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  1. Looks fake for a variety of reasons. "Fender" script is from the CBS '68 -80 era, has modern bridge saddles, though. String trees are way too far apart. The "F" in Fender should begin under the post for the D-string tuner and extend to the end of the headstock like in the pic in the first response. The 4-bolt neck didn't reappear until circa '82 - '83, so you've got a '68 - '80 era logo with post-1980 bridge saddles and neck attachment. Finally, I'm pretty sure the first Daphne Blue finish on a Tele with a maple neck was on the Deluxe Nashville Model (depending on lighting, I suppose you
  2. I play more jazz-inflected stuff (rock/blues guy with an emphasis on the blues part), than true jazz, but have had a half-dozen jazz boxes, some pure hollow-body, some center block. The one I've liked the most is my Epiphone Swingster Royale. It's well built and nicely finished. The push-pull tone pots allow for a lot of tone versatility, and I like the pinned bridge. While I almost NEVER used trem bars (don't even bother to mount them on my Strats), it's a cool feature to have on the Swingster.
  3. Congrats. I bought a Recording King ROS-16 12-fret 000-style guitar last year w/ a slotted headstock and was shocked at the quality and sound (cost me $400 sans case). I've got some pretty expensive acoustics, including a Bourgeois Vintage D, Martin D-41, Gallagher Doc Watson, Gibson Dove, etc. (and have owned a bunch of others), but the RK has become my go-to.
  4. My first guitar was technically a rented Epiphone acoustic I got in 1971. I went into my local shop, a place called Zavarella's in Arlington, VA - Danny Gatton was a regular there as he was a good friend of the owner's son, Phil Zavarella - to buy a Fender Mustang ($140 at the time). The elder Zavarella told me the Mustang was a piece of crap, and asked me how long I'd been playing. I told him I was just starting, so he walked over to the wall, pulled the Epi off the wall and said, "here, take this...$15 a month and you'll get a credit for the first six months rent you pay against anything
  5. Whoa, talk about a necro-thread! I still haven't come across anything in the $500 range that absolutely nails the Martin D-28, but the Recording King RD-227 comes close, really close if you come across a good one. You can find them used, mint, for just a bit more the $500.
  6. The only booze that per se gets me in a guitar mood is bourbon. No idea why that is. Woodford's is especially inspiring.
  7. I owned the very first model they made, bought it when it first came out. All I remember is that my buddy's Trace Elliott killed it. I eventually sold it. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't great. No idea what the newer ones sound like.
  8. Small, but only because the large ones immediately identify the guitar as late 60's/early 70's. I actually started playing guitar in 1971, so my first couple Strats had the large headstock. Aesthetically, I don't really care much. The large one just seems anachronistic at this point, though.
  9. I know the feeling. The second "good" guitar (first one was a '71 Tele, which followed a cheapo SG knockoff with action an inch high) I bought when I started playing was a new 1973 LP Deluxe (it had mini-humbuckers) in cherryburst. I sold all my guitars except for one acoustic a couple years later to help pay for college, then bought a Strat when I graduated. That was all I had until 1996, when I started to go wild: I've probably bought and sold nearly a hundred guitars since then and still have about 40. But the only "LPs" I bought were a '96 Epi Custom, a 2002 LP Studio, and and Edwards
  10. Okay, so to recapitulate, my son - freshly graduated from college and with a job as a bond analyst - bought his first guitar (after having access to my 40 or so for years, lol). He started jonesin' for a 12-fret 000/OM and the Recording King ROS-16 was perfect for his budget. He bought one, and I was so blown away that a week later I bought my own (I'm funny that way, couldn't just play his!). These guitars are unreal, forget the price (but if you DO take it into account then you're looking at the miraculous). Construction is flawless. Sound is unreal: these guitars are as loud - if not l
  11. Man, you hit the nail on the head there. I loved Chicago in high school, but when my wife wanted to use a Peter Cetera song to open our wedding reception we nearly got divorced 30 minutes after we were married.
  12. From what I hear, Zager's guitars are worse than his music.
  13. The one Steve Perry thing I actually liked was the simple piano ballad "Foolish Heart".
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