Firebird I was used as one of Clapton’s instruments on the Blind Faith tour in 1969. The guitar obviously had no pickup switch, and therefore only two knobs (volume and tone) and was equipped with a wraparound tailpiece. This was also the first Gibson solid-body to feature a neck-through-body construction, with the neck itself being made up of five pieces of mahogany with four narrow strips of walnut mingled between them for more strength. The Gibson Custom Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I re-creates this unique and iconic instrument using authentic construction methods and precise dimensions scanned from vintage 1964 Firebird models. Every Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I guitar is outfitted with a newly-developed Alnico V Firebird pickup to recapture the scorching output and searing tones of the original. Each 1964 Firebird I will also feature an Eric Clapton signed backplate, a reproduction of the guitar's original case, a Certificate of Authenticity booklet and more. The Gibson Custom Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I will retail for U.S. MSRP $11,762; U.S. MAP $7999. Martin 000-42EC Crossroads Ziricote Martin’s Eric Clapton signature acoustics have been popular for years. The Martin 000-42EC Crossroads Ziricote, exclusive to the 2019 Crossroads Collection, makes several unique enhancements to the standard 000-42. The guitar features a 000-14 fret body, Sitka Spruce “VTS” top and Ziricote back and sides. Martin’s proprietary VTS (vintage tone system) process is a torrefaction / aging regimen, resulting in a particularly beautiful tone. The guitar also includes a titanium truss-rod which combines the light weight of a 1930’s instrument with the adjustability of modern technology. This model will come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Clapton himself, and Chris Martin. The Martin 000-42EC Crossroads Ziricote will retail for $12,999 MSRP. Martin 00-42JSC John Mayer Crossroads Martin’s top-selling John Mayer signature model is the 00-42 “Stage Coach,” featuring a slightly smaller body style. The Martin 00-42SC John Mayer Crossroads, exclusive to the 2019 Crossroads Collection, makes several enhancements to the standard Stage Coach, with upgraded sunburst finish and cocobolo back and sides, offering enhanced tone and exotic good looks. This guitar also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by John Mayer himself and Chris Martin. The Martin 00-42SC John Mayer Crossroads will retail for $9,999 MSRP. PRS Private Stock Carlos Santana Crossroads PRS Private Stock Carlos Santana Crossroads Paul Reed Smith guitars have been associated closely with Carlos Santana for several decades. In fact, before PRS achieved worldwide acclaim as a top guitar manufacturer, its founder and namesake was hand-building gorgeous instruments that would serve as the prototypes for his prestigious brand. One of these guitars was personally commissioned by Carlos Santana pre-1985, an instrument still owned and cherished by Santana. The PRS Private Stock Carlos Santana Crossroads is a tribute to this guitar, featuring original specifications combined with PRS's most current design elements to give serious players and collectors the best of both worlds. Specifications include a pre-’85 body shape and headstock (with eagle inlay), 24 1/4” scale, 24-fret Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, bird inlays, HFS and Santana humbuckers, and twin mini-switches for coil tapping. Only six of these instruments will be made and each will come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Carlos Santana. As with all PRS Private Stock guitars, a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Paul Reed Smith and PRS Director of Private Stock, Paul Miles, will also be included. The PRS Private Stock Carlos Santana Crossroads will retail for $11,999 MSRP. The 2019 Crossroads Guitar Collection is sold in North America exclusively at Guitar Center locations and online via GuitarCenter.com. Pictured L-R: Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blind Faith Telecaster by Todd Krause; Gibson Custom Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I; Martin 000-42EC Crossroads Ziricote; Martin 00-42JSC John Mayer Crossroads; and PRS Private Stock Carlos Santana Crossroads. About Guitar Center: Guitar Center is a leading retailer of musical instruments, lessons, repairs and rentals in the U.S. With nearly 300 stores across the U.S. and one of the top direct sales websites in the industry, Guitar Center has helped people make music for more than 50 years. Guitar Center also provides customers with various musician-based services, including Guitar Center Lessons, where musicians of all ages and skill levels can learn to play a variety of instruments in many music genres; GC Repairs, an on-site maintenance and repairs service; and GC Rentals, a program offering easy rentals of instruments and other sound reinforcement gear. Additionally, Guitar Center’s sister brands include Music & Arts, which operates more than 200 stores specializing in band & orchestral instruments for sale and rental, serving teachers, band directors, college professors and students, and Musician’s Friend, a leading direct marketer of musical instruments in the United States. For more information about Guitar Center, please visit www.guitarcenter.com. About Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: Since 1946, Fender has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), whose portfolio of brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch® guitars, Jackson®, EVH® and Charvel®, follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest quality instruments and musical solutions across genres. FMIC is dedicated to unlocking the power of music through electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers, pro audio, accessories and digital products that inspire and enable musical expression at every stage, from beginners to history-making legends. About Gibson: Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brands portfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger and Gibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. About Martin Guitars and Strings: C. F. Martin & Co.® has been Inspiring Musicians Worldwide® for nearly two centuries with their superior guitar and string products. Martin guitars and strings remain the choice for musicians around the world for their unrivaled quality, craftsmanship, and tone. Throughout the company’s long history, Martin products can be seen and heard across all genres of music and in all segments of pop culture, from concert and theater stages to television and movies. With an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices, Martin continually drives the acoustic guitar market forward, introducing innovative features that have become standards across the industry. These groundbreaking innovations include the introduction of X-bracing, the 14-fret guitar, and the “Dreadnought” size guitar. Martin has also led innovations in strings, such as introducing the first high-tensile strength steel-string core wire; the first nickel acoustic strings (Martin Retro®); the proprietary Titanium Core strings; and now the groundbreaking, new Authentic Acoustic line, which offers unmatched stability, tone, comfort, and longevity. Learn more here: www.martinguitar.com/aa. Connect with Martin Guitars and Martin Strings on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube, and via www.martinguitar.com. About PRS Guitars: Paul Reed Smith Guitars is a leading manufacturer of high-quality instruments in Stevensville, Maryland and has provided some of the world’s most renowned musicians with instruments since 1985. The PRS team of highly skilled craftspeople design and build a wide variety of musical instruments and gear for worldwide distribution, including electric, acoustic, and bass guitars as well as boutique-style guitar amplifiers. The PRS SE line of products complements the Maryland-made PRS line by offering highly approachable and more affordable electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. Carlos Santana, Neal Schon, John McLaughlin, John Mayer, Jimmy Herring, Tim Pierce, Orianthi, Mark Tremonti, Zach Myers of Shinedown, Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line, David Grissom, Martin Simpson, and Tony McManus are among the artists currently playing PRS instruments and/or amplifiers. PRS Guitars Info: www.prsguitars.com. About The Crossroads Centre, Antigua: Founded in 1998, Crossroads Centre, Antigua was created to provide treatment and education to chemically and alcohol dependent persons, their families and their significant others. Treatment is provided through residential care, family and aftercare programs. The pathway to recovery is founded on the 12 steps and a change in lifestyle. Crossroads Centre, Antigua also operates a 16 bed halfway house in Antigua called the Bevon House and facilitates various ongoing recovery initiatives on the island of Antigua and the Caribbean. www.crossroadsantigua.org.
