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  1. Thanks! Yeah I know how it feels when you have a Yamaha Pacifica, or their older RGX......apart from the functionality, it's the great feel on the neck. These a keepers!!!! Hi I saw your NGD of your Pac412. That looks stunning! You definitely should have it fixed. I feel ya. I used to have a RGXTT, a Ty Tabor model with the Duncan HSS setup and the combination of Spertzel & Wilkinson VS100. Sold it in 2011 and still regrets.
  2. I have found myself a real sleeper 10 days ago. Yamaha Pacifica 821DX from 2000.Back in 2015 I visited a store near I used to work before and saw this beauty, but could not afford to have one more guitar. 5 years later I passed that store and found out she still sits in the shelf, with the decal on the headstock half peeled off. The music store looks like about to bankrupt and decided to rescue the Yammy. After playing her for a week, My conclusion is that this is a very fine instrument. Not your typical shreddy superstrat, due to the DiMarzio Air Classics and Blue Velvet. The low output
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