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  1. Ok looks like the FF is gone. Someone snatch up this tubescreamer!
  2. Ibanez TS-9 RI $65 Want: Anything cool
  3. Throwing this up here for a friend who is trying to get rid of it. Apparently the power switch isn't original and the volume led doesn't work other than that the thing works great for being 30+ years old. There is a little rust on the sides but damn the thing is old as {censored} and works fine. I think he's mainly looking to sell but he's open to trade offers. $280 OBO?
  4. Does this thing need to be wired or is it ready to go? Also are these GFS pickups? What size is the neck pocket?
  5. Looking to trade this beast for a sweet reverb or trem pedal. Really want a Freeze or something really cool. Offers???
  6. Surfadamsurf I tried pming you. Bump for trades!
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