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  1. Haha what? You think you can talk down to me like that because you're on some internet forum? I'm not as uneducated about this stuff as you may think. You really need to get off your high horse. It's not that I don't want to hear the answer, it's that I don't AGREE with the answer. I'm not only a guitarist but a sound engineer, and I know that it is a FACT that the longer an unbalanced cable is the more noise it will invite. This is why every sound engineer in the world uses balanced cabling for EVERYTHING from long stage runs to studio connections. I know that unbalanced cables don't ADD noise, but they INVITE noise from, your correct, bad power, noisy pedals, single coils etc. I understand all of this, and I am also considering ways to reduce the noise that is present to be invited into the cable such as power conditioning. However, it should be obvious to you that reducing the cable length so as to reduce the amount of noise invited into the cable is a good idea as well. You can never eliminate all of the noisy components around you, especially when playing in different venues all the time, so you need to do something about how much of this noise enters your rig. That means shortening the unbalanced cable runs. All I'm doing here is proposing a healthy and civil discussion about how everyone deals with the FACT that long cables invite more noise. Using shorter cables seems like the obvious solution, but this limits your mobility on stage, so I was wondering what everyone else does to deal with this. I'm not asking to be told that long unbalanced cables don't invite more noise, because that is false.
  2. Jules, you mentioned that if I have a decent buffer I should be alright. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been doing some research and it appears that a buffer just re-amplifies your signal so that you don't lose signal or quality with long cable runs. Does the buffer also reduce the noise associated with long cable runs? Please elaborate here, especially in terms of the buffered effects loop. Thanks
  3. thanks for the comments guys. I understand that many people are using longer cables. This eases my mind a bit, but the question still remains. With a 20 ft cable from guitar - board, and another 20 ft. cable from board - amp, does this mean I'm technically using 40 ft of unbalanced cable? Because I think it's a pretty well known fact that for cable runs this long an unbalanced cable will invite a lot of noise. You may not be hearing it after all of your distortion, effects, noise reducers, etc., but in theory it should be there, correct? I worry b/c I have a pretty noisy set up right now, and I'm wondering if the length of my cables could be contributing to this. Plus I'm kinda OCD about my rig and I just like to have it running as clean as possible.
  4. I currently run 8 pedals on my board into a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue amp. I was reading about how the length of instrument cables can invite extra noise, and that generally you don't want to use a cable over ~15 feet. Right now I have an 18 foot cable from guitar to board, patch cables between 6 pedals, and then another 18 foot cable from board to amp. So technically, would this all add up to mean that I have at least 40-50 feet of unbalanced 1/4 in. cable between me and the amp inviting all kinds of noise? In addition, I have two 18 foot cables connecting my delay and chorus to the effects loop. Does the length of cable matter for the effects loop? I was reading something about it being buffered, and that this made it ok to use longer cables? I'm wondering how everyone else does this. At first I thought I wanted longer cables to move around, but truthfully I pretty much stand in the same area on stage. So maybe I should buy all shorter cables? What if you want to place your pedal board further from your amp? Does everyone else just use 6 foot cables and stay tethered in front of their amp? Any advice would be great. Thanks, Dylan
  5. It's actually the 3 knob model. Any idea how old it is?
  6. I found one in a boutique pedal shop today for $100! I am in LOVE. This thing sounds absolutely amazing for solos. It's is so articulate and raw. I heard david gilmour used one of these. I was deciding btw this and the Fulltone Plimsoul, which btw is an amazing pedal. But for the price I couldn't pass up this tube driver. It's got loads of gain and sustain, and doesn't ever sound fizzy. Very real tube tone. I use it with my Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue, and I have everything I need now. Cleans and distortion. BTW the Plimsoul is F*ing awesome too. Highly suggest this pedal. Great tone and sustain. Very smooth.
  7. Is there any difference btw the little big muff and the big muff pi? It would be nice to have the smaller size as my pedal board is getting full. thanks
  8. I hate to get another BOSS pedal, but the super octave sounds like it could be what I need....
  9. Hey, so I'm in the market for a funky fuzz pedal. I also like the sound of an octave with the fuzz. (I have a EH microsynth, but it's way too uncontrollable so I'm looking for something to replace it) Right now I just want that sweet funky solo tone (think "whos that lady"), so I figured the best option would be to get a fuzz / octave pedal. I might just go with the tried and true big muff, but if there's something out there that's better, and maybe combines an octave pedal (lower octave, not just higher octave), that would be sweet too. Oh and I have a phase to combine with it already. Thanks!
  10. I guess my main question is, how many loops can you save to one preset on the MARS manipulator? This will be a big factor in my decision. thanks
  11. Hey, thanks for all the input guys. So I think I'm deciding between the MOEN commander and the MARS manipulator. I know the commander has 4 loops, and it can save any combination of three of these loops to one preset. The Mars manipulator, on the other hand, has 8 loops. But I can't figure out how many of these loops can be saved to one preset. The other sweet thing about the mars manipulator is it has 4 pedal power outputs! So, I'm still trying to decide btw these two. The mars manipulator is about twice as wide, and I don't think I really need 8 loops. I've only got 9 pedals
  12. Thanks, the BOSS LS-2 and the loooper are what this post was originally about. I know the more expensive units are better but there's no way I'm spending 200+ for a pedal selector. So I just want to know will the LS-2, or the looper, work for what I'm trying to accomplish? Thanks
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