  3. New DPA 2028 Vocal Mic Aims to Change the Live Performance Landscape Expertly Designed and Built to Survive the Road ALLEROD, DENMARK, AUGUST 22, 2019 – HYPERLINK "http://www.dpamicrophones.com" DPA Microphones presents a new addition to its microphone lineup, the 2028 Vocal Microphone. The 2028 delivers DPA’s renowned natural sound, which allows all types of vocals to shine. Perfect for everyone from indie artists to international touring singers, the 2028 mic is ideally suited for live stage performances, broadcast and pro AV applications. On a live stage, the 2028 delivers the same sonic qualities as DPA’s other great solutions. In fact, the 2028 needs no (or very little) EQ to sound just like you are standing next to the singer listening to their performance. This allows the artist to hone-in on their vocals as if not using a microphone, which puts less strain on the voice. In addition, the transparency of the 2028 allows engineers to spend their time shaping the sound experience rather than covering up issues caused by artifacts. The 2028 has been cohesively designed to provide the same amazing sound as the brand’s flagship handheld mic, the 4018 VL. It has also been optimized, like the 4018, for the unique challenges of the live stage. “We have seen a need for an excellent vocal microphone that has the sonic qualities of our d:facto 4018 Series, but at a lower price-point,” says René Mørch, product manager, DPA Microphones. “At only $700 USD, this mic is an overachiever – it performs significantly better than anything else in its price range.” The 2028 features a brand-new fixed-position capsule, as well as a specially designed shock-mount and pop filter. It exhibits a supercardioid polar pattern, with the famous DPA uniform off-axis response. This gives the microphone a very high-gain-before-feedback and makes it easier to handle bleed from other instruments in close proximity, picking up sound in a natural way. “We've designed this mic so that it sounds like the singer isn’t actually using a mic,” adds Mørch. “You get the full, natural sound of the artist’s voice, not what the microphone ‘thinks’ the artist sounds like. This gives the sound engineer a lot of freedom to be creative – and instead work on crafting a unique sound for the performance based on a clean, natural vocal track.” With the expected wear-and-tear that comes with live performances, both the outer grille and the inner pop filter of the 2028 can be detached and rinsed. The 2028 is offered in three variants; a wired XLR with handle and two wireless mic configurations that are compatible with the industry’s most widely used wireless microphone systems. This includes the SL1 adapter, compatible with Shure, Sony and Lectrosonics; and the SE2 adapter, compatible with Sennheiser. ABOUT DPA MICROPHONES: DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high-quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. DPA’s ultimate goal is to always provide its customers with the absolute finest possible microphone solutions for all its markets, which include live sound, installation, recording, theatre and broadcast. When it comes to the design process, DPA takes no shortcuts. Nor does the company compromise on its manufacturing process, which is done at the DPA factory in Denmark. As a result, DPA’s products are globally praised for their exceptional clarity and transparency, unparalleled specifications, supreme reliability and, above all, pure, uncolored and undistorted sound. For more information, please visit www.dpamicrophones.com.
  4. MeeBlip cubit go: easy USB MIDI interface, ultra-tight timing August 18, 2019 —Today, we’re announcing MeeBlip cubit go - a unique USB MIDI interface with incredibly tight timing. It’s got the ports you most often need when mobile - one input, so you can perform, and four outputs, for sending notes and/or clock. Here’s the twist: we’ve integrated hardware MIDI thru circuitry on the four outputs. Anything you send to the interface’s output goes to all four jacks simultaneously. There’s no software delay - you get rock-solid, ultra-tight timing. That makes cubit go the perfect follow-up to our cubit splitter, introduced earlier this year. You still get four outs with identical timing - but now in a USB MIDI interface you can connect to your computer or mobile device. cubit go is driverless and USB powered, so it works with any desktop OS, but also on phones and tablets (with the appropriate cables, sold separately). And the jacks are top-mounted for convenience. Just plug it in and use it - there’s nothing to install, no separate power supply needed, and nothing to worry about. cubit go is palm-sized, lightweight, rugged, performs perfectly, and is easy to use. Features: 1x1 USB MIDI interface with integrated hardware MIDI Thru Class-compliant USB MIDI - no drivers needed Four hardware-mirrored output jacks - no software lag High performance 32-bit ARM Cortex processor Bright green MIDI light flashes when sending or receiving data for easy troubleshooting Size: 108 x 76 x 25 mm (4.25 x 3 x 1 inches), weighs 110 g (3.9 oz) Includes 1 m (3 ft) USB cable USB powered Works with macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android* Made in Canada, available only direct cubit go is available now for $59.95 US. Find the product page here: https://meeblip.com/collections/our-products/products/meeblip-cubit-go Through August 23, we’re offering free worldwide shipping on cubit go and MeeBlip geode. Local tax and import duty may apply to international customers. Also, if you missed it, we visited the amazing Hainbach last week, and our little MeeBlip geode got to meet his giant wall of sound. It was really fun to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWOrPTXk-XA === MeeBlip is a collaboration of James Grahame of Blipsonic and Peter Kirn of CDM (https://cdm.link). We make an award-winning series of synthesizers and accessories, so we can share the fun of making electronic music.
