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  1. Belva

    GFS Pickups Dream 180

    If stolen I'd hunt the thief down & beat them senseless with the guitar. I've been playing for over 35 years & had a number of different guitars. A Strat, SG & 335 were my favorites. I like the versatility of these pups. And the articulation is the best I've ever heard. But I wish they weren't so trebly. When I switch to another guitar I have to turn the treble on the amp back up. But overall I can't complain. Better to have that high end & tone it down then to not have enough. You can even get some twang, which saves me reaching for my tele. These are the best pups for me.
  2. If it "disappeared" I'd get another cheap asian strat & get another one of these. $40 bucks? Why not? Just wish it had a coil split or phase switch. I've been a hobby player for 35 years & also play a custom tele with a Little '59 bridge & a GFS neck PU. Customer service from Guitarfetish is tops! That's why I decided to try this setup. If you want to put this in an asian strat, be prepared to do a little trimming & hole relocating. But mine looks like a stock install. Take your time!
  3. I'd replace if stolen. At $40 bucks I can afford that! I've been playing 30 years & also own a custom made tele with a SD lil "59 bridge & a GFS neck PU. Overall I can't complain; good dollar value. I wish it had a coil split & a little less high end. Be prepared to do some trimming, hole drilling & filling if you install on an import guitar, but most people know that. Looks like a stock installation on my guitar.
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