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Best Delay Pedal?


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I think the best current tape delay is the Fulltone thing.

I have had a Roland that was beautiful but spit all the tape out on the floor every twenty minutes ( traded for a USA Tweed ProJr)

And a Guild/Watkins Copycat that was very trippy. ( but needed constant spare parts and self-cut tape loops)


I am on my second MM,( now DMM ) having gotten the first one about 1977.

Boss DD-2. Also very old.

Digitech Digidelay, very nice for the money used.

Korg dynamic echo, unreliable but versatile and interesting

YAmaha SPX50D serious machine

Electrix MoFX Interesting item not suited to guitar amp usage

Lexicon LXP5 really end-all be-all of far-outness

That is most of the ones I have now.

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