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  1. Hey, Guys! Yup, I'm looking for an 18" archtop. Please let me know if you've got anything for sale. Below is a list of things available for trade. Thanks! e 2005/5 Gretsch Country Club, Cadillac Green(Ex) 2005/6 Gretsch Tennessee Rose H/T(EX-) 2005/6 Gretsch 6120 DSW (EX) 2004/5 Epiphone Sheraton USA Reissue (EX, but "R" stamp on back of hstock) 2003/4 Fender Thinline '69 Reissue (EX) 2003/4 Epiphone Viola bass (EX) 2002 Epiphone Casino (EX -) 2002 Yamaha CJX Jumbo acoustic electric (EX-) Estey circa 60's guitar amp: 1x15 old Jensen 3/4 Upright Bass: No labels, but in good shape. Buzzing neck 20's / 30's Unlabeled Mando-Banjo All instruments have hard cases. The upright has a soft case and bow.
  2. Yes, that sounds like a good solution. I really can't comment on the guts of the piece, but tube replacement might be a simple fix. Specifically, you should replace the reverb tube. Actually, just taking it out will probably solve the problem. However, no reverb. Been a while since I've posted here, nice seeing you all!
  3. Well, I'll have to try and make a final pilgrimage to Rondo. We'll see.
  4. Originally posted by where02190 You can always create a new track and group assign all the tracks to it, and simply turn that one down, effectively turning all the tracks down uniformly. This is a simple way to take a good mix that got too hot and lower it a few db.... Yes, Yes, Yes. Thanks for that suggestion! That's a great one!
  5. Well, I feel that I still have a lot of room to bring it down. It's not as though I recorded it without any lee-way. It wasn't recorded that hot. I'm just learning the difference between it sounding "loud" in my recording room, and it being too loud. So, I will do it the hard way. I'll remix track-by-track. No Worries, and thanks for your advice.
  6. Whoa, what a can of worms I've opened! Sorry! Anyway, nothing is in the red. It's just that noisy/busy passages are peaking over 0dbs. None of it is the end of the world, but I want it to be right. Bob Katz's Digital Domain site is great, but it's a little over my head. I'll keep experimenting, but I'd love to hear more opinions. But, yeah...what is a master fader for, then?
  7. Hey Guys! Still getting ready to master my project and I'm making sure the levels are where the ought to be so the mastering process is smooth. So, on my favorite mixes...some tunes are still too hot. Here's a questions for ya: I realize that on analog gear there may be a "sweet-spot" to set the levels at. But I'm working Digital. But, if I have a mix that's too hot can't I just bring down the Master Fader until the levels are acceptable, rather than remixing the whole project intstrument by instrument? Being that I'm working in the digital realm, what would be affected by doing this seemingly insanely easy short-cut? Thanks For Your Time!
  8. kevman, what can I say? Your son is strong and young. Best of luck. My thoughts are with you! Keep the faith!
  9. Originally posted by Soniq77 The insurance bus is the biggest scam going. Save your money and keep your eyes open when youre playing out. Just my opinion, but my guess is youll continue to pay those clowns and will likely spend enough over time to repurchase the geaar anyway. I don't know, how much do you have invested in gear. Once it reaches a certain point, I think one would be foolish not to think about it seriously. We're not talking extended warranties here.
  10. I don't think they are "co-owned" by ASCAP. I think ASCAP is just advertises them a whole lot.
  11. I played the Epi out yesterday, and it BOOMS! Those mini-pups are so awesome! What a great bass. That being said, I have been having strange ideas about (when my finances get a little cleaned up) selling it, and just buying a Hofner! But seriously, this bass is AWESOME!
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