  5. AES New York 2019 Archiving and Preservation Sessions Offer Detailed Look at the Past, Present and Future of Audio Assets — Whether archiving the latest audio formats or preserving historical recordings, the 147th Audio Engineering Society Pro Audio Convention offers insights into the latest technologies and techniques — New York, NY, August 22, 2019 — From the moment a sound wave is recorded, there are critical actions that can be taken to ensure that that piece of audio will live its fullest life for many years to come – from equipment and session documentation, to proper crediting of those involved and correct handling and storage for the chosen format. The AES New York 2019 Pro Audio Convention, October 16 – 19 at the Jacob Javits Center, will feature four days of dedicated Archiving and Restoration sessions led by top practitioners in the industry. “In my second year curating this track, I wanted to highlight important but less frequently discussed topics in audio archiving and restoration,” states AES New York Archiving and Restoration Track chair Jessica Thompson. “We talk a lot about magnetic tape and disc preservation, but who is digitizing all of those amazing indie, hip-hop and punk recordings from the 90’s that are locked away on ADATs and DA-88s? How are we developing and evolving best practices in the preservation of multitrack recordings, both on analog formats and in DAWs? And what about all that metadata? I'm excited to hear from a diverse group of contributors from institutions such as the Library of Congress, NYPL, Iron Mountain, Pandora, and Harvard, as well as independent practitioners who are in the trenches doing this crucial work to preserve our audio heritage.” Highlights of AES New York Archiving and Restoration sessions include: “Preserving Hip-Hop” – Sommer McCoy of Mixtape Museum / Brooklyn Academy of Music has assembled a solid crew of DJs, preservationists, and historians to discuss the nuances of preserving Hip-Hop music. Panelists Manny Faces, Syreeta Gates, and DJ Rich Nice will talk about the difficulty of finding and maintaining the technological tools required to preserve beats, samples, and mixtapes, as well as answer questions around who controls the narrative of these musical artifacts, and the benefits of academic vs. community-driven preservation projects. “Restoring Hank Williams” – in this session, Jett Williams will share newly transferred and restored transcription disc recordings made by her father, Hank Williams, for the Health & Happiness and Mother's Best radio shows. Producer Cheryl Pawelski, mastering engineer and restoration specialist Michael Graves, and Hank Williams Estate representative Kelly Zumwalt will be on board to discuss the curatorial and technical process of preserving these historic recordings. “Archiving the 90s!” – Audio preservation is often focused on the earliest recordings made on disc or magnetic tape. But what about recordings made on DA-88s and ADATs? Jason Bitner, Eddie Ciletti, David Ackerman, Catherine Vericolli and Kelly Pribble will tackle the specific technical challenges of Archiving the 90s! Other Archiving and Preservation sessions being held at AES New York include presentations such as “You Mean You Wanted Those Tracks??: The Challenges of Preserving Multitrack Recordings,” “Metadata from Creation to Consumption to Preservation,” “Preserve This Podcast,” and “Finding Funding: How To Connect Archival Audio Collections and Funders.” AES New York All Access registration is the ticket to everything the largest dedicated pro audio event and exhibition of the year has to offer, including all Archiving and Restoration sessions – four full days of the best in pro audio education, gear, networking opportunities, and much more. Advance Registration prices and options are still available, as well as select housing options through AES partner hotels. Find out more and register now ataesshow.com. ...ends 549 words Jessica Thompson, AES New York Archiving and Restoration Track chair About the Audio Engineering Society The Audio Engineering Society, celebrating over 70 years of audio excellence, now counts over 12,000 members throughout the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Japan and the Far East. The organization serves as the pivotal force in the exchange and dissemination of technical information for the industry. Currently, its members are affiliated with 90 AES professional sections and more than 120 AES student sections around the world. Section activities include guest speakers, technical tours, demonstrations and social functions. Through local AES section events members experience valuable opportunities for professional networking and personal growth. For additional information, visit aes.org. Join the conversation and keep up with the latest AES News and Events: Twitter: #AESorg (AES Official) Facebook: http://facebook.com/AES.org
  6. IK Multimedia unveils AmpliTube Brian May for Mac/PC, iPhone and iPad Guitarists now have authentic access to the entire rig of the legendary Queen guitarist August 22, 2019 - IK Multimedia is proud to announce AmpliTube Brian May for Mac/PC, iPhone and iPad. Both feature precise models of the exact live and studio gear used by the legendary guitarist from the iconic band Queen - all recreated in collaboration with Brian May himself. From Brian's treble booster to his three-amp live setup and carefully curated effects selection, guitarists can enjoy new amp, cab and stompbox models in a convenient package, along with presets covering his celebrated discography. Each model was created with the supervision of Brian May and his long-time technical team, to carefully replicate his rig. A key element of Brian's distinct sound comes from his Red Special guitar that, famously, he hand built with his father in the 1960s from spare parts and household materials. Because the guitar is such an integral part of his rig, IK's engineers went the extra mile to even create a new stompbox effect that helps simulate the Red Special's tone and controls. This offers guitarists a more authentic musical experience that pays homage to this living legend. Inside AmpliTube Brian May Available in convenient desktop app and plug-in for any DAW, AmpliTube Brian May offers up to 11 new models including 2 amps, 3 cabinets, and up to 6 stompbox effects. Included are unique offerings such as a new pedal modeling Brian's Red Special guitar and a model of the one-of-a-kind, home-built "Deacy" Amp (with user adjustable battery power!) originally created by Queen bassist John Deacon, after modifying an old radio. Other highlights incorporate his famous triple-amp live setup; tone-shaping effects; and even a harmonizer for nailing those Queen stacked leads in a single take. Amplifiers Based on the classic triple VOX® AC30™ setup, the BM 30 offers three amps with the effects chain in a Wet-Dry-Wet configuration to match Brian May's iconic setup. The BM DK is a model of the small "Deacy" amp that became the trademark sound of many Queen songs. Cabinets The 2x12 BM 30 Blue (named the 2x12 BM1 in the Brian May collection for iOS) is a triple cabinet based on the cab section of a VOX AC30 equipped with with Celestion™ Alnico Blue speakers. The 2x12 BM 30 H70 (2x12 BM2 in the Brian May collection for iOS) is with Celestion G12H Anniversary speakers. In addition, the 1x6 BM DK provides the cabinet section of the BM DK amp, featuring a 6" speaker. Stompboxes The Red Special, created from a detailed study of Brian May's famous guitar, helps add the unique tonality and controls of the Red Special itself. Based on the original KAT® Treble Booster, the Treble Booster enriches guitar tone similar to Brian May's by boosting it before it reaches the amp. May Wah was based on a rackmount Dunlop® Cry Baby® wah, modeled in the exact configurations Brian May uses to shape his tone, while the FOX Phaser was based on the unique and distinctive sound of the fOXX® Foot Phaser. Star Gate is a noise gate that helps clean up the signal chain, minimizing the noise feeding Brian's unique amp and pedal setup. The iPhone and iPad version, the Brian May Collection (which is inside the existing AmpliTube app) also adds the 30 - a 30-band Graphic EQ, with +/- 