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  1. BTW the bike got a bit of work as well. Powder coat and, well, a basic restoration of my 27 year old steed
  2. This is a bag that originally came with a printer sold by HP. A bit of work with a needle and thread and some Velcro I had left from another project. Makes a great man purse when on the bike. It also is just big enough to carry things needed for the jams at a friend's house, namely my G1X processor, cables, condoms and all else needed.
  3. Well, kinda. I've had the mahogany neck and finally found a home for it. Body is a paulownia second. Mucho neck fitting with PC woody. But came together for a good player. the finish, well, it ain't finish yet.
  4. Guys, I've been down this road before. My ears tell me to always parallel rather than series, when possible. I don't know what it is MY ears react to, but that sums it up. All the fancy schmancy ohm's law interpretations are great for fixing your boat trailer's lights. When it comes to your ears, well...............duh, ain't rocket surgery. Do what YOUR EARS tell you is right. Use the 'guidelines' to keep from blowin' sheeit up.
  5. The Adam's Family song is one that does that. Sorry OSB, had to do it to ya!
  6. What I'd really like is a chrome full sized humbucker for the neck. One that balances well with the '59 and has a PAF tone. I have the bridge pup already.
  7. This be the critter. I'd like to find a neck pup that balances well this. I have a 'bucker route for the neck in a tele project and would like to use a full size humbucker, but maybe a mini humbucker? P90? I'd really like to use a PAF type, but I'm open to suggestions.
  8. The Junior does have an on/off switch for the speaker. The ZT FAQ is a bit strange as I've never seen a 6 ohm speaker. We all know an 8 ohm is usually somewhere between 6 and about 7.5 measured DC resistance. I'm presuming any 8 ohm speaker would work as impedance and resistance ain't the same thang. The speaker cabs they sell for the Lunchbox are rated at 8 ohms. So unless they're doing something strange, the speaker would show typical DC resistance of any 8 ohm speaker. My vision is making a pine cab to put it in with an Eminence 1058. Decent speaker, fairly efficient and able to handle the 35 WRMS these little buggers put out. And I gotz one. So I'd use the existing speaker wires. If I'm lucky I can pull it off without voiding the warranty, just depends on what hardware gets a drop of paint. The biggest detractor I've read on these is that the small speaker, well, it's a small speaker. 'Nuff said
  9. Sorry WRG, had to do it. I mean, this is the era of gay marriage.....................
  10. Anybody play around with one of these little critters? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/zt-lunchbox-junior-guitar-combo-amp More specifically anybody use this to power an external cab? I'd really like to know what the impedance of the stock speaker is. I haz visions of a custom cab to go with my 1058.............
  11. Belva

    New Amp Day

    Good, reliable amp with lotsa "testicular fortitude"
  12. Lotsa good, small amps out there. This thread has potential to be an "in your face" statement to all those guyz who think money buys toanez. IT DOESN'T. It's the guyz who make music with what they got that shape the sound of rock & roll.
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