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Modern Country Fans---explain Blake Shelton to me?

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But you're not comparing old stuff to new stuff, you're comparing mediocre songs (at best) to excellent songs.


And only time can tell what songs from today are going to be as good as those classics, just like only time told that "He Stopped Loving Her Today" and "I Fall to Pieces" were as good as "San Antonio Rose" and "Walking the Floor"

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Prolly not ,, you get spotted extra points for being liberal .. go read em dave. then get bck to us.


"liberal"? Are you talking about my posts over at PP? That place is a toilet. Pretty much anything goes over there. That pretty much why it exists, so people don't pollute the rest of the forum.


But over here I'm pretty nice to everyone except YOU, I think.... ;)

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This thread has run its course and is sure full of bickering at this point, so I am closing it.


Please take a deep breath, remember it's just a discussion forum, and try to keep disagreements civil and respectful going forward.

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On 5/2/2012 at 7:48 AM, JailTime said:
Let me say at the outset that I LOVE country music. But I HATE modern pop country for the most part. All of those guys are interchangeable as far as singing goes, IMO. It's funny, too, because modern country prides itself in being "honest"music for "real folks", but it's as plastic and contrived as any pop music ever thought of being. Guys like Steve Earl, David Alan Coe, Chris Knight, Cody Canada, and tons of others have been shut out because they don't sound like Blake/Toby/Kenny/Jason/Zac/Tim etc and they don't write sappy songs or songs built around a bumper sticker.

This is perfectly posted. Couldn't agree more. I love country music too. It's a frickin shame that mainstreamers must comply with the redneck celebration. I like a few songs about rural America and the backwoods, but geez...

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fixed post as comment on quote..seven years late...
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