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  1. The Korean hamers I've seen coming into my shop are dang good geetars for a fair price. Must've been a local shop that used to carry these, because I see lots. A few minor bridge tweeks, sometimes a truss adj and that's about it. Nuts are even cut properly.
  2. A while back there was a Les Paul advertised on Craigslist locally for a price that almost seemed too good to be true. Well it was. I don't know if it came through Trade Tang, but it was immediately recognizable as a fake. and not a good one either. Stick with brands and dealers you know. What's so great about having a guitar with Gibson on the headstock if it is a piece of {censored}? I agree. Trouble is, you find real Gibbys that are also pieces of {censored}.
  3. He only did it once, so I'd guess it didn't turn out to be that good of a deal... It was a cheap woman/ I mean guitar.
  4. Why can't I get deals like that? Sumbitch! I found out there were a pair of, uh, fakes when she took her top off.
  5. Trade Tang? I once TRADED a cheap guitar for some (poon)TANG. Does that count?
  6. Have you considered the GFS PAF clones? I've had good luck with most of my GFS pups, but I haven't tried these.
  7. It takes guts to come on here and admit you keep breaking your Balls.........
  8. Nice start! Wondering what post #4 will be like ... someting like BANNED? Some people have a fixed idea in their head and don't want to hear it when they're forced to abandon that idea. Obviously the case here. I don't think there will be a post #4. He needs to find a forum where he'll be molly coddled. Ain't gonna happen here.
  9. {censored} OFF! Sounds like this guy needs to get laid. Look up Luan on another thread here.:poke:
  10. You're just another {censored}ing snob. Thanks for nothing. Eminance is spelled Eminence, idiot. Someone tries to help and you wish to do a spelling lesson? Go back in you room and play with your blocks. I believe this came with Eminence speakers.
  11. There are no rules! Do it if you like it. Not like you can't pull it out if it doesn't work. EG I agree for the most part with this. But I guess I've gotten old. Put a mink coat on a forty buck ho' and you still have a forty buck ho'. Good at some things, but not everything.
  12. A Dimebucker in a semi hollow seems as ludicrous as putting a whammy bar on a nylon string classical guitar. Some things just ain't meant to be!
  13. The old IF thang is horse hockey. IF a strat, tele, TOM or any type of bridge is not placed correctly you WILL have intonation problems. Not just a wrap. IMO the wrap has as much, or more fudge room as any bridge on the market. I can move the el cheapo I mentioned earlier about 3/8" front to back. Maybe more. Let's see you do dat with a TOM. Ain't gonna happen. BTW the guitar body that got this bridge is one I built. Located the bridge myself. And I ain't no pro luthier. I'm done here. Too many bullshit specialists.
  14. Bullshit. I have an SG with a wrap around bridge and it intonates as well as any of my guitars. Once it is in tune notes all over the neck will light up green. Yes I know, know guitar is perfect...but unless you have perfect pitch I guarantee you could never tell. In fact it's even better if it's done right cause you NEVER have to worry about intonation. If the manufacturer has placed the bridge properly your good to go. Nobody ever said strats have lousy tone because of the trem. You're making a strawman argument. What IS true is that the trem does take up vibrations from the string and lessens the resonance of the body. If you don't think that's true then I'd suggest you probably don't have much experience with both. There is a reason people block their trems if they don't use them. Mostly true. A non adjustable wrap bridge is just fine. As I stated before, other things need to be checked and fixed BEFORE you go fucking with your damn bridge! If it's in the right place your good. Most, if not all allow gross movement of the bridge front to back. If you can't get the guitar to intonate with that, you either have major problems or you're just stoopid. And Strat bridges have the springs that resonate, so this is a bit of a trade off. One type of resonance for another.
  15. The wives never get it. Unless they play guitar as well. Then you may argue over who gets to play it first. BTW dirty underwear is where the toanz is. The whole relic thang.
  16. Tonewise, you'll have more impact by changing into clean underwear. Wraps can intonate just fine. I have a GFS el cheapo wrap around on one of mine. Can't adjust the saddles. Ain't none. But if you have everything else in order this isn't an issue. Too many people have intonation problems and tweak the bridge before checking neck relief, nut, frets, tuners and all else. They all have an effect. Those who say differently haven't been working on other peoples guitars for the last 2+ years like I have.
  17. I must admit that I see more Korean guitars come into the shop than anything else. And I've never seen a really bad one. Usually they need strings, a few minor adjustments and that's it. But I'm not gonna say they're better than their Asian counterparts, because I just don't see that many guitars. I just fix them on the side. I know, hard to fix a guitar while it's on it's side. Haha. I also agree this isn't the place for political discussions of any sort. But, Krashpad, the very nature of the OP's question lends itself to the eventual question of worker's conditions and their effect on craftsmanship.
  18. :cry: :facepalm: F*&^K I"'M TIRED OF HEARING THIS SHIT WHEN IT COMES TO GUITARS!!! Got news for you. It may have happened with that coffee pot you used this morning. Or just about anything else. The business people don't give a fuck about worker exploitation. History tells us it used to happen here as well. A country starts doing well, the workers stand up and their labor costs go up. So another 3rd world country is exploited. Then another, and another ad infinitum. Pretty soon it will come back here and we'll be a 3rd world country again. Welcome to the global fucking economy, people.
  19. Country of origin doesn't matter. A hundred buck guitar is still a cheap ass piece of junque no matter where it's made. But the hundred buck guitars are much better now than they were 25 years ago.
  20. The price seems to be not great, but not bad either. As already stated, if you dig the sound get it. Certainly won't depreciate in value unless you phuck it up.
  21. Today I wet sanded starting at 1000, then 1500 then 2000. Looks and feels very smooth. I'd like to put some polish on it. Recommendations? If you've gone as far as 2000 I'd get some automotive polishing compound. Turtle Wax is as good as any. Then I'd use a good carnuba based wax. As stated, I like the KIT brand automotive paste wax.
  22. Start with 1000. Got to 1500. Then go with rubbing compound followed by polishing compound. With the polishing compound I like to use a Powerball. Then use Kit car wax. It's mostly carnuba with a light scratch remover. Just make sure you don't take it into the sunlight without shades, It WILL shine like a new dime on a goat's ass!
  23. The luthier idea is a winner. I kinda fell into that when I did a setup for a friend. Now I have a small, but regular clientele. Another idea is to find broken guitars, fix them & flip those. But that is usually broken off headstocks, refrets and such.
  24. I've heard sand & sealer can react negatively with freshly applied lacquer, but I don't have first hand experience. May want to brush it on and be careful around the fresh paint. Don't skip the B.I.N. You'll regret it.
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