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  1. The frets are in. I still have to level, crown and dress the ends but I can at least plot the saddle position.
  2. It's a preslotted fretboard from LMI with a 25.4" scale length. I should be good. I'm only worried about the distance between the nut and the first fret because it came slotted for a zero fret and I sawed it off.
  3. Thanks. Based on the saddle at I purchase I think I need to install the frets first before plotting the bridge position. I have a lot of sanding in my future as well. I need to get it smooth with 320 grit before applying the 1 pound cut shellac. This last time I only sanded it down to 120 grit. I bought some more pads for my orbital sander but need to take it easy since the top is already on the thin side. The idea is to pore fill then lay down the coats of shellac and do the finer sanding between the sessions. I also have various grits of wet/dry paper going all the way from 400 to 2000 grit.
  4. Now it's all fixed and I've moved on to the final gap filling and fine sanding phase: I've decided to French polish this one just like I did the last one. I have pumice for pore filling and two concentrations of shellac to work with all ready to go.
  5. The purfling on the top was bugging me so I tried to rout it out but it didn't work out as planned and I had to bend a couple of new binding strips. The issue was that the set screw for my routing jig shook loose and bit into the top, so I also had to fashion a small patch:
  6. I’ve been doing final sanding and filling flaws, refining the neck and put on a spit coat of shellac. The purfling on the top still bugs me though but structurally it’s good to go.
  7. I haven’t been back to this forum in a long time so this is the first I’m hearing this. My condolences to her friends and family. She will be missed.
  8. Yeah, well good thing I'm middle aged and homely; nobody is going to be watching my videos on YouTube. 😉
  9. Thx. This is stuff that should be taught in school IMO.
  10. TBH I'm still very foggy on copyrights. I see people posting covers all over social media and I know it's not legal.
  11. Well, it could be better. I won't bring up politics our moan about feeling isolated but suffice it to say it's not something new to me. My family is mostly well, though I have two loved ones who I can't be with and they are struggling with being isolated from us - but again I won't go into it. My wife's job is doing very well, we're not facing economic hardship or going hungry and quite frankly I feel like I'm finally able to enjoy a simpler life. Musically speaking I've set up a desk in the spare bedroom and bought a digital interface, a mic boom for my large condenser microphone and (with a room humidifier running constantly) I have several guitars hanging on the wall for easy access. The only difficulty I'm having is having time to set aside where I am able to play without disturbing the rest of my family. Typically it's after my wife's business hours and before she goes to bed at night. My younger son is typically done with school by 3pm. Before that I have to be quiet - even when doing house work; my wife is constantly on Webex for work. So right now I'm tweaking settings in Reaper as a DAW and OBS, which I am using to set up for streaming and recording audio and video simultaneously. I'm also on the fence whether to play cover songs or focus on improvising as a means of songwriting.
  12. I'm sure it either opened up or was sold LONG ago. This thread is 15 years old.
  13. Will there be a new thread tomorrow? Santa brought me a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 and I'm struggling to get my laptop set up. I just need to set up the spare bedroom and find a good time to make noise without disrupting the rest of my family. They can only take my playing in small doses!
  14. kwakatak


    Congratulations! How long did you whisper about it in her ear while she was sleeping? I feel like I need to be doing that! 😉
  15. I understand and can even sympathize somewhat, but I can't allow myself to adopt a feeling of defeatism. It's not good for one's mental, physical or spiritual health These past 4 years have been difficult for me, not because of politics but because of family struggles. I have been dealing with depression my entire life but it's been especially hard and I've been trying to claw my way back out of the pit I've dug for myself. One of the pitfalls is looking back instead of looking forward. We only get so much time on this earth and from what I have seen, being stagnant is a "little death." IMO it's better to stay in motion that to sit still or try and go in reverse. So say what you will about social media and Reddit, but I will try to branch out and try to understand how younger eyes see the world - and try to guide them without preaching. If anything, the enthusiasm is a nice change of pace over the "get off my lawn" mentality that prevails at places like AGF.
