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Soviet pedals


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this has been shown a couple of times before, but never with the original case


Formanta LIDER2, sporting

four independent built-in serial effect modules: Overdrive + Flanger + Chorus + VCF(3-band EQ)

- Roktone (Overdrive)+ spectrum + suboctaver

- Analog flanger with depth, rate, brightness and widh

- Analog filter (EQ) with level, ton 1-2-3

- Chorus - freq. and detune level

- Dry signal amount wheel

- FX amount wheel

- Amplifier and trigger on/off

- Five rubber foot switchers for quick mix control



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Originally posted by seifukusha

whats with those jacks, why the oddball mike i/o's?



those are the standard I/O jacks used in DDR, Soviet, Polish, Eastern Europe effects, guitars and amps of the 60's-70's-80's

My old german Dynacord amp from the 50's has them, my tube tape echo of 1962 has them too

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ELECTRONICA B12-011 multi-effect

- Wah-wah: foot pedal - mod depth, effect on/off knob

- Vibrato: depth, frequency, pedal control - rate, effect on/off

- Phazer: speed, accent (depth), mode, pedal - signal level, effect on/off knob

- Compressor: line volume, level (comp.ratio), timbre, noise gate thresold,effect on/off



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