15 dB boost per band and a+/- 15dB Level control, to help craft a more exact match of Brian's tones. This pedal is already included for free in AmpliTube Custom Shop for Mac/PC. Discography presets A full set of painstakingly created song-based discography presets were compiled by Jamie Humphries, guitarist for the official Queen stage production "We Will Rock You," who has also performed with Queen and Brian May. These presets allow users to dial up their favorite Brian May tones instantly and were constructed under Brian's personal supervision. Groundbreaking Modeling Technology IK's latest Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ was used to deliver the highest level of ultra-realistic sound when modeling Brian May's gear. The product of 20 years' experience modeling analog gear, DIM™ models the behavior of every component in the circuit all the way down to its smallest nuance and character. Applied to May's rig, it delivers the same sound and feel as his real gear. About AmpliTube guitar and bass tone studio AmpliTube is the world's most powerful guitar and bass tone studio for Mac/PC/iPhone/iPad. Available in both free and paid versions, it recreates the entire guitar/bass signal chain from instrument to recording device in a hyper-realistic and intuitive way. Users can also browse and purchase collections of gear models from the world's top gear manufacturers plus signature artist gear. AmpliTube is available for both Mac/PC, as a stand-alone and plug-in for most popular recording software, and app for iPhone and iPad. Easy connection to AmpliTube AmpliTube connects seamlessly with AXE I/O, IK's premium audio interface with powerful guitar shaping tools. AmpliTube is also compatible with IK's iRig Stomp I/O, iRig Micro Amp, iRig HD 2, iRig Pro I/O and iRig Pro Duo portable audio interfaces for fast connectivity and on-the-go convenience. Options, pricing and availability AmpliTube Brian May (for Mac/PC) runs inside AmpliTube Custom Shop, a free download available to all. The new models are available now for purchase as a bundle from the Custom Shop, the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide for $/€99.99 (excl. taxes). No previous purchase of AmpliTube is required. The new models will show up as an optional purchase for existing users of AmpliTube 4 upon updating to the latest version. The Brian May Collection (iPhone and iPad) is available via in-app purchase from within AmpliTube CS for iPhone or iPad, for $19.99. Individual models may also be purchased a la carte (Stomp FX - $3.99 each; amps - $6.99 each). All models are also part of IK's All-In Bundle 2019 collection, which is available for in-app purchase. For more information about AmpliTube Brian May and the Brian May Collection, please visit: www.ikmultimedia.com/brianmay To see AmpliTube Brian May in action: www.ikmultimedia.com/brianmay/videonews For the official Brian May website, visit: brianmay.com
  7. It’s new release day and this week we’ve got Recoil - Drum & Bass, a sample pack that will motivate, drive & propel producers tracks Zenhiser Pack: Recoil - Drum & BassPrice: $60.00 AUDDirect Link: http://www.zenhiser.com/recoil-drum-n-bass-samples-techstep-liquid-funk.html www.zenhiser.com--------------------------
  8. Gibson Announces World Premiere Of New “Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I” Pre-sale To Begin August 20 Eric Clapton, pictured with his 1964 Firebird I in 1969. Photograph by Gered Mankowitz © Bowstir Ltd 2019/Mankowitz.com. “I remember one night, in particular with the Firebird,” explains Eric Clapton. “It was a Cream show in Philadelphia, and it was one of the greatest gigs I ever played.” NASHVILLE, TN (August 20, 2019) By acknowledging its iconic past and leaning into the innovative future, Gibson, the legitimate leader in professional instruments proudly presents the Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I. A pre-sale will officially begin on August 20, all Gibson Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I guitars will be sold through Guitar Center andon GuitarCenter.com in the United States as well as through select International Gibson dealers, visit www.gibson.com for further details. In the 1960’s and 70’s, Eric Clapton’s use of a Gibson Firebird represented some of the most inspired, fiery and influential playing of his legendary career. Although Eric had previously played a Les Paul ES-335 and an SG, it’s always been the 1964 Firebird I that Clapton remembers as being a truly outstanding guitar. “I remember one night in particular with the Firebird,” explains Eric Clapton. “It was a Cream show in Philadelphia, and it was one of the greatest gigs I ever played.” Gibson Custom Shop is proud to present this limited-edition reissue of Clapton’sfamous Firebird, made using authentic construction methods and precise dimensions scanned from vintage 1964 Firebird models. Every Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I guitar is outfitted with a newly-developed Alnico V Firebird pickup to recapture the scorching output and searing tones of the original. Each 1964 Firebird I will also feature an Eric Clapton signed backplate, a replica of the strap he used, a reproduction of the guitar's original case, a Certificate of Authenticity booklet and more. A limited quantity of Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I guitars will be sold through Guitar Center in the United States as well as select International Gibson dealers. The release of the Gibson Eric Clapton Firebird I will launch simultaneously with the2019 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas, TX, taking place Friday, September 20 andSaturday, September 21. At the festival, the limited-edition guitar will be displayed in the Guitar Center Village alongside the Gibson ES-335 guitar used by Eric Clapton on numerous landmark recordings, including the enduring Cream hit and festival namesake“Crossroads.” Above: Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I. Download Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I photos and guitar specs: Here. For more information on Eric Clapton, visit: ERIC CLAPTON.COM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM For more information on Gibson: GIBSON.COM | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE About Gibson: Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brandsportfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger and Gibson Pro Audio division brands KRK Systems, Cerwin Vega and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. ###
  9. Audio-Technica Releases New Low-Profile ATW-A410P UHF Powered Wideband Antenna for Wall and Ceiling Mounting Stow, OH, August 22, 2019 — Audio-Technica announces the ATW-A410P UHF Powered Wideband Antenna, a low-profile UHF (470-990 MHz) antenna that mounts to a wall or ceiling. It features a 4-position switchable amplifier (-10 dB/0 dB/+6 dB/+12 dB) to compensate for cable loss, along with an LED indicator to display the current gain setting. To accommodate various installation environments, the antenna’s BNC cable can be configured to exit from the top, side or rear of the antenna. Mounting bracket and screws are included. Specifications: Frequency range: 470 to 990 MHz Connector: BNC-J Impedance: 50 ohms Power requirement: +12V DC, 60 mA or less OIP3: >30 dBm typical (within specified bandwidth) Gain: -10 dB/0 dB/+6 dB/+12 dB Operating temperature range: -10° C to 50° C (14° F to 122° F) Dimensions: 175 mm (6.9") W × 175 mm (6.9") D × 50 mm (2.0") H (without bracket) Weight: 390 g (13.8 oz) (without bracket) Accessories: Mounting bracket, screws The Audio-Technica ATW-A410P UHF Powered Wideband Antenna is now available with U.S. MAP pricing of $349. For more information, please visit www.audio-technica.com. …ends 202 words Audio-Technica ATW-A410P UHF Powered Wideband Antenna See more here: Audio-Technica Promotional Video: “Always Listening to the Music That Moves Us” Audio for Video Techniques Videos Recording Techniques Videos Drum Miking Techniques Videos Additional News Releases Celebrating over 50 years of audio excellence worldwide, Audio-Technica is a leading innovator in transducer technology, renowned for the design and manufacture of microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, mixers, and turntables for the audio industry. Web: www.audio-technica.com