  16. Forums are for old people. Younger people tend to use social media platforms but for discussion like to use Reddit.
  17. Oooh, a zombie thread just in time for Halloween during the year of the apocalypse. I'll bite: I've come to appreciate that when it comes to rhythm, a guitar is also a percussion instrument. As a solo player I find myself following the same syncopation as a drummer or percussionist would have. I don't know much about the mechanics or sensibility of drummers or percussionists though so I tend to think of have a good sense of rhythm as being something that becomes subconscious. The musician's term for it is "groove" but the technical term has become "muscle memory" which is akin to learning to type or even something as mundane as drumming your fingers. Once the mechanics are internalized you start feeling the different stressors in the beat. This is where we get into rhythms, which is essentially what a strum pattern is. It's not just "down up down up" but knowing that there are "hard" beats and "off" beats and whatnot. These are called "dynamics." Triplets are such an example because they aren't usually equally divisible within a 4/4 time signature. They were especially hard for me to pick up on, but once I did I found that it opened me up to different time signatures like 6/8 for example, which is similar to 3/4 but the notation is not as apparent. What it all comes down to is not just trying to work through it but also learned to listen to songs so that you get that rhythm internalized. Let me say that again: you need to listen and internalize the rhythms until you begin to feel them. Once that happens, you should actually enter into an almost relaxed state where you don't grip the pick so hard or do jerky movements that result in brash sounds. The "strum pattern" - a term that will sound incredibly mundane as you progress - will eventually come unbidden. OTOH, if it doesn't there is absolutely no problem with that. In fact, that's actually a good thing because that's the beginnings of improvisation. From the audience's perspective that can go either one of two ways. If you're playing for other musicians they're likely to notice and critique you for not being able to recreate the original note for not. To that I say "fuggedaboudit" because musicians often make for a crappy audience. However, if you're playing to a non-musician audience they may actually like that and see it as a "fresh take" of something that has become cliché.
  18. I've got the bending form and mold done. I'm shifting focus now to the sanding drum for the sides so that I can get it down to a uniform .1" thick. I use the hot pipe for binding but I'm debating on using it for the sides.
  19. I actually think the idea of a voice over is not a bad idea. There’s a more experienced luthier on YouTube that does that - though you can tell he reads from a script and isn’t doing a true “play by play.” Public speaking doesn’t come naturally for some but I recall in my speech communications class in college that it’s best to know the topic well enough and using flash cards as a prompt to “audible” from.
  20. I did try making some videos. I don’t do monologue well. Maybe I need to write myself a script and use flash cards. My generation is scared of public speaking.
  21. Yup. I gave them three strikes. I view my warnings as gaslighting so I won’t give them the satisfaction of wasting any more time on them. At this point, I’d rather just start a blog or an Instagram Story or even a YouTube Series.
  22. I bought a cheap table saw at Harbor Freight along with enough plywood to make 8 sections that I could replicate using a flush cut router bit. I also took some hole cutouts that I had left over from making my wife a wine rack and decided to start making a bobbin for a drum sander. I dismantled one of my son's fidget spinners to recycle the bearing to use as mounting points. I ordered another set of sitka that along with the side slats I intend to use the drum sander upon. First Now I need to take the cutouts and make a bending form. Again, I need to use the flush cut router bit to make it all uniform. The way I see it I have about 1/8" of wiggle room for the bending forms and the outside mold. It doesn't need to be perfect; the wood will do what it wants to do regarding spring back.
  23. Tell that to the mods at AGF. They have been not been so understanding. They are so uptight over there that even if I type in "****" they assume that I'm not following the rules. yesterday I posted a new thread about a social media app that is popular with people born after 1980 and they assumed I wanted it to go political even though I clearly said is so many words "please don't discuss anything political about the app I just want to know if you see any value in it as a form of self promotion" but they deleted the thread and PM'd me with a warning saying that I was being sneaky about trying to post a political thread. SMH. Whatever, boomers.
  24. After enduring Elixir Polywebs and dusting off their dander I swore off coated strings. I've been particularly underwhelmed with Martin strings in general as well, opting instead for the eve-ubiquitous D'Addorio EJ17 PB mediums. How much would a set cost just to experiment though?
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