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  1. how about super glue and crushed pencil lead?
  2. EDIT: GONE used for testing, never stepped on or gigged. Works fine. Has box. Excellent condition. $40 shipped conus. Paypal.
  3. edit: it's been sold it's in excellent condition. I got it from MF. it arrived with a fussy neck position on the pickup selector switch, but the guitar plays nice so I didn't make an issue of it. If you want to gig it in the neck position I'd recommend replacing the switch. I haven't bothered. reason for selling is I just can't get used to the shorter scale length. The new price in stores is $300, I'm asking $200 shipped, will also consider trades, particularly for 25.5 scale instruments.
  4. I think what affects carvin resale value is the unusual/flamboyant appearance options people tend to choose... I'm sure it's a nice guitar but I couldn't buy something that looks like that. maybe ti's just me, dunno.
  5. I'm a bit shaky on it, it just seems like a gamble. I'm cautious about project guitars. for now, bump
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