  10. FENDER® CUSTOM SHOP RELEASES LIMITED EDITION JIMI HENDRIXTM  STRATOCASTER® IN HONOR OF WOODSTOCK 50TH ANNIVERSARY 2019 Artist Model Pays Homage to Hendrix’s Iconic Performance,  World’s Most Legendary Musical Event with Authentic “Izabella” Reproduction HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. (August 16, 2019) – Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today announced the launch of its newest artist model addition: the Limited Edition Jimi HendrixTM  Stratocaster; it honors rock legend Jimi Hendrix on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, where he delivered one of the most-iconic performances in rock music that amplified the voice of a generation. With only 250 units made, this limited edition, highly collectible “Izabella” Stratocaster replica from the Fender Custom Shop celebrates this milestone in music history. Jimi Hendrix wholly embraced the Fender Stratocaster as his preferred instrument. Of the many Stratocaster guitars that Jimi played, “Izabella” is the one with which he’s most closely associated, thanks to his searing performance of “Star Spangled Banner” at the Woodstock festival on August 18, 1969. The Woodstock festival stands as a pivotal moment in the history of American culture, and remembering the event on its 50th anniversary, the voice that rose highest, and spoke the loudest, belonged to Jimi Hendrix and Izabella. The climax of Jimi’s set was his interpretation of “Star Spangled Banner.” Never before had the national anthem been performed with such expressive ferocity. The sound of Jimi Hendrix and his Stratocaster loudly illustrated the anthem in a blazing new light. “Jimi Hendrix playing ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at Woodstock was a cultural moment heard around the world,” said Mike Lewis, VP Product Development, Fender Custom Shop. “We’re especially excited about this release because not only is the Izabella one of the most iconic instruments of our time, it represents a moment in history that will forever be woven in our cultural make-up. The Fender Custom Shop has done tributes to many extremely meaningful artist guitars through the years, but there was an extra sense of awe and privilege in the air in recreating the Izabella.” The Izabella Stratocaster was originally purchased at Manny’s Music on West 48th Street in New York City. It was a 1968 Olympic White Strat with an alder body and two-piece maple neck, with no “skunk stripe” and truss rod adjustment at the heel. The “F style” neck plate had the serial number 240981, which, along with the pickups and hardware, were standard 1968 issue. Significantly, the guitar featured the “big” Strat headstock with the Bob Perine-designed Fender logo and bold arced “Stratocaster” type. The headstock, when turned upside down in his hands, became an iconic emblem. Izabella was the last guitar Hendrix played with his original Jimi Hendrix Experience group, and the final guitar he ever played in concert. Izabella is displayed at MoPOP (formerly EMP Experience Music Project) in Seattle, Wash. “This Stratocaster timestamps an amazing era and shines a spotlight on one of the most epic moments of our time,” said Janie Hendrix, CEO/President, Experience Hendrix L.L.C. and Authentic Hendrix LLC. “The unforgettable image of Jimi with his Strat on that Woodstock stage is embodied in this guitar.  He changed music history with every earthshaking note he played that day.  What a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. And we’re overwhelmed by the opportunity to join Fender in regifting the world with this beautiful recreation.” Hundreds of hand-crafted steps went into making the Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix™ Stratocaster authentic to the original. Priced at $6,900.00 and fully authorized by Authentic Hendrix, it captures all of the details and features of the original to allow players to harness the power of his iconic set at Woodstock 1969. This model features an Olympic White alder body with a 3-ply Parchment pickguard, as well as a flatsawn maple “`60s C”-shaped neck with a maple fingerboard, 21 vintage-style frets and nickel-plated steel .010-.046 gauge strings. To harness that epic Woodstock tone, the guitar has a 6-saddle American Vintage synchronized tremolo; three custom hand-wound ’69 single coil Strat® pickups in the bridge, middle and neck positions and a three-position blade switch with controls for Master Volume, Tone 1 (neck pickup) and Tone 2 (middle pickup). Vintage-style nickel/chrome Closet Classic hardware is featured throughout, in addition to Vintage White control knobs. Each Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster will come with a deluxe hardshell case, custom strap, custom headband, coiled cable, commemorative booklet and a Certificate of Authenticity.  The Fender Custom Shop Limited Artist Signature series celebrates the storied guitars of legendary musicians by building recreations of their instruments in exacting detail. Based on close examination of the original guitars, every nuance is noted and incorporated into the build. Reverse-engineering the model, vintage, wood, hardware, electronics, finish and player customizations are all vital to the process. Most importantly, the player’s wear patterns are recorded: every nick, scratch, gouge and bump are vital to the authenticity of the recreation–they are mapped and documented with precision. A showpiece for any music-lover’s collection, the Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix™ Stratocaster not only preserves the memory of one of the most iconic performances in all of rock history, but it also allows fans worldwide to have a true Jimi Hendrix experience with detailed artistry and craftsmanship. For technical specs, additional information on new Fender products and to find a retail partner near you, visit www.fender.com.  Join the conversation on social media by following @Fender. Jimi Hendrix playing his original Izabella Stratocaster® at Woodstock About Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: Since 1946, Fender has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), whose portfolio of brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch® guitars, Jackson®, EVH® and Charvel®, follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest quality instruments and musical solutions across genres. FMIC is dedicated to unlocking the power of music through electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers, pro audio, accessories and digital products that inspire and enable musical expression at every stage, from beginners to history-making legends. About Fender Custom Shop: Since 1987, the Fender Custom Shop and its esteemed builders have astounded players and collectors worldwide with marvels of creativity, ingenuity and artistry. From its humble Southern California beginnings, the Fender Custom Shop has grown to become the world’s preeminent maker of highly collectible, custom instruments operating in Corona, Calif. Known as the “Dream Factory,” the Fender Custom Shop is also home to an honored group known as the Master Builders – some of the most-skilled luthiers in the world – who craft Fender’s legendary instruments and push the boundaries of possibility. The distinguished Master Builders make dream guitars a reality for players – from Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck to Leni Stern and H.E.R. to collectors, working professionals and guitar enthusiasts. As the epicenter of innovation at Fender and the pinnacle of the brand, ideas and production techniques devised in the Fender Custom Shop for both Masterbuilt and Teambuilt guitars go on to inspire and influence Fender’s other production line models. About Authentic Hendrix, LLC: Founded by Jimi Hendrix’s father, James “Al” Hendrix, and owned and operated by his personally chosen members of the family; Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. and its wholly owned subsidiary Authentic Hendrix, LLC, manage the globally recognized Jimi Hendrix copyrights and trademarks.  Their administration of the exclusive right to Jimi Hendrix’s music and lyrics, plus an extensive photo archive, helps create a legacy of products that mirror Jimi’s own creative vision. Visit us online at http://www.jimihendrix.com 
