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  1. Thanks! Yeah I know how it feels when you have a Yamaha Pacifica, or their older RGX......apart from the functionality, it's the great feel on the neck. These a keepers!!!! Hi I saw your NGD of your Pac412. That looks stunning! You definitely should have it fixed. I feel ya. I used to have a RGXTT, a Ty Tabor model with the Duncan HSS setup and the combination of Spertzel & Wilkinson VS100. Sold it in 2011 and still regrets.
  2. I have found myself a real sleeper 10 days ago. Yamaha Pacifica 821DX from 2000.Back in 2015 I visited a store near I used to work before and saw this beauty, but could not afford to have one more guitar. 5 years later I passed that store and found out she still sits in the shelf, with the decal on the headstock half peeled off. The music store looks like about to bankrupt and decided to rescue the Yammy. After playing her for a week, My conclusion is that this is a very fine instrument. Not your typical shreddy superstrat, due to the DiMarzio Air Classics and Blue Velvet. The low output of the humbuckers allows greater clarity and dynamics, adding warmth and some snarl in the process. By snarl I mean the kind that you find in vintage Pauls, just like my Yamaha Studio Lord. Then you have the single coil to add plenty of Fender flavors.That means this guitar can cope from SRV blues to Satch/Vai shred to Govan/Holdsworth fusion easily.Usually you would not find a SuperStrat that handles all these without spending big bucks.I consider this Pacifica and many of Yamaha's older RGX from the 90's as Suhrs for working man.The difference is that those RGX have hotter humbuckers, with more compressed tones. No more talk, here she is.
  3. Let me add few more pics to this iconic thread...... That's Yamaha RGX621DM from 1996.
  4. Yamaha Family portrait! From left to right: 1985 SBG200, 2005 CG-111C, 1996 RGX621DM All made in Taiwan. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n32060078[/ATTACH]
  5. Yeah I was exagerating of course. My 621DM will slay the RG550 and other lower end and middle of the road Japanese RGs, but not enough for the high end Prestiges and J-Customs. I had a pleasure of seeing an 821DMR in a Yamaha shop around 2008. That was really eye-catching and the quality was on par with the standard Japanese Ibanez JEM. Unfortnately the tremolo system broke down and since the parts were not available anymore the store took it off the shelf and God knows what did they do with it......
  6. Hi folks, I acquired this awesome superstrat few days ago. It is a 1996 Yamaha RGX621DM. . Sweet cleans and tasty drive sounds! The alder body and maple neck provide fender-esque tones, while the guitar itself feels like an Ibanez RG. This is RG550 killer cause of the clean tones! Oh the scalloped frets doesn't hurt either! Enjoy the pics!
  7. These days she does sound like Dream Theater + Nightwish/Whithin Temptation along with vintage Purple/Rainbow. This is the preview of her latest album Mission:
  8. Tak Matsumoto was her first guitarrist. The opening track from her debut album Screams ACEEEESSSS HIGHHHHHH!!!
  9. Well forgot to say you don't need to understand Japanese, lol
  10. I just discovered this amazing Japanese rock/metal singer who has been singing since early 1980s. At the beginning her music was much in vein of Maiden and the NWOBHM obviously, then moved to the AOR/Hair Metal territory in the later decade. Now she seems into power/prog metal. Don't be fooled by her cute face and night gown. She will kick your ass! Oh and there's mind-blowing guitar and keyboard meltdown as well! Enjoy!
  11. A couple of updates. I have been intrigued by the fusion tones from the likes of Alan Holdsworth, and found out his setting was Lead 1, presence and bass down low, treble about 3-4, gain about 5-7, hi&low mids crancked, reverb cranked. And boy what the tone! Never thought I could get good tones with presence and bass way low! Lead1 seems to me the most versatile distortion ever: from jazz/fusion to brown sound to classic/prog metal....and then some! However the Lead2 is meh. No matter how I set I cannot dial out the digital sound out of it. The effect loop seems to prefer digital pedals over the analog ones. No prob with Boss delay and old DOD FX65 chorus, but with Guyatone flanger I can only hear the effect sounds but if I wanna turn the dry knob down there's no single sound.......So I prefer it before the amp.
  12. Here is a sound clip I made. It was a demo of the amp's Drive 1 mode, through a DOD250 overdrive boosting it. The guitar was Yamaha SG200. I played a few Queen riffs and I think the tone was a bit like Brian May! Sorry for the poor playing and recording quality though..... And yes I used a coin.....
  13. That's one awesome story from you! Never seen the Dg80 in person. From the pictures that thing looks like a boutique amp!
  14. Fair enough, but the desktop amps are actually targeting specific valve ones, and the THR100H is simulating the styles of Vox, Marshall, etc. Very evident once you hear them. It's not the same with DG stuff.
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