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1997 California Series Fat Tele. Essentially N.O.S. Made in USA, painted and finished in Mexico, with USA hardware and pickups. GREAT variety of tones through the unique 5-way switching (splits the humbucker).


I modded it with the Wilkinson three-barrel bridge (originally came with six-saddle) for a more vintage Tele tone. Awesome guitar, in immaculate condition. Thanks to Shelton at Shelton's Guitars, I got a great deal on a unique Tele. Plays like a dream!






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sexy tele.... I think the single coil neck in a strat or a tele are some of my favorite sounds, if that were me I'd get another pickguard and put a single coil pup in!

tbw I love the color.. fiesta red? it's not standard I dont' think, is it?



Thanks, Pete! Yes, it's standard Fiesta Red. I like the sound of a singlecoil neck, as well. With the splittable humbucker, I have that tone, too! Here's how the 5-way works:


1 = full humbucker

2 = split humbucker

3 = full humbucker and bridge

4 = split humbucker and bridge

5 = bridge


I can't imagine why they discontinued this model after only 18 months.

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