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  1. wow...how much does something like that cost at Warmoth? Found it $463.00 http://www.warmoth.com/Showcase/ShowcaseItem.aspx?Body=2&Shape=1&Type=1&Paint=1&Path=Stratocaster,Standard,Finished&lamTop=7&i=ps6372
  2. On the other hand, I feel like the right pickguard could compliment the wood. I used to play around on the virtual strat builder they have when you order your own custom body. I would often make it a figured maple top and put a pickguard on it that was almost like a golden pearloid deal. Like so: Or: That's just me though.
  3. Fender Tonemaster. Unfortunately, they're discontinued MANY years. Isn't that what Phil X uses in the Fretted Americana videos, along with the AC30?
  4. Lenny was his wife... Really? Did not know. But still... When one hears "Lenny" most people wouldn't think it was a woman...
  5. Which brings me to my next point: YOU MUST NAME THE GUITAR AFTER A WOMAN. I've seen guys give their guitars dude names and that's missing the point. The guitar should be named after a wimmin who done you wrong. Also unacceptable: naming the guitar after a fictional character or something silly that you might name a dog. You're wrong. SRV had a guitar named Lenny.
  6. So far, my bank account has.. 200 I need a job, damnit. Collecting allowance will not suffice! .... But seriously. I gotta look for a job that I can do after school. Ive been all over CL the last couple days, looking at cars. All I could think is "I wonder if that's some chinese knockoff" ....
  7. Why not take the guitar? There's a ton of easier and better stuff to steal in a typical student's room, like the laptops. Bring something like a pocket pod and practice through headphones so you don't piss off the neighbors, but that's not hard. If you need to actually move the molecules in the air, colleges have music practice rooms that have some degree of soundproofing. Hell, we had a guy in my dorm that brought a set of bagpipes. Now *that's* an instrument you just can't freaking hide from. He ended up practicing in the woods behind the stadium most of the time, and it was still loudloudloud. Better than the AR-15 my grad school roomie brought Truth be told, this doesn't kill me at all. I'd much rather have a recent car to drive to school and home. My options are used car, or the 8 mpg 1985 F-150 (Dad's truck)
  8. I look at it this way. No car, no p*ssy. Get a car, go to college and wait for your LP. You'll appreciate it more. And by then you may want a different guitar altogether. But I can almost guarantee you'll always want p*ssy! I like your outlook on life
  9. As much as I'd love to keep saving up for my first Les Paul, or maybe my first Martin acoustic.. I can't allow myself to spend any more for musical gear... Blasphemy, one may think...What could be more important than toanz? I'm 17 in a few months, and I need to save money for a decent vehicle. When's the most recent time that a necessity had to come before another guitar.. or amp.. or pedal.. and so on, for you?
  10. I heard she's a hermaphrodite...
  11. Fender HW1 Strat Gretsch Setzer Hot Rod (in flat black) Epi LP Ultra II Martin 000CXE
  12. Do not want... However, the shape from the back, I like. Maybe a non-reverse, but double-cutaway Iceman (shaped exactly as above) would look nice...
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