  11. Waves Audio to Hold SoundGrid 201 Certification Training in Franklin, TN, on August 26 KNOXVILLE, TN, August 16, 2019 — On Monday, August 26, Waves Audio will be hosting a SoundGrid 201 Certification Training in Franklin, TN (1538 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin, TN 37064), just south of Nashville. We invite you to a SoundGrid training session to help you get familiar with SoundGrid systems for low-latency processing and networking, in the studio or live. The session will take place beginning at 6:30 pm (with refreshments at 6 pm). Waves offers three levels of SoundGrid training: an online introduction course (SoundGrid 101), in-depth setup training (SoundGrid 201) and advanced training providing expert knowledge of the system (SoundGrid 301). SoundGrid 201 goes deep into the Waves SoundGrid system and covers networking, latency, and hands-on training in setting up a SoundGrid system, whether simple or complex. Please note: SoundGrid 101 online certification is a prerequisite for taking the SoundGrid 201 Franklin course on 3/15. Complete your SoundGrid 101 online certification here. When: Monday, August 26, 2019, 6:30 pm CDT Where: 1538 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin, TN 37064 The event is free, but pre-registration is required. Register for the event here: https://www.waves.com/events/august-2019-soundgrid-201-franklin On Monday, August 26, Waves Audio will be hosting a SoundGrid 201 Certification Training in Franklin, TN About Waves Audio Ltd.: Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio DSP solutions for the professional, broadcast, and consumer electronics audio markets. Since its start in the early '90s with the introduction of the Q10 equalizer plugin, Waves has gone on to develop a comprehensive line of over 150 audio plugins, including industry standards like the L1 and L2 Ultramaximizers, popular vintage console models, and innovative mixing tools like Vocal Rider and the Artist Signature Series. For its accomplishments, Waves received a Technical GRAMMY® Award in 2011, and the Q10 was selected as an inductee into the TECnology Hall of Fame. In 2016, Waves released the eMotion LV1 mixer, a revolutionary live digital mixing console that provides real-time audio mixing for front-of-house, monitor, studio and broadcast engineers. Waves technologies are now used to improve sound quality in virtually every sector of the audio market, from recording, mixing, mastering and post-production to broadcast, live sound, and consumer electronics. Waves has over 25 years of expertise in the development of psychoacoustic signal processing algorithms that leverage knowledge of human auditory perception to radically improve perceived sound quality. Waves’ award-winning processors are utilized to improve sound quality in the creation of hit records, major motion pictures, and top-selling video games worldwide. Waves offers computer software and hardware-plus-software solutions for the professional and broadcast markets. The company’s WavesLive division is a market leader in all live sound sectors, spearheading the development of solutions for all live platforms. Under its Maxx brand, Waves offers semiconductor and licensable algorithms for consumer electronics applications. Waves technologies dramatically enhance audio performance and are used by industry leaders such as Dell, Google, Fitbit, Acer, Asus, Hisense and more. All other product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Waves. http://www.waves.com
  12. Origin Effects launches the RevivalDRIVE Compact New overdrive delivers ultra-realistic amp-like tones in a more compact, affordable and user-friendly package Oxfordshire, UK (16th August 2019) – Origin Effects have just released the RevivalDRIVE Compact, a single-channel overdrive designed to accurately recreate a range of British and American non-master volume valve amp tones. The RevivalDRIVE Compact condenses the groundbreaking circuit design of the original dual- channel RevivalDRIVE into a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly package. Equipped with a streamlined set of wide-ranging controls, this new pedal promises to make the RevivalDRIVE’s awesome array of amp-like tones more accessible – and affordable – than ever before. Launched in 2018 to universal acclaim, the RevivalDRIVE houses a complete valve amp-style signal path recreated in analogue electronics, with comprehensive controls that let you explore a wealth of different amp characteristics. “We designed the RevivalDRIVE to be as flexible as possible,” says Origin Effects founder Simon Keats. “The response we’ve had from players has been phenomenal, but we also know that not everyone wants to deal with that many knobs and switches! With the RevivalDRIVE Compact, we set out to design a pedal with the same sophisticated circuitry on the inside, but a simplified set of controls on the outside that would make it quick and easy to dial in a really great sound.” In addition to the same amp-style circuit topology, the new RevivalDRIVE Compact features several controls lifted directly from the full-sized RevivalDRIVE. These include the Lows control, which lets you overdrive or tighten up the low end, and the More/Presence control, which varies negative feedback around the pedal’s power amp stage, changing the level of touch-sensitivity from Plexi, through to Fender, and VOX style amps. The Blend knob, which mixes the dry and overdriven signals together, has been tweaked to provide more musical results by gently reducing gain as you add in the guitar’s natural tone, while the brand-new Highs knob condenses the original RevivalDRIVE’s multiple preamp voicing modes into a single, continuous control. The RevivalDRIVE Compact also features a simplified yet powerful Post-Drive EQ section, designed to tailor the output of the pedal to suit the voicing of the amp you’re plugging into, as well as flat-response power amps, mixers and recording interfaces. The RevivalDRIVE Compact is available now from Origin Effects dealers worldwide and direct from www.origineffects.com. RevivalDRIVE Compact: Key Features Price: £315/$385/€369/AU$575 Availability: Available worldwide on 16th August 2019 from Origin Effects dealers About the RevivalDRIVE Compact The RevivalDRIVE Compact is a versatile overdrive that captures the authentic tone, feel and response of a range of classic non-master volume valve amps. Inside, it houses an unabridged valve amp signal path recreated in analogue electronics, including the preamp, phase inverter, push-pull power amp and rectifier stages plus a speaker-emulating reactive load. By altering the way these stages behave and interact, the RevivalDRIVE Compact’s user-friendly controls provide instant access to a wealth of British and American amp voicings, from clean to fully cranked, while powerful EQ compensation controls will make sure it sounds great with a wide variety of amps. Controls Gain: sets the amount of overdrive Output: sets the overall output level Blend: adjusts mix from 100% overdrive to 100% dry (clean boost), simultaneously adjusting gain to maintain a musical blend of clean and overdriven signals Lows: controls the overdrive’s low-frequency characteristics, from fat and fuzzy Tweed-style distortion to tight and defined British drive Highs: provides continuous adjustment through a range of classic Fender- and Marshall-style preamp voicings, progressively increasing mids and highs More/Pres (clockwise): above 12 o’clock, functions like the classic Marshall Presence knob, releasing high frequencies from the effects of negative feedback More/Pres (counter-clockwise): below 12 o’clock, progressively reduces negative feedback around the power amp, increasing gain and altering the pedal’s transition from clean to overdriven in response to playing dynamics Post-Drive EQ: three preset EQ curves (flat power amp, Fender Blackface, Marshall) and a continuously adjustable filter adapt the pedal’s output to suit your clean amp settings Additional features: • Ultra-high input impedance • Silent switching • High-quality “signal-conditioning” bypass mode • High-current, low-noise electronics • Premium components throughout • Advanced power supply filtering and protection • Runs off standard 9VDC adaptor • Designed and built in England Origin Effects: Purity of Tone T: +44 (0)800 810 1070 • E: info@origineffects.com • www.origineffects.com Product Video:
