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Hammond Organ M-series...Need some Hammond Advice!

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Yes, that sounds like a good solution.


I really can't comment on the guts of the piece, but tube replacement might be a simple fix. Specifically, you should replace the reverb tube. Actually, just taking it out will probably solve the problem. However, no reverb.


Been a while since I've posted here, nice seeing you all!

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As an owner of three FREE Hammond organs L-102,M-103 and a T525R with built in Leslie..

I have to wonder what everyone's opinion about the old Hammond spinets is today in 2020.

Before I recently accumulated these organs I did some research.Found some good stuff about the 500 series although it is transistor,but it sounds ok to me and I have several modern keyboards that somewhat emulate a B3 or C3 and other vintage organs.

Although I agree..$300 to $350 is a tas high by today's standards,yet I see several nice M and L 100 series for $250 and up.

The M-103 is quite a bit heavier than the L102 and tue T525R is very hefty to have a solid state amp and of course the built in leslie has some weight.. Thinking of  removing it and placing in a cabinet.


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Really no one wants spinets.  I am kind of in the business and most guys don't touch things other than an M-3 or M100.  There isn't a good residual for them so most guys don't want to store them.

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