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    This reminds me of the guy who had the idea to create chord charts that you could study in the shower.
  2. Interesting. That documentary "King Corn" just showed up from Netflix...
  3. Pearl Jam and RHCP might fit the bill. I don't know if Pearl Jam fits the "safe" criteria with Eddie's propensity to spout off a political rant between bottles of wine. Although, to be fair, I don't know if that's his shtick anymore now that his guy is in the White House.
  4. Because it's the one that sounds best in the bedroom, where most of the dudes around here play. Oooooh.... diss.....
  5. Who in their right mind would have taken the Larry Conklin videos down in the first place? Disgraceful. I'm still waiting for President Obama and Congress to consult with Larry Conklin about a workable solution for the healthcare problem.
  6. I ended up with a "Studio Standard" in an eBay auction back in like 2000. Same thing. The seller just listed it as a "Standard", but he may not have known the difference. He took it back no problem, though. Nice enough guitar, just didn't want an LP with a bolt-on neck.
  7. The end of an era. Personally I think it's ugly. But it's well built and sounds good. ok Dave, P90s..... ya missed the last of the SX strat copies with P90s. I think some were going for 90 bucks. That's about as good as it will get. The Epiphone Junior with one P90 is nice but they're not common and usually go for 100 or so. Anybody else got any suggestions? Rondo still has the P90 SJMs for $130 or so. Not a bad deal. Or this? PHew, the Sheenas are finally gone and I made it through without owning one. THAT took willpower.
  8. Ah, that looks just like mine. I got the same deal. Heckuva guitar for a Benjamin. Absolutely! I can't find anything I'd want to change about it, aside from maybe sticking a small roll of quarters in the control cavity
  9. Sweet. I like the Valkyries without the asymetric buttocks. $99 for all that? Hallelu... Hallelou.. ...Right on! Yeah, it was after the horns were neutered but prior to the shift in the body. Kurt was blowing them out I believe to stay ahead of the lawsuit fairy. Although I've heard the new ones with the bump have solved some of the neck-heaviness issue... so guess it's a form v. function thing.
  10. OK, I've finally got my pics online so I'm hitting up all the threads I've been waiting to post on. Here are a couple of my cheapies: The $99 Agile Valk: (Notice the handsome bastard in the reflection) And the old style AL-2500 that I got on some sort of special, definitely less than $250: The stock amber colored knobs just looked really out of place on that boy, so I popped some cream speed knobs on that match the binding/pup rings/etc. I've also got my own version of the much acclaimed Xaviere XV-620 in the surf green finish, but I don't have any flattering solo pics of it to post.
  11. I'm almost 100% sure that a HB would fit in my SX ash tele. Cool, thanks
  12. Since we're talking cheap guitars (I'll post some of my pics later) can anyone tell me if the tele copies from SX, Agile, or Xaviere are routed to fit a HB in the neck? Thx
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