  13. Antelope Audio advances acclaimed audio interface series with workhorse Orion Studio Synergy Core ‘hot-rod’ SANTA MONICA, CA, USA: trailblazing pro audio manufacturer Antelope Audio is proud to announce it is taking preorders on Orion Studio Synergy Core — advancing its acclaimed audio interface series’ workhorse with ‘hot-rodded’ hardware from the ground up to include six ARM-based DSP (Digital Signal Processing) processors paired with two proprietary FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chips, creating Antelope Audio’s state-of-the-art Synergy Core effects processing platform (producing phenomenal onboard computing power to free up host computers from running the cutting-edge company’s effects); upgraded D/A (digital-to-analogue) converters (capable of delivering 130dB dynamic range on both pairs of monitor outs) and discrete transistor mic preamps (perfectly matched to bring out the best in Antelope Audio’s acclaimed Edge and Verge modelling condenser microphones); and access to today’s fastest, most versatile data connection, ThunderboltTM 3 (with custom high-performance, low-latency drivers for Mac and Windows) — as of August 13... As implied by the Synergy Core wording boldly blazoned across its finely refreshed, familiar front panel, Orion Studio Synergy Core cleverly lets users offload Antelope Audio effects to the audio interface itself; in turn, this frees up the host Mac or PC to record and play back more tracks, and run CPU-hungry virtual instruments and native time-based effects. Ultimately, users of Orion Studio Synergy Core can take on big projects, build intricate mixes, reduce latency, and keep their system stable — all thanks to that perfect pairing of six ARM-based DSP processors and two proprietary FPGA chips creating Antelope Audio’s state- of-the-art Synergy Core effects processing platform. Put it this way: with such staggering processing potential onboard, Orion Studio Synergy Core can comfortably accommodate any growing studio setup; after all, its effects processing capabilities have been doubled to 32 channels strips, each of which are able to host up to eight effects slots, potentially allowing for 256 effects instances in any given session! Speaking of processing potential, Orion Studio Synergy Core comes complete with 50 of Antelope Audio’s acclaimed real-time effects on tap (https:// en.antelopeaudio.com/products/orion-studio-sc-real-time-fx/) — namely, ALT-436C (compressor); FET-A78 (FET compressor); SMT-100A (compressor); VCA-160 (compressor); Stay-Levin (compressor); FET-A76 (FET compressor); x903 (compressor/limiter); PowerFFC (compressor); BAE-1023 (EQ); NEU-PEV (passive EQ); NEU- W492 (EQ); NEU-W495 (EQ); VEQ-4K BROWN (EQ); VEQ-4K ORANGE (EQ); VEQ-4K PINK (EQ); VEQ-STU 089 (semi-parametric EQ); VEQ-STU 169 (inductor EQ); VEQ-STU 900 (semi-parametric EQ); VEQ-1A (tube EQ); VMEQ-5 (tube EQ); ClearQ (parametric EQ); VEQ-HLF (passive high/low filter); Gyraf Gyratec IX (tube mic preamp); BA-31 (mic preamp); AuraVerb (reverb); Master De Esser (de-esser); PowerEx (expander); PowerGate (gate); Plexi 59 (UK) (tube guitar amp); Bass SuperTube VR (tube guitar amp); DarkFace 65 (US) (tube guitar amp); Top30 (UK) Bright (tube guitar amp); Tweed Deluxe (US) (tube guitar amp); Overange 120 (UK) (tube guitar amp); Burnsphere (DE) Lead (tube guitar amp); Marcus II (US) Lead (tube guitar amp); Modern (US) CH3 (tube guitar amp); Rock 75 (UK) (tube guitar amp); Rock 22.10 (UK) (tube guitar amp); Darkface 65 2x12 (guitar cabinet); Top30 2x12 (guitar cabinet); Modern 4x12 (guitar cabinet); Green 2x12 (guitar cabinet); Vintage 4x12 (guitar cabinet); Green 4x12 (guitar cabinet); Caliper 50 1x10 (guitar cabinet); Bluelux 1x12 (guitar cabinet); Clst 1x12 (guitar cabinet); England 4x12 (guitar cabinet); and Bass Tube 1x15 (guitar cabinet). All told, that is a sizeable collection of top-tier compressors, EQs, and mic preamp emulations, plus guitar amp and cabinet models, and more with which to bring tracks to life! Let it be said: since Synergy Core architecture allows access to the processing muscle power users could conceivably want to simultaneously run as many of those acclaimed real-time effects that their sessions could conceivably need, heavy lifting clearly comes naturally to Orion Studio Synergy Core! But back, briefly, to that finely refreshed, familiar front panel; there the ThunderboltTM and USB interface with 12 Mic Preamps wording makes Orion Studio Synergy Core’s raison d’être perfectly plain for all to see. Perfectly positioned as a cross-platform audio interface, Orion Studio Synergy Core offers both ThunderboltTM 3 and USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2.0 connections to the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) host computer — complete with custom high-performance, low-latency drivers for both Mac and Windows. With ThunderboltTM 3, it is even possible to power/charge an Apple MacBook directly from the audio interface itself! When it comes to working with Orion Studio Synergy Core, however, hearing is believing. After all, those 12 mic preamps are based on Antelope Audio’s Discrete MP (https://en.antelopeaudio.com/products/edge-strip/), a Discrete Dual Ultra-Linear Microphone Preamp, while Orion Studio Synergy Core’s Accusonic 3D modelling engine lets users transform Antelope Audio’s acclaimed Edge (https://en.antelopeaudio.com/edge-family/) and Verge (https:// en.antelopeaudio.com/products/verge/) modelling condenser microphones into expensive-sounding replicas. And anyone recording line-level signals need not fret for Orion Studio Synergy Core’s Direct In function hard-bypasses the mic preamps themselves, so signals sail straight into the A/D converters with 124dB DNR. Do not fear, for Orion Studio Synergy Core far from disappoints in the D/A department, delivering 130dB DNR on both pairs of monitor outs (MONITOR A and MONITOR B), which can run simultaneously or in A/B mode. Whatever way Orion Studio Synergy Core users choose to record, though, the truth is in there! That’s not all. As the soon-to-be ‘brain’ behind professional studio setups the world over, Orion Studio Synergy Core provides robust, flexible tools for routing and monitoring, so sending audio anywhere with the digital patch bay and latency-free mixer made easily accessible via its software control panel is a given. Globally, top-tier recording and broadcast facilities rely on Antelope Audio's renowned rock-solid audio clocks; with its world-class WC (Word Clock) IN and OUT, Orion Studio Synergy Core similarly syncs studio setups with the cutting-edge company’s 4th Generation Acoustically Focused Clocking technology, employing 64-bit DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) to keep audio in lockstep at up to 192 kHz! Clearly, then, those ThunderboltTM and USB connections combined with 12 of Antelope Audio’s discrete mic preamps, extensive analogue and digital I/O totalling 30 simultaneous inputs and 22 simultaneous outputs (including DC-coupled I/O for CV control of analogue modular synths), upgraded D/A conversion, and unprecedented onboard processing power with access to those 50 included real-time effects make for a well-oiled machine like no other audio interface in its class. To power up Orion Studio Synergy Core is to see and hear this ‘hot-rodded’ workhorse make light work of any recording or mixing project put in its (superior signal) path! Orion Studio Synergy Core is available for preorder — priced at an RRP of $2,795.00 USD — through Antelope Audio’s growing global network of authorised dealers (https://en.antelopeaudio.com/dealers/). Or order online directly from Antelope Audio via the dedicated Orion Studio Synergy Core webpage (https://en.antelopeaudio.com/products/orion-studio-sc/), which also includes more in-depth information. Explore Orion Studio Synergy Core’s included real-time effects here: https://en.antelopeaudio.com/products/orion-studio-sc-real-time-fx/ About Antelope Audio (www.antelopeaudio.com) Antelope Audio is a leading manufacturer of high-end professional audio equipment. Founded in 2004 and reinventing the industry with its flawless master clock technologies and versatile multi-channel interface solutions, the company has been steadily expanding its portfolio over the years under the guidance of visionary engineer and CEO Igor Levin. Antelope Audio’s products offer the best of both analog and digital technologies. Among its most recent innovations are compact interfaces with discrete mic preamps, hardware-based effects modelled to the component level running on a Synergy Core of DSP and FPGA processing, and next-generation modelling microphones. These are distributed through Antelope Audio offices in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, and highly acclaimed by users all over the world.The company’s customers include GRAMMY® award-winning sound engineers, top- tier producers, world-class artists, and some of the most renowned, recording, mastering, and post-production facilities around the globe. © 2019 Antelope Audio
