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cheap delay options??


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Dan Echo is worth a look. Good pedal.


...having owned/played the EM5, DE7, and DanEcho (haven't ever actually used a DD-3 though), I'd say they each ahve their strengths. The Dan Echo is the most versatile and seems to have the widest variety of sounds. It can do spacey retro stuff, and more digital clean repeats stuff pretty well. The DE7 sounds good too and has a decent variety of sounds, but its real strength is the oscillation (which sounds fantastic). If the oscillation isn't your thing, I'd go with the better versatility of the DanEcho. Thn there is the EM5. It has a cool sound to it, but it's a one trick pony. It is good for dirty tape-ish ambience. Can sound really cool, especially on riffs that have a regular beat that goes with the repeats; can sound sort of phasey and cool. But you might get bored with that one sound after awhile (I did, but then I'm not as into delay as most here).

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