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    Craig's List - 5 Reasons Why Computers Are Going to Be Fantastic for Music

    It could be a Space Odyssey......just like personal jetpacks, and finding monoliths on the moon!

    By Anderton |

    by Craig Anderton


    (During a recent time machine experiment , I traveled back to the 1980s. Apparently I wrote this Craig’s List while I was there, because I just found the text today on a Mac 3.5” floppy disk when I was cleaning up.)



    There are tons of computer options for music. Atari, Mac, Amiga, PC, Yamaha’s CX5M, and if you’re on a budget, even the Commodore-64 or Timex Sinclair 1000 will do the job. So don’t worry! You’re never going to be forced to choose solely between a boring PC, or an overpriced Mac.



    Zero problems. Strings break, pianos always go out of tune, tape stretches, recorders need biasing—ugh. But computers are digital so they run on tidy little ones and zeroes, not prissy analog circuitry. Forget about maintenance: Boot your computer, open your program, and start recording—nothing can go wrong!



    Software will cost next to nothing. Today’s unbreakable copy protection schemes will put a stop to the digital copying that plagued the early days of computers. Because software developers will be paid fairly for their efforts, they’ll be able to keep prices waaaay down and make your wallet happy happy happy.



    Computers are great investments. Computers are extremely reliable, so when you buy a computer and software, they’ll keep doing what they do—just like a guitar. Ten years from now, you’ll still be able to run your favorite software on your favorite computer. Talk about value!



    Computers are not dictators. We’re not talking about HAL—computers won’t change your drummer’s timing, re-tune your vocals into something weird and soulless, repeat the same sections of music over and over and over again, or kill your dynamics. Computers are your faithful servants, and will do exactly what you tell them to do. Hmmm...well actually, that could be a problem.






    Sub Title: It could be a Space Odyssey......just like personal jetpacks, and finding monoliths on the moon!
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    I'm not so sure computers are the best investment.  Anyone using them is constantly buying in new hardware and new programs as 16 bit changes to 64 bit, 128 bit and beyond.  Programmers   make new programs requiring more memory and faster machines every day.  Besides, no one computes on these things unless they're rocket scientists.  Even the name has become obsolete.But, we live in a wonderful world of music where creators and consumers have access and tools to create and listen to just about everything.  I can write a song and publish it in a day if I'm lucky.  I can listen to any thing performed in the last 100 years at almost anytime I want.  My preference is for analog devices pushing air, but the digital realm makes the air that is pushed a whole lot more fun.

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