  14. Exhilarating Tones: SonoTone Launches Line of Premium, American-Made Guitar Strings SonoTone strings usher in a new era of balanced tone, longevity and expressiveness for guitarists Allston, Massachusetts, August 13, 2019 — When P.K. Pandey — the founder of Allston, Massachusetts-based premium string manufacturer SonoTone — set off on his personal quest to create strings that would recreate the cherished vintage guitar tones of his memories, he had no intention of selling them to anybody else or starting a new business. But after developing precisely the right formula — which included the use of premium metals and a painstaking manufacturing processes — and subsequently sharing them with a few friends, who happen to be famous guitar players, Pandey changed his mind. The time had come to introduce premium strings to the market that enhance an instrument’s fidelity, resonance and feel. Now available at www.sono-tone.com for electric, acoustic and bass guitars in several different gauges, SonoTone premium strings combine time-tested American craftsmanship with a modern approach to meet the needs of today’s guitar player. Each set of strings is handcrafted with the intention of inspiring guitar and bass players to play their instruments longer — and to keep making music — by providing unparalleled tone and feel across a range of playing styles. Vintage tone from a bygone era P.K. Pandey, who made his career as a professional recording studio engineer and A/V systems design/build engineer (AVNSYS), was deeply inspired by the authentic vintage tones of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. With the discerning ear of a recording engineer, he began making premium strings for himself in 2014 to achieve the elusive tone and feel he sought to record and reproduce. “I was disappointed in the results I was getting from all the current strings on the market,” Pandey said. “I played everything and felt like the market for guitar strings had become embarrassingly commoditized. I was searching for strings that would have a more refined resonance, greater balance and longer sustain.” ”I remember when I was a kid, the strings were better,” Pandey continued. “Since there were fewer choices back then, I feel like manufacturers made strings with intention — with the highest quality materials and workmanship that was possible at the time. But times changed, and I just wasn’t getting the kind of tones I wanted from the strings available nowadays. So, I said, ‘There’s got to be a better way.’“ Pandey started researching different formulations for guitar string designs, from wrap and core materials to winding techniques, and adjusted the variables accordingly. “Eventually, I found some strings that were just ridiculous — they performed phenomenally better to my ears,” Pandey said, “On all guitars, the strings behaved differently with each guitar, increasing the resonance.” Sharing with (legendary) friends Once Pandey had his proprietary string-manufacturing formula, he had no intentions of sharing his “secret sauce” with anyone. But, one day, he received a call from his good friend, guitarist Joe Perry, who was complaining about the strings he was using at the time. He said they sounded dead or kept breaking, and that all the alternatives on the market were not sufficient. Pandey sent a set to Perry, and immediately after putting them through their paces, Perry subsequently asked for enough packs to take on a world-tour with Aerosmith — which effectively became the real-world beta test for SonoTone strings. Pandey even developed a custom set for Perry to use on certain songs where he needed more acoustic tones from his Gibson ES-Les Paul guitars. It was at that point which Pandey decided it was time to develop a brand identity, master the manufacturing process and design professional packaging for his strings. “Perry has been playing with SonoTone strings ever since,” says Pandey. “I really value Joe’s opinions and insights, since he’s so brutally honest.” Now available: SonoTone premium strings Not long after supplying Joe Perry with his first bulk-supply of SonoTone strings, Pandey has since had others reach out — including Jeff Beck, whose tech also ordered a set after speaking to Perry’s team. “I’ve sent hundreds of packs to Jeff Beck since,” Pandey said. “I now make him two different custom gauge sets, which he played with on his last tour. Jeff said, ‘I haven’t popped one yet!’” Now available for $18.99 for guitar (acoustic/electric) or $69.99 for electric bass on www.sono-tone.com, guitar and bass players seeking to increase the resonance and fidelity of their instrument can purchase SonoTone strings, which are available in different formulas to help serious players master the art of their sound. Visitors can also check out dozens of product demonstrations available on SonoTone’s website before buying to find the right set of strings, no matter their playing style. Please visit to www.sono-tone.com for more information. About SonoTone SonoTone is a small batch high-quality string manufacturer based in Massachusetts. In a world of commoditized, all-purpose guitar strings sold to the mass market, SonoTone strings are authentic, comfortable and expressive and sold directly to the customer. For more about SonoTone, please visit our website at www.sono-tone.com.
  15. Freshtone announce the release of Vol 3 the latest edition in the Lost Tapes series - Funk + Soul through the mid '60s to mid '70s Following on from the huge success of Lost Tapes Vol 1 and 2, Freshtone release Vol 3 which once again is a high quality production that delivers! Vol 3 is a genuinely authentic collection of old skull tunes that evoke those bygone eras which capture the true spirit of the ages of Funk and Soul from Tower of Power to Earth Wind and Fire. Lost Tapes Vol 3 will give you 40 crisply combustive retro loops with lasting quality, every note truly organic and played with soul and passion by hugely experienced players, and sounding authentically like it did back in the day..... just great! So what do you get...... 89 Full Jams (featuring 40 two-part compositions) 87 Cutdown Jams 195 Raw Drum Loops 80 Tweaked Drum Loops 74 Percussion Loops 96 Bass Loops 189 Guitar Loops 104 Keys Loops 131 Drum Fills 112 Brass Loops In Acid Wav and Apple Loop formats Lost Tapes is available exclusively at Time+Space for just £45inc/€49inc/$49. For full product details please visit: https://www.timespace.com/products/freshtone-lost-tapes-vol-3 A little bit about Freshtone... Freshtone Samples features the works of Matthew Corbett and Mike Wilkie. The two producer musicians are best known in the world of samples for their work with Zero-G, including ‘Sounds of the Seventies’, ‘Vocal Forge’ and ‘Vocal Foundry’ which were all released to critical acclaim. They are also successful Film, TV and Production music writers with their tracks having been featured on many hundreds of TV, Film and Media productions around the world.
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