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  1. are there not infinite possible melodies, in theory? unless there's some limitation on MIDI tech, or a practical implication of it being impossible to play more extreme melodies as you approach the asymptote of complexity.. you could always add to the complexity. i haven't watched the creator's video yet but the article only explained that they categorically played through a finite number of melodies.
  2. heh, i just saw your classified post coincidentally. if i can find one to test out nearby i may make an offer on that. i'm in the market for a steel 6 string (probably dreadnought maybe parlor or OM) and was thinking i'll go with Seagull S6, unless i can find something affordably better.
  3. anything in the Godin family of manufacturers that is worth checking out as a budget friendly alternative? i've only played Art & Lutherie and Seagull enough to have an opinion on those. I've always been curious about Simon & Patrick. and Norman edit: i went and did some reading.. apparently most of Norman is laminate made? except for "pressure stress tested solid tops". somewhere along the way i got the impression they were higher end. are there any high end Godin brands? I never think of Godin specifically for anything acoustic but i know they have their little conglomerate thing going
  4. the world ended December 21st 2012, you might have missed that
  5. anyone out there with the same model taylor to test out the new hypotheses?
  6. my cat hides as soon as bring any guitar out. which is kinda insulting
  7. i haven't owned many guitars, but my s6 was my pride and joy; stolen years ago unfortunately. i'm in the market for a dreadnaught again, and it's my top choice right now even though i can afford higher end. anything wrong with bolt ons? i'm resisting the urge to make a fake boobs joke.
  8. OT: I used to come here quite a bit and mostly lurk. recently revived my interest.. good to see you still around kwak. i was wondering about JasmineTea and D03nut, too, and knockwood now that i'm seeing this thread. i hope yall are doing great. also, RIP steve jobs
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