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smoking and watching maximum overdrive on youtube


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Am I the only one who sees your avatar as being an upskirt picture?
I see bunnies with sunglasses and Fu Manchu mustaches. idn_smilie.gif I can't wait to hear the resident psychologists analyze THAT one! icon_lol.gif


BTW, please keep the "I'm doing drugs" comments out of thread titles guys. I try to allow as much freedom as I can, but something that obvious is bound to draw attention and criticism.

Thanks! wave.gif
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{censored} I miss hash. You really can't get it in Australia, though a friend of mine who I don't see to often made some pretty amazing hash but he said it took a lot of time and effort and a lot of weed was consumed to make it.


Had a lot of amazing hash in India. They often mix it with buds and leaves of weed as well as tobacco and bindi's (the little clove cigarette fellows) and smoke it in a chillum, like so.....



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