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NGD: The eagle has landed


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Actually, the Hollywood has landed. I confess I ordered this guitar mostly because I was drawn to the aesthetics and blowout price ($599) - I'm really a diehard Fender single-coil guy for the most part - but I'm highly and pleasantly surprised at how nice it is. I have a C-1EA, so I expected the construction quality to be good; in fact, it's flawless. It plays like butter with the stock D'Addario .010's - low action, no buzzing. The ebony board is awesome. I forgot it came with locking tuners, another nice touch. And the sound is way more than I expected - it sounds a lot like the PRS Swamp Ash Special I once had (though its decidedly lighter in weight than that guitar). The Duncan 'buckers are very articulate, yet thick, and the coil splitter yields a decent single-coil sound (though it's certainly not a Strat tone). One of the best music bargains I've ever gotten. I went a little overboard on the pics:


Edit: Haha...I just realized I didn't pull off all of the little paper tab that identified the push-pull splitter feature on the tone knob - you can see it in the pic as a white ring. Gotta go yank it off.















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Glad you bumped her, Don! She's gorgeous. Schecter has been making some of the most useful guitars. Having the coil split gives you access to such a variety of tones. I'm not sure you can get a better guitar for that price!! Excellent deal!!!


Been playing this one 41OnCmRWiGL._SL500_AA280_.jpgat my local M&P. Just a great playing guitar with great tones!!



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Very nice! Reminds me of my Yamaha RGX520:






I'm still not used to not having regular position markers inlaid into the fretboard!


Mine has stock Yamaha pickups, which I'd like to upgrade with something special... any suggestions, please?

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